Gray Thinks He’s Invisible…

AverageGray_WDGray Grayson, a bartender at the Sunset Club, thinks he is average in every way, average height, average looks, average personality. He believes no-one really sees him especially the man who makes his heart beat faster, Enzo Del Monte, owner of EDI, a multi-billion dollar company in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

Every night Gray watches Enzo flirt with Mike Green, the manager of the club. But Gray knows something Enzo doesn’t. Mike Green is straight and playing Enzo for his money. On top of which Mike is raiding the tills to go to Atlantic City and Keith and Zach, the owners of the Sunset  know nothing about it.

Gray is on the horns of a dilemma. Does he tell Bobby and Keith about Mike’s plans for Enzo’s money and that he is stealing from the bar? Or does he keep his head down and his mouth shut because he desperately needs the Sunset Insurance to pay for his mother’s care because she has leukemia?

Will anyone believe an average guy who aspires too high? Little does Gray know that Enzo noticed Gray first and Mike told Enzo Gray was taken. How do these two get together and how does Enzo convince Gray that he cares for him after months of him chasing after Mike?

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shutterstock_85778626The first newsletter went out on April 1st. In this newsletter was:

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Announcing AC’s Kattery, a Newsletter for Readers

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Announcing AC’s Kattery, a newsletter for readers will be available on April 1, 2015 for everyone who signs up. In the inaugural issue we will have an interview with Steven Hayes of Storm: Derrick and Steven to be released on April 24 as part of MLR’s Storm Series.

Also planned are announcements concerning works in progress ( and maybe snippets of these), who in the ongoing series of Werewolves of Manhattan will get the next book and a peek at what is going on with Bobby Michaels and Keith Anderson from You In My Arms.

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