Gray Thinks He’s Invisible…

AverageGray_WDGray Grayson, a bartender at the Sunset Club, thinks he is average in every way, average height, average looks, average personality. He believes no-one really sees him especially the man who makes his heart beat faster, Enzo Del Monte, owner of EDI, a multi-billion dollar company in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

Every night Gray watches Enzo flirt with Mike Green, the manager of the club. But Gray knows something Enzo doesn’t. Mike Green is straight and playing Enzo for his money. On top of which Mike is raiding the tills to go to Atlantic City and Keith and Zach, the owners of the Sunset  know nothing about it.

Gray is on the horns of a dilemma. Does he tell Bobby and Keith about Mike’s plans for Enzo’s money and that he is stealing from the bar? Or does he keep his head down and his mouth shut because he desperately needs the Sunset Insurance to pay for his mother’s care because she has leukemia?

Will anyone believe an average guy who aspires too high? Little does Gray know that Enzo noticed Gray first and Mike told Enzo Gray was taken. How do these two get together and how does Enzo convince Gray that he cares for him after months of him chasing after Mike?

The Story of Alexei’s Mouse

AlexeisMouse_432On Friday, May 20th, the fifth book in my Werewolves of Manhattan, Alexei’s Mouse, will be released from

Alexei’s Mouse tells the story of a Russian Alpha, Alexei Davidoff, who was Second on the Russian Council. He participated in a demonstration against the government’s anti-gay policies and got thrown into a gulag or labor camp. After enduring three harrowing years, he is released due to the machinations of his friends The Alpha, Armand La Marche, First on the North American Council and Alpha Etienne Daurensbourg, who also serves on the Council of North American wolves. The conditions of his release are a payment of cash to certain parties in the government and his emigration to the United States. In the gulag, Alexei was beaten, tortured and defiled daily so when he is finally well enough to come to his friends in New York he is a beaten man.

The conditions of his release are a payment of cash to certain parties in the government and his emigration to the United States.  His factotum, Boris, saved his money by sneaking it out of Russia and his whole household, Boris and his wife, Katya, his Betas, Grigory and Vasily and his six Enforcers come with him. Now Alexei lives only to build up his strength to go back to Russia and challenge the Russian First, who eats caviar while his packs starve.

Toward this goal, he jogs in Central Park to build up his stamina until one day he finds a young prostitute, Donal Berne, who was forced into drug addiction and prostitution. Donal has a needle hanging out of his arm. Having given up trying to escape the clutches of his pimp, he overdoses. Alexei finds him just in time. Donal is Alexei’s Mate. How can two troubled souls find each other and overcome the psychological and physical traumas induced by their imprisonment?

Alexei’s Mouse will be available on May 20th from Come and visit Alexei and Donal in Manhattan and reintroduce yourself to the other Mates from this series. This book may be read as a standalone but is much more appreciated when you read the four before it, His Omega, Remy’s Painter, Scarred Mate, and Marking Kane.

You can buy Alexei’s Mouse at MLR Press at

Second Excerpt from Beau’s Baby

Banner_SunsetClubBeau’s Baby is available from, at, All Romance at and from MLR Press at It is the fourth book in the Sunset Club Series.

The Baby Shower

“Mama is one of those annoying dinner guests who show up early to help and drives the hostess nuts trying to find something for her to do. Papa and I have managed to get her to come only fifteen minutes early instead of the forty-five she used to insist on.”

Jack cracked up.

“Shit, there are a lot of people here,” he told Carlo in passing.

“Watch your mouth, caro, from now on we have little ears that learn naughty words first.” As Jack had been an only child, this was news to him.

Everyone from Carlo’s office came, all of the soccer team, Jack’s police buddies, and all the bartenders and waiters from the bar who liked Jack because he helped save one of their own.

Jason and Zach contributed to pay for the caterer and refused Carlo’s attempt to pay for the extra guests. “It’s a buffet, so we bought some extra shrimp. No big deal,” Bobby said.

Bobby and Keith bought them one for each of their cars and one for Hannah’s.

“I researched the safety ratings and found from several sources that they were the safest and easiest to install. It had the highest numbers and upon examination, I thought that Bella would be the most comfortable in this model,” Bobby said definitively.

Knowing how hung up Bobby was on auto safety after his parents’ deaths, Jack and Carlo listened to his sales pitch and nodded in all the appropriate places.

“Why three?” Jack asked. “Isn’t three excessive?”

“Where do you put the baby while you’re changing the seat out from one car to another?” Bobby asked them when he explained why he got three. “It certainly wasn’t to save you two from exercise,” Bobby said with his usual snark.

Jack and Carlo watched as Bobby left them, apparently happy to have been able to deliver his safety first lecture. Jack and Carlo were blissful that they wouldn’t have to drag that thing from one car to another and constantly figure out how to reinstall it. Carlo examined it carefully. “Only my cousin Enzo would appreciate all the work involved in designing that monster.”

“He’s the engineer, right?”

“Yeah, Bobby bought us a model so sturdy it could likely keep a baby alligator strapped in and comfortable.”

Beau’s Baby, A New Sunset Club Book

Google+_SunsetClub Beau’s lying, cheating, son of a bitch, ex-boyfriend Beau has committed suicide after his wife, Meredith, dies in childbirth. He leaves the sickly baby, Isabella, to Jack. Jack has been dating Carlo and so far they’ve kept it casual. Can Carlo be in it for the long haul?


Right after Jack Romano killed in man in the line of duty, he found out that his bemoaned first love’s wife has died in childbirth and his ex-lover killed himself leaving the sickly newborn to Jack. Carlo Del Monte has been chasing Jack for nine months and sees the baby—Isabella, Bella for short—as an opportunity to get Jack in his house as well as his bed, permanently. The two of them set up housekeeping with the help of friends and Carlo’s big Italian family then little Bella ends up in the intensive care since she lacks immunity to childhood diseases because her mother was never vaccinated,

Can Jack and Carlo find their way in their new relationship? Partners, husbands, fathers? With the help of
family and friends, the two will form a strong bond and an even stronger family.


BeausBaby_432Four Years Ago
“Beau, get your lazy ass out of bed. I have the afternoon off.”Jack Romano went to the fridge and grabbed a beer and with a smile in his voice he continued, “Unless, of course, that’s where you’d like us to spend our afternoon… Beau? Where are you? Beau?”

Jack walked back to the bedroom of his and Beau’s apartment following the sound of voices. Figuring it was one of the soccer team, Jack walked through the door and glanced around looking  for his man. He found him. Beau was fucking Meredith Simmons in their bed.

“I’m sorry that you had to find out like this, Jack. I’ve been trying to tell you, but…” Beau got out of bed and started to dress.”Tell me what? What is this?” Jack’s voice broke. “This is a mistake. You’re gay. We’ve been together since high school.”

“Meredith, get dressed. We’ll be in the living room. Finish your beer, Jack.”
“No, I don’t want to fucking finish my beer. I want to know what’s going on.”

“No, I don’t want to fucking finish my beer. I want to know what’s going on.”
“It’s pretty straight forward, I’m in love with Meredith and I’m going to marry her.”

“It’s pretty straight forward, I’m in love with Meredith and I’m going to marry her.”
“Honey, I’m leaving so you can get this mess straightened out. Don’t let him corrupt you again.” Meredith let herself out, the door closing quietly behind her.

“Honey, I’m leaving so you can get this mess straightened out. Don’t let him corrupt you again.” Meredith let herself out, the door closing quietly behind her.
“How long?” Jack asked needing to know.

“How long?” Jack asked needing to know.
“Six months, maybe more.”

“Six months, maybe more.”
“But we made love yesterday.”

“But we made love yesterday.”
“We fucked yesterday. Let’s get down to business. Meredith and I would like this apartment so we’d appreciate it if you found somewhere else to live.”

“We fucked yesterday. Let’s get down to business. Meredith and I would like this apartment so we’d appreciate it if you found somewhere else to live.”
“No fucking way…it’s my name on the lease, and you’re the one who’s leaving.”

“You’ll be sorry you’re doing this. I was planning on seeing you on the side once Meredith and I are married. You know I love you but I can’t get ahead at work being a fag, I need a wife.”“No, you’re wrong. Gays are accepted everywhere. Please, we

“No, you’re wrong. Gays are accepted everywhere. Please, we can work this out.”

“We can’t. I won’t put my future in jeopardy.”

“You’re gay. You aren’t going to change that.”

“Actually, I’m bi.” Beau came up to put his arms around Jack.

“You love me. We’ll talk about all of this when I get back.”

Jack broke Beau’s hold and with tears streaming down his cheeks said, “Get the hell out of my apartment. You can move out tomorrow. I’ll sort out your things tonight.”

“You can’t do that.”

“As I said, my name is on the lease. Get the fuck out. You’re leaving me.”

“Jack, be reasonable, we can be together when I come home from the honeymoon. We’ll have to sneak around but—”

“Do you really think I’m capable of that? Helping you cheat? No, just no.”

“You’ll change your mind when I come home. I’ll be back.”

“Get the fuck out, get out of here, right now.” Jack’s voice broke again. Beau slammed the door on his way out. Jack sat down on the sofa that he and Beau picked out for the living room seven months ago, put his head in his hands and wept.

“Beau, Beau, how can I live without you? But I can’t be with you as long as you’re with her.”

Bobby and Keith’s House
Thursday in June, Four Years Later
Eight in the Morning

Jack was distraught when he came back to Bobby’s. Carlo was with him.

“They’re not doing anything to you because you shot Billy are they?” Reggie asked obviously worried. Reggie and Mark were staying with Bobby because of the fire.

“No, but any officer-involved shooting requires a hearing. The captain already called it a good shoot. The rest of the procedure is all technicalities…” Jack still had storm clouds over his face. He and Carlo sat down at the kitchen table and Marla poured them some coffee. Jack appeared dumbstruck.He finally blurted out, “Meredith died in childbirth three days ago.” Jack’s voice broke. “She had a little girl. Beau killed himself yesterday and left custody of the infant to me in a new will he made after Meredith died. They tried to contact me yesterday, but I was busy with the Billy business. I have to go sign paperwork at Social Services if I accept custody. No one has been there for


“There isn’t anyone else.” Jack’s shoulders shook.

“I have to go see her at the hospital if I accept custody. There is no family. If I don’t take her, she’ll go into the foster system. I have to make up my mind right away.”

“What?” Bobby screeched in anger.

“You heard me. Carlo came to my apartment when he heard about the shooting. He’s going to help me with the legal mess. I’ll take that security job with you, Keith, if the offer is still open. Now that I’m going to have a child, I need steady work that doesn’t require me to place my life on the line.”

“Of course, the offer is still open.” Bobby put his arm around Jack. “Are you okay?”

“I haven’t had time to think about it. They’re holding a note for me from Beau at his lawyer’s office.”

“Do you need any baby things? I have Kitty’s things, although they’re not the best quality,” Jason offered.

“I have to get some stuff from their apartment. Meredith probably bought things for the baby. I’ll need to purchase a house. My apartment has only one bedroom.” Jack’s face scrunched up in worry.

“Do you need money?” Reggie asked.

“I don’t know Reg. I promise I’ll let you know.”

“The two bedroom across the street from us is for sale. It’s small, but there is plenty of property if you want to expand later,” Jason said. “Stella is going into Assisted Living.”

“I might be interested. Carlo needs to look at Beau’s finances. I’m going to visit her at the hospital now. They’re keeping her for a while, she’s underweight.”

“How much underweight?” Bobby asked.

“She weighs only three pounds even though she was full term. Although she’s finally breathing on her own and just started sucking the bottle, they told me she can’t go home yet. Meredith wasn’t eating much. She wanted to keep her figure,” Jack said, the disgust plain on his face.

Bobby’s jaw dropped. “What a bitch.”

“Carlo’s coming with me. The Billy mess is cleaned up, now I have one of my own.”

Bobby reached out and touched Jack’s arm. “You don’t have to take her. An infant girl is greatly prized on the adoption market. She’d get a home quickly.”

“I have to keep her. She’s all I have left of Beau. I’ve got to go,” Jack choked on a sob. He left with Carlo and the door closed behind them.

“Goddamn Beau, he’s sabotaging Jack’s relationships from the grave,” Jason cursed.

“It’s clear that he’s not going to change his mind about keeping her. Carlo was doing more than a flyby here. I wonder how he feels about this.” Keith poured more coffee.

“Not you, baby, you’re on medication, remember, Greg said limit your caffeine,” Reggie told Mark. “Have juice with Bobby.He’s on meds too.”

“We’ll all have to help him do this. The little girl is an innocent, she can’t help that her father was a lying, cheating, son of a bitch,” Bobby said eyes moving from Jason to Reggie.

“It isn’t like we haven’t taken care of little girls before, we have Kitty-cat. As far as Carlo is concerned, he was interested. We’ll find out how invested he is now. Let’s see how this all plays out.” Reggie moved to the sofa and sat down in a huff.

Bobby lifted his juice. “A toast to Billy’s fortunate demise. As for Beau, may he rest in peace, if that’s possible for a liar and acheat whose only good deed was offing himself?”

“Here, here…” They men clinked their coffee cups and glasses.

“We’ll know more about what Jack wants to do once he and Carlo will take care of the legalities,” Keith observed.

“I don’t know about you, but to me it looked like Carlo was all in,” Zach noted.

Jason’s face was rife with speculation. “I believe you’re right.”


Sam’s New Mission – The Sarran Senator

When Senator Sam Johnson followed his daughter and grandson to Sarran, he was determined to keep a better eye on them than he had on Earth. It took his new Sarran sons-in-law to point the horrible physical and mental abuse Sara was dealing with married to Bradley, an up and coming local politician.

On Sarran Sam expected to be a father and a grandsire and nothing else. But the Sarrans are not a race that wastes talent. They offer both Sam and Michael the chance to become fully Sarran and they both accept, Sam being tapped to advise the Sarran Elders and Michael, although very young, a pair bond with Google_SarranSeriesthe equally psyhchically precocious Naffie.

He also finds a pair bond with Tarin, an engineer of rare talent. When the Elders decide to hold a mixer to introduce the new fems to Warrior Pairs the whole of single Sarran is at the hangar with their only defense being the newly installed Sky Shield, the Sarran equivalent of Star Wars. At the mixing, Tarin and Sam are introduced to Meg, their fem by Snowy, and Midnight, their respective cats.

Before they even had a chance to get to know each other The Zyptz attack during the mixer,  the Elder Council fems are poisoned and Sam must face battle again. Can Sarran beat back the Zyptz again. This time they have also attacked Earth.

New Excerpt from Bobby’s Old Man

BobbysOldMan_432Whoa, don’t go there. I told you I’m not out and don’t plan to be for the foreseeable future.” Bobby’s lips thinned.

He is attractive. Keith kept pushing. “You don’t have to be out to fool around. Do you have any experience?” Keith asked obviously not accepting the fact that Bobby wouldn’t respond. He has as much as I to lose as I do if he gossiped. I don’t have a fuck buddy right now. He’s gorgeous; I better stay on topic if I want to get out of here whole.

“That’s none of your business. As I said before, I came to talk about Jason and Zach. However, for the record, yes, I do. I don’t spend all my time with Jason and Kitty.” Bobby bristled.

“Why not Jason? What’s wrong with him?” Keith asked his face, serious.

“Nothing’s wrong with Jason but ewwww…I’ve known Jason since I was seven. That would be like fucking my brother.” Bobby sat up, straightened his back and downed his second shot. I’m apparently not planning on driving.

“Do you think Jason has a crush on you or any of the other guys on your Ocean Township Champion Soccer Team of 2010?” Bobby was startled and not amused. Except for Jason and me, all the guys from 2010 are straight.

“You were listening to us the night we came to the club.” He tried to stare Keith down.

Keith shrugged. “It’s my joint. You had eleven guys at the table. I always watch large groups. I don’t want my place busted up. Answer the question.”

“No, he doesn’t. All the other guys are straight.” I’d swear to that. “Besides, like I said, Jason had no time to date.”

Keith leaned back on his barstool and laughed. “I wouldn’t be so sure…”

“About what?” Bobby was incredulous.

“About your so-called straight friends.”

“You’re kidding, who—never mind, I don’t want to know.” Bobby knew he sounded indignant, but he couldn’t even conceive how this might be true.

“There are other people besides you who aren’t out for various reasons.” Bobby watched as Keith nonchalantly sipped at his drink after dropping that bombshell.

“Who then?” Bobby peered at Keith daring him to name names.

“The kid with the limousine. I’ve seen him here more than once trying to chat someone up.”

“Reggie…you’ve got to be kidding.” Bobby was flabbergasted.

“Yes, he’s the one. He keeps trying to hit on one of my bartenders. I think it’s Mark. Mark shot him down because he thinks Reggie is a rich college boy just looking for a good time and has more money than sense. Mark wants a relationship not a guy who thinks he’s slumming.”

“Reggie’s not like that. He’s a good guy and has been a good friend to Jason. He’s pulled Jason out of a hole more than once. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. If Reggie made a pass after hiding all these years, he’s serious.”

“Maybe he’s sweet on Jason,” Keith mused as he poured himself another shot.

“I don’t think so. Isn’t that a bit too much for the middle of the day?” Bobby raised an eyebrow and looked pointedly at the open bottle.

“Are you my mother?” Keith asked with belligerence.

“No, but I don’t want to see you fall into a bottle because you’re lonely,” Bobby said with a sigh.

“How do you know I’m lonely?” Keith’s lips pursed.

“Because maybe like me, your best friend has found someone else to hang out with.” Bobby knowingly gazed into Keith’s eyes. “Maybe you had a crush on Zach.”

“No, not Zach, never Zach, we’re too much alike.” Keith protested as he capped the bottle and put it back on the top shelf. “You could always keep me company,” Keith teased, lips forming a smirk.

“Keep it in your pants. I came over here for Jason and Kitty’s sake.” If that were the case, I could have left after the first drink once he reassured me Zach was serious; I damn well better get out of here now. This man is too attractive and, therefore, dangerous to a continued stay in the closet. Bobby pushed his stool away from the bar and stood about to leave.

Keith put his hand on Bobby’s arm. “Stay, I always revert to a tease when I’m uncomfortable. You hit too close to home. Zach is the brother I never had, and I miss hanging out. Besides, I’m way too old for you.”

“You don’t look that old to me. You look damn fine. Just how much of an old man are you?” Bobby laughed. “You don’t look like you have one foot in the grave yet.” Bobby took a cocktail napkin from the pile on the bar and began to shred it.

“I’m um… thirty-six.” Keith hedged.

“I’m twenty-three,” Bobby told him, “not too bad of an age difference. Dad is thirteen years older than Mom.”

Keith’s eyes widened, evidently surprised. “You appear and speak as if you’re older than you are.”

“Old enough to make you want to run around the table to fuck me from the way you’re leering, but right now I have to play nice; you’re Jason’s beau’s best friend. The sounding older thing—I think it comes from having elderly parents and being an only child. No one ever talked down to me, so I had to learn to keep up. As far as my appearance is concerned, as Popeye said, ‘I am what I am.’”

“Don’t get me wrong, I think you look damn delectable, but I won’t go there, you’re too young.” Keith shook his head as if that bothered him.

Doesn’t seem to bother him if I’m still here bantering. Bobby lifted an eyebrow, having come to a decision. “Too young even for a little bit of fun? I’m only too young if you plan to get serious if you don’t…” Bobby shrugged his shoulders. “I’m open to suggestions.”


Bobby’s Old Man will be available from MLR Press on August 28th and
Amazon and All Romance shortly after that.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great story March 22, 2015
By Maggie J
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Another great start to a series by this Author. There was some crossover with characters from the Indiscreet series. In this story Zach and Jason are perfect for each other. Jason is young, but the sole provider for his baby sister. He meets Zach at the club his friends take him to for his birthday. Zach doesn’t do relationships but something about Jason pulls at him and they become friends, which then turns to love. Well written storyline, characters we will come to love…I really enjoy this Author’s writing style.
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You in My Arms Get Five Star Review on Amazon

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Great story March 22, 2015YouInMyArms_WD
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Another great start to a series by this Author. There was some crossover with characters from the Indiscreet series. In this story Zach and Jason are perfect for each other. Jason is young, but the sole provider for his baby sister. He meets Zach at the club his friends take him to for his birthday. Zach doesn’t do relationships but something about Jason pulls at him and they become friends, which then turns to love. Well written storyline, characters we will come to love…I really enjoy this Author’s writing style.
You can buy You in My Arms at Amazon at:

You in My Arms

Fb_YouInMy-ArmsYou in My Arms will be available on Friday, March 20 from MLR Press at and shortly thereafter at Amazon and AllRomance.

This is a story about a man struggling to meet obligations thrust upon him by life through no fault of his own. Jason Monroe fights valiantly to try to keep him and his sister, Kitty afloat in an older home with maintenance issues such as the perpetually leaking roof.

He tries to do his best for his sister Kitty, but Kitty has some psychological damage not caused by his father and stepmother’s death as Jason thinks. His friends from the 2010 Ocean Township Champion Soccer Team take him out for his birthday to the most popular gay bar at the Jersey Shore, The Sunset Club. However all Jason seems to be able to do is worry about the money he’s missing by not working at his weekend job, The Ocean View, a college bar in Belmar, and his rather dismal life.

His friend, the ever practical, Bobby Michaels has different goals for Jason this evening. He wants to get Jason thoroughly drunk and then laid. He’s picked out a candidate sitting at the end of the bar, Zach Montgomery who just happens to own half of the club. Bobby tries to set Jason up with Zach and Zach approaches Jason with an unbelievable line, “Want to fuck.” The fur flies and the fireworks explode from there and Zach Montgomery, an admitted man-whore, finds himself thoroughly involved with Jason, (a virgin, shock, shock) and his four year old sister.

Will Jason give it up to Zach or will Zach find his heart and take Jason and Kitty inside. Zach has a solution, an adorable kitten who Kitty names Eloise, and he uses Eloise to storm Jason’s citadel. Will Jason subcumb without love or is it Zach who gives way. Read You in My Arms and find out.

Another Five Star Review for Binding Robbie!

Here is another five star review for Binding Robbie on Amazon.

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This excellent book is the 7th in a series by A C Katt called Indiscreet which is the name of a upscale BDSM club in New Jersey. Each book in the series centers on one particular Dom and one Sub who is looking for a D/s relationship and fall in love, sometimes to the extent of getting married. The entire series is five stars. It depicts a BDSM club that caters to the wealthy Doms but requires all Doms and all Subs to go through rigorous training before being admitted (including each Dom being struck with each instrument available at the club to learn what a Sub is feeling when they use them). No Dom who has been drinking is allowed to go to one of the private dungeons to play with a Sub unless at least 5 hours have passed and they have consumed a large meal. In other words, this club is an ideal setting for a group of gay men of either persuasion to meet and become involved with another for a long term relationship and not fear being abused. It really proves that no two Doms are alike, some being into rendering a lot of pain to a willing Sub (sometimes referred to as a pain slut), others who are just looking for a lover who will be submissive but not into much if any pain. Of course the same differences are found in the Subs. Through out the series, as new couples are joined, the Subs gather together and prove that it is really the Subs who control the D/s relationship and the Dom’s also get together to protect their interests. Each book also involves a dangerous situation arising that needs to be dealt with by one or more Doms. In sum, each book has a terrific love story, a fair amount of steamy sexual encounters with different levels of BDSM, and a danger that arises to threaten each couple.
While each book can be read as a stand alone novel, they are most enjoyable if read in sequence since characters from all previous books are in each subsequent ones, often in important roles. To make your finding and purchasing these books easier I am going to list them in order by title and the two principal characters in each book. They are: A Matter of Trust, Bear and Brian, Jack’s Back, Reed and Jim, Cisco’s Boy, Dr. Cisco de Lorea and Dr. Grey Harris, Bull’s Whip, Bull and Jamie, Gary’s Choice, Gary and Danny, Caden’s Dilemma, Caden and Masato, and Binding Robbie, Tom and Robbie.
This series is without a doubt one of the five best M/M erotic romance series (with or without BDSM) that I have had the pleasure of reading. It is an outstanding series and each book in the series is superb. Hopefully, this book 7 is not the last in the series; personally I could read an endless amount of stories coming out of Indiscreet and I think you will feel the same way. If you have not yet read one or more of these wonderful books, don’t hesitate; buy them and be ready for a series of delightful reading.
Binding Robbie is available at Amazon at

The American Working Class is Getting the Shaft…

The American Working Class is Getting the shaft…again.

It was supposed to be all about “jobs.” That promise made to voters before the November 2010 election has been largely ignored by the new Republican Congress, state legislators and governors.

Instead the agenda pursued by the Republican Party has concentrated on the so-called culture wars. There have been bills introduced in Congress to reduce the availability of abortion, despite Roe v Wade being the law of the land. The new budget introduced by the Republicans actually kills jobs by cutting discretionary spending.  Instead of closing loopholes for oil depletion allowances and Big Agriculture, they restricted money to Planned Parenthood.  Then, they go off on vacation.

In the state capitols, the record of the newly elected Republican again has not served the American Worker. In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker, thinking he was speaking to David Koch, one of the infamous Koch brothers of oil, gas and chemical fame, told him that he was thinking about seeding the crowd protesting his attempt at Union Busting with outside agitators to make the so-far peaceful protesters look like hooligans.  Governor Walker intimated that with a little extra support (read dollars), governors of other states would follow the same agenda.

That, my friends, is trading worker’s collective bargaining rights for campaign cash, a straight forward transaction.  And who is he selling down the river, YOU. By denying collective bargaining rights to workers in these hard times, he denies those rights for future workers in good times.

If your congressperson, senator, state representative or governor is acting in a similar unscrupulous manner and following an agenda that does nothing to produce the promised jobs, maybe it is time for a recall petition.

The Race for Clean Energy

America has five percent of the world’s population, yet uses thirty percent of the world’s energy resources.  Oil has been the engine that drove the United States economy since the nineteenth century. With the invention of a cheap assembly line automobile by Henry Ford, America began its love affair with the auto.

The automobile gave birth to the suburbs, and the death of the “downtown.”  It encouraged the birth of strip malls, chain stores and developments.  However, we now find ourself dependent on sometimes unfriendly foreign sources for the very substance that fuels our current economy.  If we are to maintain our current standard of living, we must do the research to find alternative fuels. The long term answers to our energy deficit does not lie in “Drill, baby, drill.” Oil, even with the newest technology of extracting it from shale, is not the answer.  Oil is a finite resource and a pollutant that contributes to greenhouse gases and therefore to global warming.  If we look for a long term solution to our energy problems, we must look elsewhere.

Currently, forty percent of the country’s oil consumption goes directly into the automobile.  One answer to our the problem is the electric car. However to make an electric car viable for long commutes and family trips, currently, it needs a backup fuel.  For the electric car to be able to take longer trips, America’s research and development community needs to focus on smaller, more efficient batteries.

To be truly green, the electricity for the car has to come from a green source.  Currently scientists have been working on producing electricity from wind turbines and experimenting with solar farms. Although these methods are green, we do not, as of yet, have the capacity to produce enough electricity with these technologies to replace the oil used for generation of power.

Nuclear power is also a possibility but first we must deal with the problem of safe disposal of spent fuel rods and a safer plant design.

All of this new technology takes money for research and development.  In the past government has provided grants to scientists at universities to help develop promising new technologies.  But in the era of a Congress determined to cut budgets for everything, research dollars are harder to obtain unless the return is immediate.  Americans have traded long term planning for immediate profit.

Long term planning is what pushed us into space.  It is what is necessary to push us back into the forefront of the newer technologies that will not only release us from our dependence on foreign, unfriendly entities who use their windfall oil profits to train terrorists and undermine our country’s stability. An infusion of stimulus funds invested in clean energy resources will, in time, bolster our economic growth, provide blue collar jobs and reduce the unemployment rate.

These jobs will need trained personnel.  Therefore cuts to educational programs in our high schools, universities and technical colleges is another bad idea from the Republican Congressional majority.

Investment in green technology can mean the difference between America as a fading superpower or the brighter alternative of an America at the forefront of technology, where we belong.  Investment in the future is necessary now.  We must take back the American Dream away from those who would let American jobs shift to foreign soil and line their pockets with the dollars earned off the backs of the middle class.

Write to your Congressman and Senators and let them know how important it is to invest in America by funding research.  Your standard of living depends on it.

If you wish to know more about my views, check out my website at

Suggested New Years Resolutions for Congress

It’s that time of the year, the time we set aside to sit down and write our New Year’s Resolutions.  I decided to do something different this year.  Instead of deciding on a set of resolutions for myself, I decided to write a list of resolutions that would be good for the country, presumptuous, I know, but necessary.  If everyone wrote a list and sent it to their representatives in both the House and the Senate, and the executive branch maybe we could provide the country with direction and make sure that our representatives spend less time posturing and more time writing and passing legislation that puts the country back to work.  Here is my list of ten, I’m sure you have your own.

1.       Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – We need a stimulus package large enough to accomplish two tasks.  The first is obvious, put people back to work.  The second part of the stimulus package should provide earmarked funds for infrastructure, especially green infrastructure.  We need to move Americans out of their cars and into light rail.  We need smart roads and bridges that control traffic and prevent congestion.  And lastly we need alternative means to move people by building neighborhoods that provide work, schools, shopping near enough to housing so that the car doesn’t have to come out of the garage for a quart of milk.

2.       The government needs to use grants and tax breaks to encourage green energy.  Too much of this nations treasure is going to countries whose foreign policy is geared to work actively against the goals and ideals of the United States.

3.       The innovations and prosperity of the second half of the twentieth century did not come by accident.  By using the GI Bill the government t provided and educated workforce that put a man on the moon, computers on every desk and the internet into every home.  Programs like the Dream Act have to be pushed through congress.  Funding education and teaching the fundamentals of math, science, English, music and art should be encouraged. Grants, scholarships and government guaranteed loans need to be easier to obtain but we must put into place stringent requirements for repayment.

4.       Paying for the programs above would be easier if we walked away from two wars that are costing this nation the respect of the world and too many dollars.

5.       Most of the rest of the world has accepted that Health Care is a right of the citizenry.  The United States cannot be a country where only the rich can afford the best healthcare.  Charitable institutions cannot handle the numbers of citizens who are currently without health care.  The last congress passed a health care bill that was incomplete and only the first step on the road to providing our citizens with the rights enjoyed by other democracies.  Despite the fact that top notch health care is available in the United States, it is not available for everyone. According to the World Health Organization the United States ranks thirty-seventh in health care among countries in the world.  We should be ashamed.  How can we hold up our head in the community of nations where we rank number one in weaponry, and thirty seventh in the health of our children?

6.       Social Security needs to be protected.  Social Security is a promise to our citizens in the form of insurance for which they pay premiums out of every paycheck in exchange for and old age pension. Yet it is expensive and because of the population shifts in favor of the old over the young, could soon begin to run in the red.  Add that to unfunded programs like Medicare Part D (prescription drugs) and we have a huge fiscal liability driving us into debt.  Right now the Social Security tax is paid on only a portion of our income.  Once you cross that threshold, no more social security tax.  My suggestion would be to pay social security tax on your entire income thereby eliminating the threshold and bringing more money into the program to balance the funds outgo.  My second suggestion would be to have the government buy all drugs wholesale at the type of prices negotiated by other Western Democracies.  With drugs at a lower overall cost, the amount of money the government would have to shell out for prescription drugs would be reduced and the amount of co-pay coming out of the citizens pockets would go down.

7.       The programs helping homeowners with underwater mortgages need to be more effectively administered.  The money isn’t going to where it should go, namely the homeowners.

8.     Tax breaks should be given to all companies who bring jobs back to the United States.  On the other hand, companies who outsource jobs overseas should pay larger tax bills.  Loop holes that permit large US corporations to get away with paying little or no taxes should be immediately closed, no exceptions. 
9.  After this two year extension is over, tax breaks for millionaires should be eliminated.  No wailing, no gnashing of teeth, just gone.
10.   Until the unemployment rate goes back down to 8.5%, unemployment stipends should be extended.  Trade apprenticeships and green technology jobs should be funded through legitimate trade schools and junior colleges.  Retraining of the unemployed who were put out of work because technology took their jobs should be paramount.
Now you have heard my top ten list.  What is yours?
AC Katt’s novels can be found at and  Shattered Glass is available in both Kindle format and paperback from and for Nook and paperback at Barnes & Noble.  Both formats and others are available from Captiva Press.
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The Amazing Tigger

Location, Location, and Location…

A civilization that survived on their home planet for untold numbers of cycles has three things that many other failed inhabited worlds lacked. The first is sheer luck. The Sarran home world is located well away from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy on one of the less populated spiral arms. The placement of Sarran’s star system put the planet out of the main traffic lanes for planet eating asteroids, climate altering meteors and visits from further developed war like civilizations that may have existed before the Sarrans but did not survive their own aggression. Absurdly, the Sarran’s long lived civilization depended on the same mantra that every Earthen Real Estate Salesperson is given with their license, “Location, location, location.” The second part of the survival triad is a planetwide civilization that began to cooperate early on issues that affected their home environment. The third is simply to learn from their mistakes rather than to persist in repeating them.In the earliest times there were major environmental disasters with fossil fuel and the unsafe use of nuclear fission. Once the Sarran Clans became aware of the environmental damage created by using fossil fuel, the ruling council incorporated the research results brought to them by the brilliant scientist Tezacron, Prince of AirClan, and incorporated his findings into Sarran Common Law long before the Codex. Fossil Fuel consumption was slashed by a quarter, planet wide each cycle thus encouraging the discovery of an alternative. Manufacturing Facilities that released nuculear waste into the ecosystem were closed immediately and soon replaced by othersthat ran on cold fusion. The Sarrans knew from the start that their planet was the only thing that stood between their civilization and the great void. Watching others slip into the morass of greed at the expense of a healthy environment that produced healthy inhabitants; the Sarrans did the unusual. They learned from the history of others rather than go their own way and repeat a long line of environmental catastrophe that would result in the downfall of the entire humanoid population of the sphere. The one time the Sarrans forgot this cardinal rule sowed the seeds of their future dilemna and brought the planetwide civilization to its knees in the ClanWars. The result of that scientific catastrophe — even though a solution was sought and found, made the Sarrans vunerable in a way that they did not anticipate during the Zyptz Wars.

Hanging Up the Gloves before the Fight

It looks like our president hung up the gloves before the fight…

Just prior to the November election, President Obama told the nation that he would fight the Republican attempt to renew the Bush tax cuts.  The President wanted to negotiate with the Republicans so that the whatever tax breaks would accrue to the middle class would remain and the tax reductions for people who made over a quarter of a million dollars a year would expire.

With a lame duck Congress who can only remain in session with a majority of Democrats until December 31st, it was imperative that negotiations for the middle class tax break, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the extension of unemployment benefits go through the legislative process quickly.

The Democratic Agenda was simple:

  • Renew the Bush Tax cuts with the exception of the tax cuts on the upper two percent of tax payers.
  • Extend unemployment benefits for those looking for work suffering through the worst recession on record.
  • Repeal the unconstitutional Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy which trampled the first amendment rights of gays in the military.
This seemed like a simple agenda.  Tax cuts for the rich would be eliminated, thereby giving the government extra revenue in a time of budget and debt crisis, an issue that most of the country vocally supported.  The majority of American also supported extension of the unemployment benefits and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
Obviously, the Republicans weren’t listening to their constituents. They were stubbornly holding to the position that nothing would get passed unless the rich got their tax cuts, in effect, holding 98% of the country hostage for the top 2% of taxpayers.  
Enter the hero, the Yes We Can man.  President Obama went into “tough” negotiations with the Republican Leadership.  (Please remember, dear reader, the Republicans are the MINORITY party until December 31st. We came out of these negotiations with the rich getting their tax cut, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell voted down despite the fact that there were more votes in favor than against and the unemployment money in limbo.  Why, you ask?
Without consulting the leaders of his own party, or the mood of the citizenry, President Obama decided to do away with the messy fight that was sure to ensue if he stood firm, and hung up his blue gloves.  The President caved.  He avoided the fight and now finds himself in the unenviable position of being in a fight for his political life with his own party who feel betrayed and the citizens who feel duped — yet again.
Personally, I’d rather there be no tax cuts for anyone than see another victory in the series of victories we keep handing the Republican Party and their rich cronies.  And if the Republicans try to pass a rich man’s tax cut in January, President Obama should veto it.  But that is not what’s happening.  I remember a cartoon from when I was a kid, the character asked “What are you, a man or a mouse…” The answer, I’m afraid is mouse.

Pass the Cheese

Does this picture remind you of anyone in the news?

The Republican Party, fat from their recent donations from unknown corporate sources, is busy preparing an agenda for January that doesn’t look good for anyone but those in the country club set.

Once again, the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy are staked out as the most important part of their overall economic policy.  It makes no sense.  With the middle class tax base shrinking because of a 9.8% unemployment rate, and a continued reduction in taxes for those who have the money to pay takes, our government is going to have to continue holding out a tin cup to the Chinese to get our bills paid.  And, since he who has the money makes the rules this could be disastrous for any economic and foreign policy objectives.

The highest tax bracket has taken a whopping fall from 70% in the Regan era to 30% in the Bush era.  Yet our expenses have risen.  Yes, entitlements have taken a toll, however two wars fought off the books until 2008 also has something to do with our fiscal position. You can’t fight wars with money not included in the budget.  That’s like making a household fiscal plan and not including the mortgage and the car payment.

It is time for the American voter to get his head out of the sand and realize that no one benefits from the Republican Agenda but the wealthy.  Raising the retirement age, cutting social security benefits, cutting health care for children and the elderly hits the lower 98% of the wage earners in this country who need things like VA Services, food stamps, Early Childhood Intervention Programs and a social net that they can depend on.  Teens need government grants to continue in school.  These are the type of things that made us a great nation after World War II, an educated work force, the ability to make and sell the things we use and a government willing to use progressive taxation to make sure that the dollar stayed strong and stable. 

But these are the things Americans are unlikely to get for the next two years with a Republican/Tea Party Congress.  Pass the Cheese…

More information on my books and views can be found at

Shattered Glass Released in Paperback & other Big Stuff

Shattered Glass is now available in paperback…

Shattered Glass is now available in paperback from Captiva Press at; Barnes and Noble at and at

I’m so happy to be able to share Milo and Liam’s love story with all readers.

I’m very late blogging. (Blush and apology). The reason is twofold.  The third week of November I went back to visit my nine grandchild scattered over New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  They sent Grams home with hugs, kisses, gifts and bronchitis. Up until today I was coughing, wheezing, had chills, shakes, fevers.  Today I’m finally promoted to the chair with cough and wheeze.  Thank you doctors and nurses at the Presbyterian Health Center in Rio Rancho, ER.  Until they took care of me my husband feared I would cough hard enough to bring up a toe!

Today is a special day for the Southern United States.  It is the day that South Carolina seceded from the Federal Union.  Today there are parades celebrating States Rights as the issue that caused the war, despite the fact the the secession document mentioned Slavery nineteen times.  Hmmm – history re-write?

Another interesting piece of news, the survey from the members of the US Military came back overwhelmingly positive in favor of gay soldiers and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Despite the fact that the courts have spoken, the joint chief of staff has spoken, the congress and the president has spoken and the service members themselves have spoken, John McCain is calling for a do-over.

Since the Senate is still braying for us to wait to,  despite the majority of the voting public really want the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the senate is merely braying their own bigotry out loud. Didn’t their mothers’ teach them how to play nice with other children. Or did Mr. McCain and company spring straight from the head of Medusa like snakes in the grass.

Thirsty – The Sarran Plague, Anya meets Jonal

This is a scene from The Sarran Plague where Dr. Anya Forrester first meets one of her alien destined mates.

“Thirsty,” she whispered. A strong, gentle hand lifted Anya’s head. She nuzzled closer, breathing deeply of fresh linen, vanilla and man—definitely man.

“Drink, Pa Mici, drink,” a deep basso voice rumbled.

Anya’s eye caught a snapshot of dark blue eyes, tousled midnight black hair. A thin white scar traced along the outline of a square jaw. Her vision turned fuzzy around the edges. She picked up a slight hesitation between his words and her understanding. His lips moved and she received, a nanosecond later, a weird built-in satellite delay. The hair on his muscled arm tickled across her back. His palm cupped the nape of her neck supporting her head. The thumb stroked downward. She trembled, leaning into the light caress.

The thick fingers of his other hand curved around a filigreed silver tumbler with maroon and gold swirls.

“Please, thirsty,” Anya mumbled, as her lips pursed round the proffered straw.

“Careful, Pa Mici. Lips that shape beg a kiss,” the deep voice murmured.

Sweetness exploded on Anya’s tongue—a mélange of fruit? She didn’t recognize any of the flavors. Her eyes closed. The juice flowed through her mouth and down her throat easing the dryness. Voices in her mind, one here—the basso, the other, a baritone, close by. Their vibrations sang sweet music to her sex. Anya’s skin flushed rose. She reached up and traced a finger along the thin scar. Anya knew she dreamt. Her hero’s face graced  the cover of every romance novel she ever read. He played an American privateer, scarred from a run-in with a British man-of-war, or maybe a Regency Duke, scarred in a duel over his sister. It couldn’t be about a woman other than his sister. After all, this was her dream.

“Your skin is exquisite, Pa Mici. Do you feel us yet? ” His soft mobile lips swept light kisses across her cheek and nibbled at the corner of her mouth.

“Name…my pirate… name,” she insisted, sticking out her lower lip—her mouth in moue.

“Jonal. Rest now,” the voice soothed.

“’Tis such a good dream,” Anya whispered, as she grabbed his arm. “Please, don’t make me wake up.”

The Sarran Plague will be available from Captiva Press late winter, early spring.  In the mean time please enjoy my novel, Shattered Glass, from Captiva Press at  Also visit my website at  

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If you like my blog, read my books…

Today I noticed that I have 1,647 comments on my blogs, the great majority of them compliments on my writing.  My blogging activity is dependent upon the sale of my books which cover the same subjects in fiction that the blogs cover in fact. So here it comes, the sales pitch. 

I currently have two books in print.  The first is Shattered Glass. The following is a blurb for the book:

Can love survive and be rekindled when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass?

Milo grew up in fear, hiding the fact that he was gay. Becoming a rock star with his band Shattered Glass was a dream come true. Finally lovers with Liam, the friend he’d desired since childhood, Milo worries about his image and keeping their relationship a secret.
Liam knew he loved Milo, even as a kid. But their fame and fortune can’t buy him the happiness of talking Milo out of the closet, able to freely express their love. Unfortunately, a fellow band-mate with vengeance on his mind conspires to break the lovers up in the most vicious way possible, destroying the couple’s relationship and shredding Liam’s peace of mind.
Six years later, Liam is older, wiser, and has rebuilt his life after the devastating loss of Milo and the band. Forced into a tenuous working reunion, Liam knows his heart still belongs to Milo. Working together to uncover the web of lies that pulled them apart, now all they have to do is survive the psychopath intent on silencing Liam and his music forever.
The plot includes the social and political positions that I discuss in my blogs.  The blogs are the effect of my book and if you want to understand them more throughly, read the book.  Shattered Glass is available from Captiva Press and can be bought at and from Amazon’s Kindle Store at  There is also a buy link on my website, with the cover of the book and the words Click to Buy. C licking on this will bring you directly to the buy link on the publisher’s website.
My second book is A Matter of Trust from XOXO Publishing. The theme of this book is trust and acceptance of who and what you are.  The following is a blurb for the book:
Donald Bear Drummond has everything, a commercial real estate empire, part ownership of Indiscreet, BDS&M club and status as a Master Dominant. Now he is looking for a special boy to share it with, but Donald is short on trust. Burned before, he is reluctant to take on just any boy. Donald wants the perfect boy, his boy. Can he find happiness with the troubled, Brian, the clumsy boy with horned rimmed glasses and a pocket protector who walks into his office and spills a bottle of Bordeaux on his Persian rug? Can he protect Brian from his enemies and well as Brian’s own demons?

It’s all A Matter of Trust.

The plot in A Matter of Trust tells of a different lifestyle than most of are accustomed to living.  But the world of Dominance and Submission is not all about pain.  It is about subverting your will to another because you want to please them.  It is about accepting another’s complete trust and being worthy of what is given to you. A Matter of Trust can be purchased through its publisher XOXO Publishing at  There is also a direct buy link on my website, where you can click the book cover and go to the publisher’s page to buy the book.
Shattered Glass will be out in paperback in late November and again, be available from the publisher and other outlets.  I will keep you posted as to when this will occur.  Both books are relatively inexpensive and they support my blogging activities.  For those of you who enjoy my blogs, you will enjoy my books.
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Boy Scouts are no "Boy Scouts"

The Boy Scouts are no “Boy Scouts…”

When Jon Langbert enrolled his son in the local Dallas Cub Scout Chapter of the Boy Scouts of America he told them he was gay.  “No problem” was the response he received.  Now, a few years later, he has been stripped of his uniform, yet asked to continue to perform the same service for the local Cub Scout Pack that he performed when he was awarded the shirt.

Jon performed the duty of Popcorn Colonel for the local Cub Scout pack.  As a leader, he encouraged the cubs to sell popcorn to earn gifts and gift cards in the competition to raise money for the pack and its parent organization.  Although Jon and his son, Carter, belonged to the pack for a number of years, it was only a week ago that officials from the State and National organization ordered the local pack to “defrock” Mr. Langbert.  The local pack, however, wants Mr. Langbert to retain his now, untitled, position.

All reports indicate that Mr. Langbert is a good father and performed well in his position with the Cub Scouts.  In a world where the military currently sits under judicial injunction for its DADT policy because this position actually damages the function of the armed forces by preventing the retention of experienced personnel, and laws that discriminate against the LGBT population are being challenged daily in the courts; the position of the Boy Scouts is antiquated and a blatant disregard of first amendment rights.

I am aware that the Supreme Court ruled in 2000 that the Boy Scouts were allowed as a private organization to continue their discriminatory practices, however, my points remains.  Country Clubs, restaurants and stores are not allowed to practice overt discrimination, why make an exception for the Boy Scouts?  For a country that advocates liberty and justice for all, we are very lax in putting our principles into practice.

Adult Language Excerpt from Shattered Glass

Press Conference, Plaza Hotel, New York City
November 2002, 3:45 p.m.
Sam Stein, attorney and owner of Stein Talent Ltd., looked around his suite at the Plaza. Half of his personnel came over from his office on East 73rd to handle the crisis. A press conference scheduled for four p.m. put the media in a feeding frenzy. Rumor and speculation had run thick and heavy for ten days. Sam took the statements of the three remaining members of the group Shattered Glass now sequestered in adjoining suites. The fourth went AWOL. None of the band saw or heard from Liam O’Shea in the past ten days. Rumors circulated, but even Sam’s best investigator, J.B. Saunders, hadn’t
a clue.

He yelled over to his assistant. “Margot, has J.B. filed a report on Liam?”

“Not yet, I’m working on it. You have ten minutes to get downstairs.”

Sam picked up his statement and headed out of the suite to the press room. None of the principals would say much more than the basic facts. Bart made a pass at Milo, and Liam walked. Sam begged Milo Stamis, group leader and Sam’s best friend, to tell him what happened.

Milo exploded in an angry tirade against Liam. “If I could find the little bastard, I’d choke him. He’s been carrying on with that fucking roadie, Danny, behind my back for years. Bart kept trying to warn me and I wouldn’t listen. Leave it alone, Sam. I’ve called everywhere to try to locate him. He’s probably sunning himself with his new lover somewhere in the Caribbean. Fuck if I care.”

Sam shook his head. “I wouldn’t believe Bart Hedge if he told me the sky was blue.”

“Damn it, you hired the bastard. If you’d stayed with the band, on the drums where you belonged, this wouldn’t have happened. Now get the hell out of my room.”

Sam left thinking that the dark circles under Milo’s red eyes told more of the story than his temper.

Sam’s brother, Rick, the bass guitarist, didn’t help. He told Sam, “Bart sidled up to Milo during
rehearsal the day after Milo threw Liam out of the house. Liam hauled off and punched Bart and gave
him a black eye. I went to the back to check the drums, so I didn’t see it happen. Anyway, what the
fuck do I know? I get little respect and less information.” Rick shrugged with assumed indifference.

When Sam phoned to ask Bart what happened the day after the original “incident” occurred, Bart refused to comment.” After some coaxing on Sam’s part, he would only say Milo kicked him out of the band and that he refused to finish the tour even if asked back. As far as the “incident” went, in Sam’s opinion, somehow, Bart was at the root of this whole fiasco.

The guys were better off without that sleazy bastard anyway. I’ll have to talk Milo into
replacing Bart for the remainder of the tour. He’s replaceable. Liam is not. How could I have missed all
of the tension of the last few years?

That’s easy, his conscience replied. You let the band slide because you let your business consume you. But Milo refused to go near Bart, so Sam would be forced to assume his former role and play in the band to finish the tour.

As for Liam, none of the band or the crew laid eyes on either him or Danny Hobbs, the roadie in
question, for ten days.

When Sam arrived downstairs, networks, cable news, the legitimate music magazines, newspapers, and stringers from every supermarket rag that ran covers of alien invasions and three-headed cows packed the Plaza’s press room, all of them ready to take a bite out of Sam’s hide. Margot preceded him through the door and announced his entrance. The room burst into a cacophony of voices, all shouting questions he could not or would not be able to answer. Sam began to sweat in his Armani suit, but soldiered on to the podium. He faced the crowd as they settled into an expectant silence.

“Good afternoon. I have a prepared statement and will take no questions afterward. Liam O’Shea, Shattered Glass’ composer, lead guitarist and singer, has left the band due to creative differences. Milo Stamis informed me today that Liam will be replaced for rest of the tour by solo artist, Johnny Borchoi, who graciously agreed to interrupt his sabbatical to fill in for Liam.”

The media exploded in protest as Sam prepared to leave the podium. Margot whispered, “Sam, you need to answer a few questions or they’ll bombard the office. We won’t be able to work.”

Looking over the rabble, Sam agreed with Margot’s assessment. He returned to the podium and braced himself for what he knew would come.

“I will go ahead and take a couple of questions after all.”

Hands flew into the air. Sam pointed at random. The reporter jumped up. “Rolling Stone. Mr. Stein, didn’t you once play the drums for Shattered Glass, and isn’t bass guitarist Rick Stein your brother?”

“Yes. Next question, over there in the corner.”
“Billboard. There are rumors of an altercation at a rehearsal. It’s said that Liam attacked Bart
“No comment. Second row, third from the left.”

“Dex Arthur, Entertainment Tonight. Doesn’t Liam owe his fans an explanation?”

“Liam’s music speaks for itself,” Sam growled. “I’ll take one last question.”

A stringer for one of the grocery rags stood up and shouted a question that silenced the room. ”Sam, were Milo and Liam lovers?”

“No comment.” Sam abruptly left the podium and disappeared behind the curtain, heading to the private exit.

Their public relations representative pulled Sam aside as he attempted to exit the room. “Come on, Sam. At least tell me the truth off the record. Are Milo and Liam lovers? Rumors abound of a blowup at the rehearsal, and a physical altercation.”

“No comment.”

The PR rep left. Sam stood, shoulders slumped. He shook his head. The truth was more complicated than anyone could imagine.

Shattered Glass is available from Captiva Press at  Additional information about my books is available from my website at The following is a list of my blogs for your convenience:,,,, and a new Ning fan network at www.ackattonning, which you are welcome to check out and join. 

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How can love survive when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass…

How can love survive
the unforgivable…. 
Liam O’Shea can never remember a time in his life when he didn’t love Milo Stamis.  From the first time he lifted his eyes from the moving boxes to see twelve year old Milo on his bicycle offering to help he and his mother move.

Liam didn’t understand those feelings until he was twelve when he finally realized that what he felt for Milo was love.  That love took six long years to finally consummate. When it happened Liam felt that nothing could ever go wrong in his life again. That is,   until Milo began accusing Liam of infidelity with a man who had never been more than a good friend. With another member of the band pouring poison in Milo’s ear, Milo’s trust in Liam evaporated as did their relationship and the band.

Liam was left with nothing.  How does a man rebuild his who world when half of it is missing? Find out in Shattered Glass available from Captiva Press at  Read more about Shattered Glass and my other works on my website,

Shattered Glass – Five Cups from Coffee Time Romance

Shattered Glass gets a 5 Cup Review

from Coffee Time Romance

ISBN#: 9781936356027
June 2010
Placida Publishing, LLC
258 Pages
M/M, GLBT, Erotic Romance, Erotica, Contemporary, Thriller, Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups
Liam has loved Milo since he was six years old. He knew from their first meeting that there would never be another man for him.
Milo has felt responsible for Liam since he was six; doing everything he can to ensure Liam’s happiness. Milo is blind-sided by Liam’s feelings for him. Bound by a promise to a dying woman, Milo must resist Liam and give him time to experience life.
Unaware of Liam’s feelings, Milo does his best to uphold the promise he made to keep Liam safe even if it means safe from Milo himself. Unaware of an interested stalker waiting in the wings to destroy Liam no matter what it takes, Milo pushes Liam away due to a misunderstanding perpetrated by a jealous man. It is only the revelation of the man standing in the shadows that will bring together the Shattered Glass, but it just may be too late.
Shattered Glass is a thrilling read. It takes the reader on a roller coaster ride that spans the childhood through the amazing transition from boy to man. AC Katt draws emotion from the most hardened heart by bringing the reader to the stage of enlightenment only to toss the revelations back into a pool of confusion. Just a warning to readers: just when they think they have a grasp on the storyline, the author will take them off on another wild path. Shattered Glass is a romance built from the flames of young love that will be tested by outside forces and leave the reader spellbound for the ending as well as the journey.
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Sam Stein was the drummer for the band, Shattered Glass. Although the band was successful, Sam had only one ambition, to be a lawyer. He wanted to specialize in representing artists in the music industry and as soon as he passed the bar, Shattered Glass would become his first clients.

Although Milo was the band leader, Sam managed the group from the very beginning.  When Sam left to study for the bar, the guys were left with hiring a new drummer.  Even after Sam passed the bar, and he opened his offices, he let Milo continue doing for the band the things that Sam, in his capacity as manager and representative should have handled.  Because of Sam’s inattention, the group, who were once as close as brothers, began to drift apart primarily due to the deliberate machinations of the new drummer, Bart Hedge, Sam’s replacement.

Shattered Glass tells the story of the men who formed and played in the band.  Throughout the book, each member of the band bears some semblance of responsibility for the breakup of both the band and the love affair of the band’s leader and lyricist, Milo Stamis and his lover, the band’s composer and lead singer, Liam O’Shea. Milo and Liam are the focus of the book, yet every member of the group played their hand to the detriment of their brotherhood.  Sam became so wrapped up in himself and his new vocation  that he failed to notice Bart’s poison and his own brother, Rick’s descent into alcohol and drug addiction.

Even when Liam desperately needed help the first time, Sam convinced himself that it wasn’t his place to interfere between the lovers.  It wasn’t until Sam finally faced Rick’s addiction that he woke up and discovered what was going on right underneath his nose.

All of us get lost in our own concerns to the detriment of those we love.  Sometimes we wake up soon enough, sometimes it’s too late.  Sam’s ambitions cost him a price he couldn’t afford. All the money and power in the world can’t bring back that which you’ve thrown away.

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A Villain who Isn’t

A Villain Who Isn’t…

In Shattered Glass, Rick Stein helps to almost destroy the lives of two of his best friends.  Yet Rick isn’t really a villain.  He is the victim of drug addiction.  The real villain of the story, Bart Hedge gets Rick addicted to drugs and plays puppet master to Rick’s Pinocchio.

One of the subplots of Shattered Glass is redemption.  Each one of the four principle characters, Rick, his brother Sam and the two lovers Milo and Liam, make horrific mistakes.  The difference between the other three and Rick is that he knows he is doing damage but doesn’t have the inner strength or fortitude to overcome his addiction and confess his complicity in the plot to separate Milo and Liam.

From the first time Rick picked up a base guitar being in a rock band and making it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland became Rick’s only life ambition.  He bought completely into the “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” myth of a musician’s lifestyle. Fame gave Rick an ego boost to his perpetually low self-esteem.

Initially, Rick welcomed the younger Liam into the group because he felt that the boy would occupy the bottom rung of the group’s pecking order that he felt he inhabited.  For a while, until Milo and Liam established themselves as lovers on Liam’s eighteenth birthday, Rick treated Liam like a kid brother.  When Liam became essential to the group’s success as a principal vocalist and composer, Rick felt under appreciated.

After Sam left the group to take the bar exam and become their manager, the band hired Bart Hedge to replace him.  Bart, with his own agenda, played on Rick’s insecurities like a Stradivarius violin, addicting Rick to hard drugs, gradually increasing his habit until Rick couldn’t function without his supply.  With Bart as the supplier, it was easy for him to get Rick to do bigger and bigger “favors” for Bart to get his fix.

Several times in the story Rick tries to refuse Bart’s bidding.  In the end, Rick ends up trying to please Bart to save his former bandmates and himself from blackmail.  By not trusting in his bond with his brother and friends, in attempting to handle Bart by himself even after his realization that Bart was evil, Rick commits the ultimate betrayal of Liam, Milo and Sam.

Yet Rick remains Bart’s tool until he finally overcomes his fear and shame and confesses his misdeeds to the others.

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The name of the band, Shattered Glass musically is a metaphor for a singer’s ability to hit a pure note at high frequency.  This note, if sustained, will “shatter glass.”

In my novel, Shattered Glass, Liam’s heart is broken by the breakup of the band and by his lover’s desertion.  After the breakup, Liam was essentially abandoned because the band was his only family. Brought to the point where even his music can not sustain him, Liam breaks down and falls into a fire pit of despair.

With the help of a so-called friend, Liam suffers the degradation of drugs, date-rape and finally attempts to drown himself in a sea of alcohol and a series of meaningless sexual encounters to avoid facing the truth of his abandonment.  Eventually, he finds help and begins to face up to the fact that Milo is lost to him, although he never stops loving him.

How do you cope with loss?  I can’t help but think of the families on the Gulf Coast who lost their homes, jobs and loved ones during Katrina.  Or those now in Pakistan who watch the little they have literally float away.  Loss is an emotionally devastating theme for a novel. It can kill you or make you stronger.  In Shattered Glass loss of love almost killed Liam.  Losing a loved one whether to death or disaster is more damaging to the heart and mind than the loss of a material possession.

The steps that Liam takes to overcome his loss and become a whole person is what makes Shattered Glass a novel that explores depth of character.

For Milo, the loss of Liam and the band eventually makes him realize his own character flaws.  He sees that his inability to trust his lover stemmed from his inability to trust himself.

All the members of the band, Shattered Glass, must find their own paths back to their best selves and to each other.  Sometimes that is the most difficult road to travel and for some, the ending isn’t happy.

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Lily O’Shea met Professor Frank O’Shea as a student in his Contemporary American History Class at Princeton.  Frank had fifteen years on Lily, being in his mid thirties to Lily’s twenty-one.

Lily conceived Liam when she was twenty-five and they had Frank for six years before he died in a hit and run car accident that was deemed to be suspicious by the Princeton Police.  Frank adored Lily and and son, Liam.  His dabbled in black and white photography and took many pictures of his lovely wife.

Lily was one-quarter Vietnamese and passed to Liam the slight slant to her eyes along with her ebony hair.  Liam pale skin came from his Irish father along with his blue-violet eyes.

After Frank’s death, Lily packed up her and Frank’s huge Victorian house in Princeton and moved into a blue collar neighborhood in Hazlet, New Jersey.  She made certain that none of her former friends with the exception of their lawyer and friend Walt Cheever knew where they went.

Lily and Liam met Milo and Sam the first day they moved to Hazlet.  Lily, as well as Liam, became fast friends with Milo and Sam.  Lily’s acceptance of who and what Liam was mystified Milo who own father would have beaten him to death had he found out Milo was gay.  In return for Lily’s unconditional acceptance of both Liam and Milo, Milo adored Lily and would do anything for her,  even to accepting Liam’s guardianship as Lily lay dying of cancer.

Liam, because of Lily, was as open to life as Milo was closed off.  His  trust of Rick and the others in the band brought him heartache.

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Shattered Glass – The Band

Shattered Glass

The biographies of the members of the mega band Shattered Glass as portrayed in the book, Shattered Glass, by AC Katt.

Milo Stamis was the founder and leader of the band, Shattered Glass. He admitted to his best friend, Sam Stein, that he was gay, at the age of twelve , the day before he met Liam O’Shea.

The band practiced in Sam’s garage with the original singer “Mike the Deserter.” On Milo eighteenth birthday, Mike left the band and Liam volunteered to take his place. Liam, although six years younger than Milo, seduced the band with his voice and from that time on, Liam became the lead singer of Shattered Glass.

Liam O’Shea met Milo Stamis at the age of six. He moved to Hazlet with his mother, Lily, after an auto accident killed his father, Frank. Liam felt an instant connection to Milo as soon as they met. Milo, Sam and Rick let Liam follow them around in the position of adopted kid brother for six years until he replaced Mike as the lead singer. Liam was a brilliant musician and composer and impressed the band with his rendition of Johnny Borchoi’s Turn Around, which he re-arranged for two voices as a gift for Milo on his eighteenth birthday. After Lily died of cancer, Milo became Liam’s Guardian until Liam turned eighteen.

Rick Stein is the younger brother of Milo’s best friend, Sam. Rick was a talented bass guitar player and was an original member of the band. Originally, Rick was one of Liam’s strongest supporters in Shattered Glass until he acquired an expensive drug habit. Rick was responsible for bringing Bart Hedge into the band to replace his brother, Sam, when Sam elected to take the bar exam and become an attorney rather than continue as Shattered Glass’ drummer.

Sam Stein was Milo’s best friend and the original drummer for Shattered Glass. Sam was Shattered Glass’ drummer. He left the band after its first hit album to become an entertainment lawyer. Sam remained with Shattered Glass as their manager and lawyer. When the band broke up, Sam remained the one contact that all of the concerned parties trusted.

Bart Hedge met Rick Stein and became his friend and drug dealer. He was the drummer in the house band of the local bar, Lucky’s. When it became clear that Sam was leaving Shattered Glass, Rick asked his friend to audition for Sam’s spot as the drummer. Bart deliberately hooked Rick on hard drugs and used Rick’s addiction for his own purposes. Bart hates Liam and is out to destroy him.

Read the story of the band in AC Katt’s Shattered Glass, available from Captiva Press at For additional information visit AC’s website at or the Shattered Glass website at

Shattered Glass Book Trailer

Here is the book trailer for my June 30th release from, Shattered Glass.

How did you think of that?

Shattered Glass

Where do you get your story ideas?” Is the first question most people ask a writer. My answer is, “It’s a process,” which probably annoys the hell out of whom ever asked the question. I give this answer because to explain how the idea for a story jelled would, at most times, fascinate another writer, but bore the reader to tears. However, since you have asked so many times, if not me,

someone else, I will attempt to give you insight into how I get an idea for a story.

My husband and I were in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Asbury is a New Jersey Shore town that grew seedy in the seventies. Once, it was one of the hot spots at the Jersey Shore. They still

have a beautiful beach and the Clean Water Act along with the help of multiple environmental groups have worked hard to make the water as inviting as it was back when. The town was financially troubled and never recovered from riots in the seventies or series of disastrous, promise long—cash short developers.

Late in the nineties, a new group of residents began to move into the town. They weren’t concerned about schools, they had disposable incomes and the means to set up small businesses and the clientele to support them—they were gay. By the summer of 2007, they established themselves as permanent residents of Asbury Park, welcomed by the town as a tax paying

minority group who improved property and enlarged the tax base.

Along Cookman Avenue the once fashionable shopping district, boarded up storefronts reopened and turned into galleries, smart restaurants, and trendy boutiques. This brought back business from the straight citizens of the surrounding towns and slowly but surely, Asbury Park was turning chic. We used to go visit the boardwalk just to walk by the ocean on a regular basis.

After our walk along the boards, we usually strolled down Cookman Avenue to see what was new or to find somewhere for lunch. That day we found a cute little eatery that was doing a bustling brunch business. We stopped and ate. Throughout the restaurant were paintings on the walls from the local galleries. The one just behind my husband’s head caught my attention; indeed, I could say it caught my imagination. It was a poignant study of a young man’s face. The artist put it that indefinable something extra into the portrait. The young man’s eyes held the weight of the world. He was frightened, yet quietly resigned to something. I knew I had to have that painting. My husband sat through lunch watching me stare at a point somewhere above his left ear. When he asked me a question for the third time, he finally said in exasperation, “Where are you?”

“Look on the wall in back of you,” I answered. All of a sudden, he was as caught up in the painting as I was. We discretely checked

the name of the gallery on the tag and to our delight; it was only two doors away. We were there as soon as we paid our check. The owner of the gallery told us that their resident artist had done the painting on a board during his student days. He had painted it from a photograph. The compelling young man in the photo was Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. I did not care who he was. I wanted the portrait. Leaving my husband to settle the details, I went to study my latest acquisition and after about fifteen minutes, I knew there was a story in that picture and it was not Syd’s story. However, I still did

not know whose story it was. He was a rocker, from sometime in the late eighties to the early nineties, but I had no plot, just a face. I brought the painting home and wrapped it carefully. We were in the middle of packing up and moving from New Jersey to New Mexico primarily for my health. I have a joint disease that thrives in the humidity of the Jersey Shore, but dies in the high desert.

When we unpacked, I put my painting of Syd Barrett right across from the chair in my office where I usually sat while I wrote. I finished The Sarran Plague and was in the process of editing it for publication. The radio was on and Jon Bon Jovi’s Make a Memory came on the radio. I absently listened to the song while doing my edits but my subconscious mind heard something that my ear did not. The next time I heard the song, I was in the car and my husband was driving. I could to listen carefully to the lyrics. Syd’s painting now had a story. With a little bit of imagination and an application of my particular writing niche the song became Shattered

Glass, a work in progress.

Here is my blurb for the story— Milo of mega band, Shattered Glass, must write one last song with former lover and lead singer, Liam O’Shea after six years apart. Can they overcome a stalker and the lies that separated them?

I’m sure that this was not quite the story Jon Bon Jovi had in mind when he wrote the song. However, my painting of a young man who turned out to be Syd Barrett, the founder of the band, Pink Floyd, coupled with a song from Bon Jovi and my move from the Jersey Shore to New Mexico gave me a book, Shattered Glass. Shattered Glass will be available from Captiva Press at at the end of June.

Oh, and by the way, I located the photo from which the artist painted my painting. He is a very talented young man. The photo said nothing. The painting said everything.

Today I Went Hunting…

Yesterday I spent the whole day editing, re-editing, revising and re-revising my rock n roll romance to send to an agent, The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency in New York City.

At one time I lived in New York City’s Chelsea District, about two blocks from the official start of Greenwich Village. I played in Washington Square Park as a child and listened to the music played by the NYU Students around the fountain. I walked along the square that overlooked the park and marveled at the Federalist Row homes, very few of which remained single family. Single families, were moving to the suburbs in the mid to late fifties. It was from walking those streets as a child that gave me the feel of the era where I set my short story for Torquere PressA Permanent Arrangement published in October of 2008 as part of their Wedding Sipz Blitz for charity. I mention that now because it reminds me again of where I began.

The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency is located in New York’s “Village.” If I get lucky enough to obtain representation, maybe sometime this year I can go for a visit before it gets cold — to see how much has changed and how much remains the same.