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Booklist Series The Sarrans The Sarran Plague Living With Syn The Sarrans Return The Sarran Senator Indiscreet A Matter of Trust Jack’s Back Cisco’s Boy Bull’s Whip Gary’s Choice Caden’s Dilemma Binding Robbie Jake’s Thief Werewolves of Manhattan His Omega Remy’s Painter Scarred Mate Marking Kane The Sunset Club You in My Arms Bobby’s Old Man Waiting for Mark New Mexico Stories Aden Stand Alone Novels Shattered Glass The Drowning Shorts Flowers and Chocolates Mama’s Boy Steven and Derrick Biography AC Katt was born in New York City’s Greenwich Village. She remembers sitting at the fountain in Washington Square Park listening to folk music while they passed the hat. At nine, her parents dragged her to New Jersey where she grew up, married and raised four children and became a voracious reader of romantic fiction. At one time she owned over two thousand novels, until she and her husband took themselves and the cat to New Mexico for their health and its great beauty. Now, most of AC’s books are electronic (although she still keeps six bookcases of hardcovers), so she never has to give away another book. AC is a late bloomer, however, she claims to have found her niche writing LGBT romance

R-rated -Cadem’s Dilemma Out Today New Excerpt

CadensDilemma_432 (1)Caden Dilemma is out today from MLR Press. Here is a new excerpt: Johnny wanted everything. He wanted Caden’s mouth, Caden’s hands and his cock stuffing his channel and filling him up. But Johnny had set the rules and he knew that Caden would consider it a gross breach of protocol if Johnny tried to change them while he was still partially in subspace. The first time he was about ready to burst, precum covering leaking out of his cock and pooling on his belly. Caden stopped and took his hand away. He’s teasing me. He wants to make even a hand job special. Caden thinks I won’t remember this, I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. He plays well and cares about what his sub feels. God I want this man. Caden touched him again gripping harder. Caden began to move his hand again in an erratic rhythm.  Just as Johnny was about to pop Caden would slow down. Yes, this man is a Dom. He could Master me, so easily unlike the others. He knows what buttons to push. I’d jump through hoops of fire to get this man to make love to me. Johnny started to moan in earnest. Caden played with his balls but was very careful not to go beyond the boundaries Johnny set at the beginning of the session. “Gonna blow—” Caden stopped again, laving his nipples then blowing air on them, making them hard. He sucked up a mark on Johnny’s neck. Everyone’s going to know he wants me. My God, I’m coming into the best orgasm of my life. Caden ran his hand lightly over Johnny’s smooth chest, following that by biting the nubs brought to a peak by his teasing. His hand moved back down to Johnny’s cock and finally he began to jack it hard. Johnny shouted, “Please, Sir, please let me come.” The more he begged the harder Caden jacked. Then he stopped again after Johnny climbed down from desperate to merely starving. This time he drew circles on Johnny’s taut belly; kissing each muscle of his six pack and nipping at his navel. He started up, but slower but he began to build, the urgency in Johnny. All of a sudden, with Caden pulling hard and playing with his balls; Johnny felt the familiar tingling in his spine, “Yellow, yellow, gonna come, can’t stop.” “Come for me, baby.” Johnny spurted all over Caden’s hand. Caden lay Johnny gently down on the bed making sure he was on his side so his back didn’t sting. “I’m going to get something to clean us up.” Johnny heard the bathroom door open. Caden came back with a basin and a cloth. Johnny watched Caden wash his cock and belly. He was so gentle and caring that Johnny wanted to cry. Cade sat down on the bed and took Johnny with a blanket onto his lap. Johnny put his arms around Caden’s neck and began to kiss him back. Johnny ran his hands up and down Caden’s naked arms. Johnny looked down. Caden had a six pack just like his own but it didn’t come from a gym. It came from daily PT and five mile runs. His arms were muscular with the kind of muscles that come from hard work. Johnny imagined Caden ambushed or hit by an IED in the war and was dismayed at his shudder when he thought of Caden upset or hurt. He was falling fast and hard. Caden soothed him all the way down from his endorphin high, subspace had never been so grand before. The scene was glorious, they fit. Caden’s Dilemma is available from MLR Press at http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=ACK_CADI and at All Romance at http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html  and Amazon.com today.

Count down to Indiscreet Number Six – Caden’s Dilemma

Caden’s Dilemma, the sixth of the Indiscreet novels, will be released by MLR Press on Friday, August 15th which also happens to be my late father’s birthday. Dad would be proud of me as I now have eleven novels published with two publishers, MLR who publishes my m/m romances and JMS Books that publishes my science fiction menage series, The Sarrans. In honor of my father who served in the Army during World War II, I bring you Caden, a former Army Ranger.

CadensDilemma_432 (1)Caden’s Dilemma is a switch on the young man finds older man with money who helps him find his way. In Caden’s Dilemma, Caden is a former Army Ranger who uses the last of his funds to purchase a membership at Indiscreet because he promised him that if he got out of Afghanistan, he would do that for himself.

At the club he meets a sub named Masato, who is there incognito on the advice of Reed Davis, part owner and manager of the club. The reason Reed made the suggestion is that Masato is really Johnny Nguyen, the reclusive software billionaire.

Johnny really likes Caden. He met him at Caden’s brother Danny’s wedding to Gary Sayer (see Gary’s Choice, Indiscreet Number Five).  Both men weGarysChoice_432re instantly attracted to one another and now six months later, with a well-paying job at Indiscreet, Caden pursues the attraction because he feels he can finally afford to support a boy.

Johnny needs a Master to take control of his life which is spiraling out of control. His COO, Harvey Stevens,  is pressuring Johnny to take his operations overseas and he wants Johnny to come back to work. Johnny gets sick to his stomach every time he has to deal with Harvey.

All Johnny know how to do is write code and fly in subspace neither of which helps you manage a company or your life. He is desperate for the kind of guidance a Master like Caden can give him.

But Johnny (aka Masato) knows Caden well. Caden is proud, if he tells Caden that he owns Adroit Systems, the software company that went public two years ago and made Johnny a billionaire, Caden would run the other way. On the other hand, Caden hates liars and by not telling Caden about Adroit, Johnny is committing a lie of omission.

What does Johnny do? Does he tell Caden and risk losing him, or does he shut his mouth and risk losing Caden when he finds out. Johnny is damned either way. What does Caden do when he finds out, that is Caden’s Dilemma.

Look for Caden’s Dilemma on August 15th at mlrpress.com and Amazon.com direct links to follow when they are available. Stop by my website www.ackatt.com for an excerpt from Caden’s Dilemma and, on Friday, a direct link to purchase.

The Drowning gets a Five Star Review

The Drowning gets a Five Star Review

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars A fairy tale story, and pure romance… July 12, 2014
By nowyat
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I loved this story of an young artist who becomes seriously ill and having lost everything, with no hope left, decides to commit suicide. He wanders out into the cold sea but is, in the way of a good fairy tale, rescued by a wealthy prince. Okay, not actually a prince but a millionaire computer programmer of Italian descent who falls in love with the angelically beautiful man he pulls from the sea. They have to overcome future troubles that make for an interesting story and if you like a sweet romance, you will love this book too. The writing style itself is very clear and well-plotted.
The Drowning is available at MLRBooks.com, Amazon.com and All Romance.

Cover Reveal and Excerpt, Caden’s Dilemma, Indiscreet 6

CadensDilemma_432 (1)Caden finally left his job as an Army Ranger after doing three tours in two different war zones. After trying the Trenton Police Department and finding out he not only hates the job but it doesn’t pay enough for him to get the sub he longs for, Caden takes a job at Indiscreet as Director of Security.

There he once again meets the mysterious Masato the man he partnered for his brother Danny’s wedding six months before and who he couldn’t stop thinking about. But Masato has secrets. He finds himself falling for Masato, but will Masato’s secret tear a proud man like Caden apart?

Johnny Nguyen, aka Masato to those who knew him at Indiscreet, worked in his home office in Jackson. He was twenty-four and already retired. At sixteen he invented a computer application that brought advertising and news personalized to its reader. He took it to a venture capitalist. By the time he was eighteen, he owned his company free and clear. When he turned twenty-two the company went public and he stepped down as the Chief Operating Officer and by twenty three he sold forty-nine percent of his stock and became a billionaire walking away while retaining a controlling interest. He wanted to explore a facet of his personality he never shared with anyone. Johnny Nguyen was a submissive. Just a week ago he received a call from his former office.

“We need you to come back and take care of business,” his new Chief Operating Officer begged. “You’ve spent just over a year on this secret endeavor of yours, it’s time for you to come back. We’re working on several projects that could use your input.”

Johnny sighed. They spoke via Skype and Harvey Thomas looked pissed. “You can handle anything that comes up and I am available via Skype for emergencies and this Harvey, is no emergency.”

Johnny could see the steam coming out of his COO ears. “You said you’d be back.”

“You sound like you’re two. Save the hissy fit for Marion, she’s more amiable to them then I am. I’m not coming back right now, and I may never come back. You have a competent software division. I know, I hired most of them myself. They can do the job if you let them.”

The call ended on a rather sour note but Johnny was determined to take the time he needed for himself. He missed out on most of his childhood because he was writing code. He didn’t want to be a bystander in his own life. Last year when he retired he was determined to find the real Johnny Nguyen and he thought he was well on his way to doing so.

He spent the last year as a submissive at Indiscreet and found he really liked the lifestyle. If he could find a Dom who wouldn’t run away from his money, Johnny would be a happy man.

Johnny who was one-quarter Vietnamese, one-quarter Japanese, one-quarter Irish and one quarter German joined Indiscreet one year ago this month. He took the first name of his Japanese grandfather and used it at the club. Johnny did his research. Indiscreet was the best D/s club in the state and had strict admission and confidentiality systems in place. They also ran the best training facility and members didn’t talk about what went down at the club except among themselves and never outside of the club walls.

Johnny didn’t want a Master who was interested in his money whether they lusted after it or were repulsed by it. So he was very careful to keep his identity a secret as searched for a Master with the kind of integrity that could handle the fact that his sub was among the super rich. It had been a difficult journey this past year, he played at least three times a week although he had few sexual encounters. Yet he hadn’t found someone special, someone with the kind of strength Johnny needed to support him in his private life. Johnny could take pain, after all he was Bull Raleigh’s go to guy for his intense demonstrations until Bull finally got together with Jamie. He craved the discipline even if it was delivered via a cane or cat. But he wanted the deeper connection the other subs had found with their Masters; that soul-to-soul joining that he observed in the five pairs of D/s he sat with on Friday nights. Masato held himself aloof from the sub club because he was afraid that someone would look too closely and find out what he was trying to keep hidden but he liked his fellow subs and was envious of the love they found that seemed to allude Johnny.

He kept a low profile while looking for a Master. Lucky for Johnny he looked nothing like the pimply faced kid with braces who was plastered on the covers of Forbes and Newsweek. His skin was tawny golden color and now pimple free due to the ministrations of an excellent dermatologist. He no longer sported braces and his teeth were bleached. He wore his thick chestnut brown hair in a short pony tail as opposed to his former crew cut. In other words no one would recognize Masato as Johnny Nguyen. He agreed to give Caden the tour of the club because he was curious about Danny’s brother. He thought that there could be something there. He watched the man since Danny and Gary’s wedding and liked what he saw.

As far as Johnny was concerned, there wasn’t a sub in all of Indiscreet who had Danny Donovan’s innate sense of fair play and integrity. In his few interactions with Caden he saw same character traits. Caden certainly wasn’t hard on the eyes either. Johnny was five foot nine, not tall but a respectable height. Caden was well over six and a half feet. Caden was tan instead of golden like his brother and had mesmerizing green eyes. Now that Caden was going to be around more often, maybe he could entice him to play and get to know him better.

Caden’s Dilemma will be released by MLR Press on August 15th and available at the MLR Site and Amazon.com.

MLR Flash Sale at All Romance – The Drowning Discounted

All Romance is having a flash sale for all MLR titles today. My latest title, The Drowning, which normally sells for six dollars is on sale for four-forty-nine. If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Drowning, or any other books on my backlist, pick them up today at All Romance.

An Excerpt from the Drowning

 Buy Link MLR: http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=ACKDROWN

Buy Link: Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/ovx5kn3

Dennis Michael O’Shea could no longer walk by the sea. He used to put on a full body wet suit and chase the waves up and down the Jersey Shore from March through November. A year ago he was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease with lupus and a plethora of other medical issues that came along with it. Now, he couldn’t make it past the boards without stopping to rest. Dennis Michael wasn’t sixty-five or even a poorly preserved forty. Dennis had celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday the day before. The date always marked the official start of his personal surfing season. This year he intended it to mark the day of his death.  

The tide was on its way in to the shore. The mist hung heavy over the water like a gray blanket silencing the roar of the angry sea. March was the cruelest month. The ocean could be angry or placid, temperature cold or temperate. Tonight, March showed Jack Frost’s face. The light cotton rugby shirt he wore did little to keep the chill from Dennis’ fair skin. It was a favorite and kept only for special occasions. The red, yellow and navy interweaving striped pattern shirt came from Abercrombie and Fitch. It had been a Christmas gift from his former lover, lost, as everything else had been, in the riptide of the previous year.

   Grandma O’STheDrowning (1)hea had always instructed Dennis to wear clean underwear just in case there was an accident and he went to the emergency room. He smiled as he thought about his Grams. It was in her honor that he wore his only good shirt and pants, beige Dockers, to his own death. There was no clean underwear, Dennis went commando so Grams would remain unashamed; all his remaining briefs were holey, like the socks he tossed, just stuffing his feet into a pair of Nikes.

 The small number of personal items he wished to leave his sisters were secreted in the trunk of his Honda. He left his art and paper making frames, supplies, glues and dyes and the few canvases of his work completed before he was struck down sat in the back seat. His work sold well at his first show after college. These were to go in the second show that never came. He left two of his canvasses with a note to the management company that took care of the apartment complex. His former agent would be able to find a buyer and the two canvases would pay his debt. They were his last assets. It didn’t matter, he no longer needed assets. Dennis had only two passions in life the first was his art, the second, Matt. The disease had cost him both. 

First Review for The Drowning – 5 Stars

The first review for The Drowning —

 A fairy tale story, and pure romance…, July 12, 2014
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Drowning (Kindle Edition)
I loved this story of an young artist who becomes seriously ill and having lost everything, with no hope left, decides to commit suicide. He wanders out into the cold sea but is, in the way of a good fairTheDrowning (1)y tale, rescued by a wealthy prince. Okay, not actually a prince but a millionaire computer programmer of Italian descent who falls in love with the angelically beautiful man he pulls from the sea. They have to overcome future troubles that make for an interesting story and if you like a sweet romance, you will love this book too. The writing style itself is very clear and well-plotted.

MCTD, A Real Disease Showcased in The Drowning

TheDrowning (1)Although the book The Drowning is a work of fiction, the disease it describes is very real, although rare. I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease with Lupus SLE. I do well with medication as does Dennis in the book.

Unlike Dennis, I have always had the medication and medical care necessary to stave off flares. Although I’ve had a few episodes, I haven’t had as many and as continuous episodes as Dennis.

I wrote this book as a love story between Dennis and Luca. My subtext was the disease and all it takes from those who go untreated. I went from doctor to doctor trying to find out what was wrong with me for five years before I found a doctor who knew where to look.

Look up MCTD and Lupus, and you will find the cafeteria of symptoms that indicate MCTD and if you have a couple of them go to an Immunologist or a Rheumatologist.

MCTD is an autoimmune disease just like rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Diabetes and several others.

In MCTD the body doesn’t recognize its own cells and attacks them as invaders. The treatment is immune suppressants which leave you open to infection. In the past two months, I’ve had four Urinary Tract Infections. The treatment of last resort is steroids. I haven’t had to resort to steroids yet.

I’m asking you to support research into the cause and cure of autoimmune diseases because if we can find the cause of any one of them we will be on track to finding the cause of all of them and maybe, find a cure.

The Drowning is available from MLR Books, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and All Romance July eleventh.

Cover Reveal – The Drowning.

TheDrowning (1)My latest book, the Drowning will be released by MLR Press on July 11th.

Seriously ill, in pain with no money for medication or food, Dennis sets out to North Beach to drown but ends up being saved more ways than he can imagine.

Walking along the beach one evening, Luca Ferone encounters a body floating in the water. Being told to kiss off after rescuing the man isn’t what he expected.

Dennis O’Shea was ready to end it all. Being saved wasn’t in his plans.

The Drowning will be available at MLR Press at mlrbooks.com, at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and All Romance on July 11th.

AC Katt

Five Star Review for Jack’s Back


5.0 out of 5 stars heartbreaking February 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
Sometimes when something breaks, it’s shattered forever. Jim picked up the pieces and made it better. His personal growth and determination makes the story very engrossing. Reed’s character is fully explored, and his changes are believable. Id sure like to read the story of Brian and Bear – these secondary characters are fully fleshed out. I’ll surely put A.C. Katt’s name on the ”automatic buy” list. (oops- I didn’t realize “A Matter of Trust” was already written. That’s next on my reading list)

A Matter of Trust has two Five Star Reviews

Five Star Review for A Matter of Trust

A_Matter_of_Trust_5_2_2012_b5.0 out of 5 stars Really Liked This!! September 6, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I just happened upon this book while searching websites and it sounded interesting, I bought it, and I am so glad I did! You will fall in love with Brian. He is such a tortured soul but with Bear’s guidance and love-he finds his place. One of the better BDSM stories I have read! Don’t pass this one by
5.0 out of 5 stars Well Developed Story February 26, 2013
I really enjoyed reading about Brian, an intelligent character who has survived unthinkable abuse. His relationship with Bear turns out to be his salvation, and the passion they feel for one another is palpable. This was a great find!

5 Star Review for Bull’s Whip on Amazon

BullsWhip_432 (1)Bull’s Whip got a five star review on Amazon.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved the cat March 30, 2014
Verified Purchase
Jamie’s tenacity is what drives this book and although there were times through the story when I wanted to smack the man around the head, I felt the same about Bull as well. Maybe I could have smacked their heads together – interesting visual. Any how it took a lot for these two to finally get their HEA but the journey was hot and the BDSM elements were scarce enough not to overshadow the story. Highly recommended.


Shattered Glass gets 5 sweetpeas from Mrs. Condits Reads Books.

I was on the web and happened upon this review and I had to share it,

“So you forced Rick to hurt us to get his drugs. What did all this buy you, Bart?” Milo asked. ” It didn’t get your father back. You had fame and fortune with Shattered Glass, but you blew that when you destroyed the band. What was more important than fame and fortune? ” “Revenge,” Bart answered flatly. 

GENRE: M/M, musicians RATING: 5 Sweet Peas!  CLICK TO TWEET: Trish reviews Shattered Glass by AC Katt. 5 Sweet Peas!

 photo ShatteredGlass-1.jpgBLURB: Liam knew he loved Milo, even as a kid. But their fame and fortune can’t buy him the happiness of taking Milo out of the closet and be able to freely express their love. Unfortunately, there is someone out there who will do anything to tear them apart. He conspires to break the lovers up in the most vicious way possible.

Six years later, Liam is older, wiser, and has rebuilt his life after the devastating loss of his lover. Forced by his loyalty to a friend, Liam agrees to a working reunion with Milo. When they realize what was done to them, they band together to uncover the web of lies that pulled them apart.

This book has been previously release.

 photo TrishNewSignature.jpg

REVIEW: When Milo Stamis, brothers Sam and Rick Stein, and Liam O’Shea formed the rock band Shattered Glass, they had no idea of what tragedy and heartbreak lay ahead of them. Liam has been in love with Milo since before he joined the band at the age of twelve. Milo returned his love but waited until Liam turned eighteen before he acted on it. The band hit the big time, but fame and fortune didn’t buy any of them happiness, and someone manipulated their insecurities and weaknesses to destroy the band and tear Liam and Milo apart in the cruelest way possible. Six years after the breakup of the band and the devastating loss of Milo, Liam has finally rebuilt his life as a solo artist, and has tried to move on. When Sam asks him to work with Milo for a Shattered Glass reunion and farewell tour, Liam and Milo find out just what had been done to tear them apart, and just how far the web of lies had been spread and by who.

Shattered Glass is the beautiful tale of fame, fortune, betrayal, lies, love, and soulmates woven together by talented author AC Katt. This wonderfully complex character driven story pulls you in from the very first page, and doesn’t turn you loose until long after the last word is read. With a smooth plot flow and a richly detailed backstory that fills in all the gaps, AC gives us an upclose and personal look into the dark side of what really happens beneath the glitter of the fame and fortune rocker lifestyle. So many people think that rockstars live charmed lives, but very few of us just don’t know just how high a price is paid to live it. The author’s writing style is intense, concise, and original. Told in a skillful blend of flashbacks and present day, this multi-layered story digs deep into just how twisted some people are and to what extremes that they’ll go to to get revenge for perceived slights. I really loved reading this book, and how-while knowing who the villain is-it kept me guessing until the very end what the motive behind all the lies and manipulations was. This story has a HEA ending, and if you want a VERY satisfying way to pass a lazy afternoon reading, then I can definitely recommend this book to you.

Title: Shattered Glass Author: AC Katt Publisher: MLR Publication Date: April 6, 2012 Cover Art: Winterheart Designs Length: 317 pages

5.0 out of 5 stars “COMPELLING, SUSPENSEFUL, and GRIPPING!” December 26, 2010
Milo and Liam knew what they wanted from childhood. Along the road to fame and fortune, the love they shared together grew stronger-and-stronger as their Rock band became more popular. However, little did they know, that the empire they built, along with their loving bond was soon to be destroyed through vengeance and vicious lies. A psychopath continues to play his deadly game of manipulation on a mission to tear apart a loving relationship, and everything that Liam worked for. The evil, blackmailing stalker wins the dangerous game, but not the war. How long was Milo worried about his image and his secret love affair? How long was Liam unhappy that his secret was locked up in a closet? How long will Liam be tormented physically and mentally, before he can live life once again? How far will Bart go with his unstable mind and twisted personality? Who will survive the abuse, and will life ever be the same for Milo and Liam? This novel is recommended for music loving adults, who enjoy love stories that are provocative and filled with powerful images, with a blend of mystery. AC Katt wrote a dark, compelling story that will leave the reader on the edge of his seat from beginning to end. The spellbinding journey of the lives of the Rock stars and their fatal mistakes takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride through the power of love, horror, and forgiveness. After six years, what will it take to rebuild what Milo and Liam once had? Will revenge, anger, and greed win the battle, or will love blossom in the healing process? “SHATTERED GLASS” is as haunting as THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, as emotional as the movie AS GOOD AS IT GETS and as powerful as SLEEPERS, with Robert Deniro, and Dustin Hoffman.
5.0 out of 5 stars Shattered Glass by A.C. Katt December 1, 2010
By Elisa
Format:Kindle Edition
This was not an easy novel. Apparently a show business themed story with pretty boys wearing knee-high boots and eyeliner, it soon turned in a dark memoir about sex, drugs and rock and roll.When the story starts, Milo is 12 years old and Liam 6. Milo has just realized that he prefers boys over girls and when he meets Liam, he recognized a soul mate in the little boy; this is probably one of the points in the book that let me more perplexed: while it’s quite understandable for a 12 years old boy questioning his sexuality, sincerely I think that 6 is a bit too early. True, Liam is a little genius, way ahead his peers, but still, the reason why Milo tags him as gay, his sensibility, his ever-so-slight lisp, probably is not enough reason. Anyway, 12 years old Milo decides to become the protector of 6 years old Liam, both from the outside world than himself: Liam arrives to 18 years old that he is not only a spoiled brat but also totally unable to face the big bad world. And as soon as Milo, that is not so much older and experienced than him, do his first mistake, than Liam is all alone to face the consequences. And the consequences are very bad and hurting, to a level that brings Liam to the edge of suicide. The starting point of the story is quite interesting, two very young boys, fated to be together, meet when both of them are too young to do something; it could have been a pink glasses perspective story, with a bed of roses waiting for them, and instead the author decided to turn it in a real life nightmare. It’s also almost a declaration on the importance of family and the support of parents: both Milo than Liam, for different reason, don’t have them, they are family and parents for each other, and of course they don’t have the right experience for being both. When they arrive to the beginning of their adulthood, they are more kids playing little home than real grown men ready for the future.

If a reader picks this novel with the idea to have a light story about pretty and cute rock musicians, he will have a surprise: there is a very heavy dark tone, and to no one is spared nothing. What Milo and Liam didn’t learn while growing up, they will learn in the worst way by direct experience in fast forward. This is not a pretty story, and in some points it left me wondering, but all in all, it was unique in its genre.

Will an athlete firmly in the closet, come out for the man he loves, a twink with guyliner?

GarysChoice_432Gary Sayer, former star pitcher for the New York Yankees has a membership at Indiscreet, the gay BDSM club in Western Monmouth County, NJ. He comes in three times a week to play with Danny Donovan and despite trying to talk himself out of his attraction to Danny, he can’t. But his contract with his agent, the crooked Marty Garber prevents Gary from coming out of the closet for another year. Other Doms are circling Danny like flies to honey and Gary knows he has to make a move, so he offers a contract where they see each other three times a week, just as it was before, but he gives Danny, a house, a car and some spending money. Danny is out and proud. Will he go back into the closet for Gary, see Gary with women when he knows Gary’s his? Brian, Bear and Jim put their heads together to come up with a contract that both parties will sign but moves Gary to come out of the closet by stipulating that he can’t stay overnight with Danny or be seen anywhere with him but the little house on Bear’s property that used to be rented by Greg. Will the contract prove some onerous that Gary will subcumb and renegotiate for 24/7 or is Danny doomed to a life in the shadows?

Gary’s Choice is available at MLR Press  at http://tinyurl.com/mrraesz

at Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/ljxhu2p

 at All Romance https://tinyurl.com/mn4vd4 and at Barnes & Noble’s Nook at https://tinyurl.com/m2f4ynf

Gary’s Choice Out Today from MLR

Gary’s choice is out today from MLR Press. My editor has one more in the Indiscreet Series in the pipeline and I’m working on another.

In Gary’s Choice, Jim, Brian, Greg and now Jamie are sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Danny Donovan  is out and proud. He’s offered a contract from a former pitcher for the Yankees. Gary has an crooked agent who signed Gary at seventeen who says he can’t be out of the closet, so he only wants to see Danny three times a week.

The sub club offers to help by having Bear negotiate a contract that says Gary can’t stay overnight at Danny’s because he may be seen. Danny and the boys are betting that once Gary had a taste, he won’t want to give Danny up the other four days of the week. Were they right? Find out in Gary’s Choice, available at Amazon, All Romance and at MLR Press.

Gary’s Choice, a new Indiscreet Novel

GarysChoice_432Gary’s Choice is the fifth in the series of Indiscreet novels. Gary Sayer is a retired baseball pitcher who signed a very restrictive contract with his manager on the advice of his coach at eighteen. The coach got a kickback and Gary lost control of his life. Now Gary, in his thirties sees light at the end of the tunnel. his contract has only six months to run. Since he retired with his rotator cuff injury, Gary joins Indiscreet where he can openly be both gay and a Dom.

Gary comes into the club three times a week to play with Danny Donovan, a house sub. One evening, Danny isn’t available because he is with another client. Gary is jealous and realizes that he wants Danny for his own. How can Gary remain closeted as per his agreement with his agent and also have a 24/7 relationship with Danny. As usual the sub club and their Masters comes up with an answer that may free Gary to be with Danny. But there are obstacles to overcome, the main of which is Gary’s crooked manager, Marty Garber.

Gary’s Choice will be available from MLR Press on June 13th.



A Mother’s Day Offering

mamasboy (1)     Coming on May 9th from MLR Press, Mama’s Boy, a Mother’s Day short story of approximately fifteen thousand words. Chase Summers spends his time writing gay romance and chauffeuring his mama around town. One day after taking her to breakfast, lunch and four supermarkets, Chase has had enough. It doesn’t hurt that he met a handsome stranger over a can of green beans and wants to explore the possibilities without his mama’s interference.

Mama’s Boy will be available from Amazon.com and mlrpress.com.


The Glamorous Life of an Author

As I sit here in my monkey pajamas with the cat straddling my ankles, sitting on the Living_With_Syn_400x600recliner with the laptop on my lap, I’m writing the third in the series of The Sarrans alternating with another Indiscreet Novel

Both titles are to be determined. The Sarran novel takes us back to Earth with Mark and Juraens who are determined to find their fem to complete their Triad.  At Indiscreet, Tom Martino, the Trenton cop who was in the background of all of the novels, finally gets his own story.

I have on my old raggy sweater and the cat is wearing a Cone on his head because he had a tumor removed and has stitches. Every fifteen minutes the cat gets up and walks to the laptop and tries to do my writing for me. Thus, the glamorous life of this writer.

The news of the day is Living With Syn, released last week, is available from All Romance and Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/lp6fm2y and at All Romance at http://tinyurl.com/kyx26vw




Second Excerpt & Blurb from Living with Syn

Living_With_Syn_400x600Syn Sinclair is one of the women taken from Earth to Sarran to replenish the fem population. While still en route on the Brightstar, Syn meets the Sarran Elder, TeZaron and thinks he looks down on her because of her checkered past. Upon landing, Nafer, TeZaron and TeBron’s offspring, recognizes Syn as his “Mommie,” something the Elders didn’t realize because of the mind blocks they had placed on each other to ensure the success of the mission to Earth.

Syn, a former prostitute and drug addict, left home at sixteen because she was sexually abused by her father and his friends. She made it out of the gutter and into the halls of higher education, getting her Masters in Psychology with a specialization in PTSD. Now she’s afraid her WarriorPair won’t accept her because of her past. As soon as they bring her to their home, she works to gain their respect.

Supported by her WarriorPair and their son Nafer, Syn settles into her new household with grace and energy. She is happy, very happy, except for one niggling doubt. Although she knows her Warriors have accepted her, she worries how others will view her new social position on Sarran. In particular, a fem from Syn’s past lets everyone know she’s unfit to BondStir with the High Lords. Madeline Dixon-Howard sees Syn as a blight on the new society.

Additionally, an even deeper evil is hiding in the Sarran government. Someone has sold information to the roach-like Zyptz, someone who planted a bomb and listening devices in the homes. Someone doesn’t want Earth women to mix into the Sarran genepool. Syn’s insights as a psychologist combined with her new Psy powers just might help her Warriors find out who the traitors are and devise a plan to capture them.

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

::It is our duty to prepare our fem for the evening. Back in the days before the Clan Wars there were fem who took care of the bonded of princes and Elders. After the Clan War, the Goddess Ulna declared that all Warriors must serve their fem in every way.::

“You don’t have to do that for me.” Syn said, her voice small.

“Yes, Pa Chette, we do.”

“This is the main suite of the house. We were not going to move here until after the bonding, but circumstances … ” Bron shrugged.

“After Nara passed, we couldn’t bear to be here. Now we can start fresh and make new memories. All the bedding, hangings, pictures and mirrors have been replaced. Everything is new for you, our Syn.”

Zaron began to rifle through the clothing the armoire. She knew she had no clothing this morning. At least nothing that fine. She heard water running; since Bron disappeared she assumed he was running the bath.

“Where did all this clothing come from?” She joined Zaron and peeked in at the rows and rows of gowns in fabulous fabrics in all colors.

“Is it customary for Warriors to pick out clothing for their fem?” Syn picked through the gowns.

“In the sense that we love to dress you in the finest material we can afford. The styles are all Sarran. We had the tailor make some up using your clothing as a guide to size. We would like you to have some Earthen gowns as well, but we are not aware of the styles and therefore must find the styles with which you are comfortable although we had some made up from a catalog.”

::And they’ll fit Mommie, I promise,:: Nafer added.

“Naffie, this is a ritual that we do for Mommie. It is not your place to be here. You should be with Garlance getting ready.” Zaron tuned, giving him a stern look for which he earned a pout.

“She’s my mommie too!” Naffie stormed.

Syn knelt down in front of him. “Zadda and Poppie want to teach me Sarran customs. This is the first time and I think they want to be alone with me for the ritual dressing.” She cocked an eye at Zaron.

“This is true, offspring.”

Naffie looked even sadder.

“However,” Syn said, “I have some jewelry from my grandmother and maybe Zadda and Poppie might let you help with that.” Little eyes brightened.

“May I?” he asked, eyes begging to be included.

::Yes, you may,:: both of his sires answered.

“You are very good with him, Pa Syn,” Bron said with sincerity in his golden eyes.

“He is an intelligent, exuberant boy who needs a female … uhm, fem to soften him and make him more responsive to requests.”

::We all do, Pa Chette, we all need your gentle touch. Allow us to pamper you. To us you are a gift from the Goddess, one we needed but never expected to receive. To have you with us gives us, including Naffie, great joy.::

 Zaron stepped out of the bathing chamber.

“May we undress you?” Each Warrior put a hand on a shoulder. Bron kissed her in the hollow below her chin, while Zaron caressed the back of her neck. Syn shivered. She never felt such love and care.

“Yes,” she murmured as her whole body became sensitive to their touch.

Zaron lifted her T-shirt over her head. Bron knelt and unfastened the button of her jean shorts and struggled with the zipper.

“What is this contraption? Is it designed to inhibit lovemaking?” Bron asked, exasperation clearly apparent in his voice?”

Syn kissed his head. “No, it is a familiar Earthen device to keep pants closed.” She showed him how to pull down the zipper.

As he pulled down her jeans, he noticed a scar just at her hip. “How did this come about?”

Syn smiled sadly, “My father, you would call him my sire, did this to me when he threw me out of the house.”

“Does he still live?” Zaron’s voice adopted a menacing tone.

“Yes, I think so, but he is of no concern. He hasn’t been in my life for the last twelve of Earth’s years.”

“The man needs branding as a torturer of fem,” Zaron growled. “A Warrior who harms a fem commits the worse crime on Sarran, followed only by abuse of an offspring and murder.”

“… and treason,” Bron added.

Syn sighed, “That is not the way of Earth.”

Bron kissed the scar. “We shall have the healer fix it, if that is what you wish. You should have no reminder of such horror.”

A tear slid down Syn’s cheek. “I swear I have cried more tears of happiness on Sarran with you in six hours than ever before in my life.”

“That is how it should be.” Bron took off her sandals and she lifted one small foot at a time to allow him to remove her jeans. Zaron unfastened her bra and took the straps off her shoulders. “What are these marks?”

“Uh, I am overly endowed and the bra straps cut into my shoulders.”

“You are perfect.” Bron reached up to palm her breasts, kissing each tip. He rolled down her panties and took them from beneath her feet. He stood, and asked Zaron, “May I have this privilege.” Bron looked at his bonded.

“Yes my Dearest. The rest we do together.”

Living With Syn Available from JMS Books Today

Today Living With Syn was released from JMS-Books. Living With Syn is part of The Sarrans, a series that began with The Sarran Plague.

A small blond head pressed against the transparent viewer of the private ground transport, or PGT. The series of low wood and glass style dwellings whizzed past as the vehicle progressed through the Ulna Heights. Clustered around the Warrior Academy, the architecture of the heights blended with the landscape. Here the trees towered over the sky paths with trunks the diameter of the transport. Teal needle-like leaves proliferated, letting the sunlight filter through to the ground.

 The transport left the heights and glided over flowing grasslands, Tierest trees, and acres of wildflowers indigenous to the high country. As they reached the lower elevations, the tree line gradually changed. The view no longer held the young offspring’s interest. Nafer wiggled and turned toward the distinguished, chestnut-haired Sarran Elder who sat across from him. Nafer scrunched up his impish face; which carried the imprint of the viewing window. He seemed to be to be lost in thought. Bron knew his offspring. The inquisition was about to begin.

“Zadda, are we there yet? It’s taking too long. Poppie and the Mommie are going to worry.”

The fact that Nafer spoke aloud drew dramatic attention to his level of concern. Nafer rarely verbalized since the Zyptz’s designer plague took his Zenna and Sib along with all the fems of Sarran. He’d told Bron he didn’t see the need.

 ::You understand mind speech Zadda, so does Poppie, so why do I need to talk?::

 Both Poppie and I have explained to you that not all Sarrans have mind speech. It is impolite to make assumptions on the level of a Warrior or a Fem’s ability, therefore, you speak aloud.”

Goddess, both Zaron and I spoiled Nafer after losing Nara and Nessie and it really began to show when Zaron went on the Brightstar mission.

“Why can’t we teleport?” Nafer looked up at TeBron.

“I explained this to you, cub. Poppie has things that must travel home in the PGT. Unless you wish to go home without him, we cannot teleport to Ulna. Do you want to scare the new fem who, as yet, do not know how advanced our psy is? It would also put us all at risk, if our enemies discerned PsyOps Secrets.”

Nafer pulled on Bron’s arm.

 “How can we lie to the fem, Zadda? How can you Bond with a lie in you?”

 Bron sighed and motioned his wiggling offspring over to sit on his lap. But Nafer almost melded his face to the glass in an attempt to see more of the outside. It could be worse. If Nafer concentrated, he could teleport out of the transport and be at the Ulna Depot in an instant, by himself and out of the reach of the two unbonded PsyOps Security Officers, Garlance and Stoker, who saw to their safety in the absence of Juraens.

 He pulled his offspring into his strong arms; which even now rippled with muscle as if he still worked at the forge with his own Zadda and Poppie. Nafer finally settled on his knees, playing with the hair on his Zadda’s forearm. Both he and Nafer were dressed in the traditional Sarran vest and light trews. While Nafer wore soft slippers with reinforced soles, Bron had donned his black Nathrian leather boots, knowing that Zaron liked the way they shaped his calf. Nafer wasn’t the only one in the household feeling anxious.

 Bron and Zaron had experienced a period of distance in their relationship since the passing of their fem and femspring—Nessie, and Nara with their unborn child. The heat of Planting and Harvest gave way to the Barrens, Sarran winter. In their mutual grief, they retreated behind their mental shields, each only allowing the other entrance for the benefit of Nafer. He didn’t attempt to lie to himself; Nafer felt the difference.

 Bron found comfort in knowing that Nafer blamed the Zyptz and not his sires for the emptiness of their encounters. TeBron’s call to TeZaron on Brightstar  ended the stalemate. The carefully erected barriers of three cycles ruptured with the slight buzz of an unknown song in Zaron’s head. It happened just after Nafer started to talk about mommies, when the Brightstar ranged within calling distance of his new communication device that amplified psy. Both he and his Bonded felt unsure of where they stood with each other after three cycles of withdrawal. He needed what they both so carelessly threw away.

 These thoughts took only a mot to fly through his cerebellum. Nafer’s rear hit his knee, bringing him out of the cocoon of his mind. He willed himself to serenity and stroked Nafer’s back like Nara used to do when she wanted him to sleep.

 “No Zadda, no nap, you can’t lie to the fem, one is our Mommie.” Nafer wiggled.

 “Nafer, will you please define your terms. Zadda has no notion of what the word ‘Mommie’ signifies.”

 “Zadda,” Nafer whined, “I’ve told you so many times, it is like a fem, but more. Mommie makes things called cookies with chocolate chips and you sit in front of the tube with the kitty on your lap, and eat cookies and drink milk. The Mommie makes you midtine meal in a lunchbox with a Warrior who is a spider. She plays chess, poker, and gin rummy. She knows how to hit a ball with a big slab of wood—and then you run fast so you don’t make an out. She understands everything, but she doesn’t know she does. We need the Mommie and the Mommie needs us.”

That was a long speech for his son and he expended much effort in trying to explain to Bron what apparently was something best understood by experience. Bron knew this related to the Earthen fem, yet he remained uncomfortable with the wealth of potential of this word Mommie. He and Zaron had barely found themselves again. To BondStir a second time was almost unheard of in the canons of the Sarran Codex. However, a man could fall into a large laptard pit ignoring the space between the words almost and never.

 The loss of Nara, Nessie, and the bebe left him and Zaron with a hole in their Psy that they seemed unable to fill. To Bond again with another fem felt sacrilegious. Yet, the closer the Brightstar came to Sarran, the stronger he felt that his and Zaron’s fate berthed aboard the ship; even worse, the BondStir compulsion seemed stronger, more compelling, than what they felt with Nara. Nafer had already mind-bonded to “Mommie.” He and Zaron must put away their grief and fear and learn to open up again to each other and the new “Mommie.” He sighed and attempted a call to his Dragon. He felt Zaron but the mind blocks put in place to ensure the success of the Brightstar mission still held strong. He palmed the device in his pocket. Should he activate the signaler? It would get him through the first set of blocks.

 ::Use it Zadda, please,:: Nafer pleaded.

 “Naffie,” it seemed a long time since he used the diminutive that slipped so easily from his lips today. His tendency toward diminutives and pet names always made Nara and Nessie smile. The habit came, as he did, from the forge at the castle and the castle failed to take the legacy of the smithies from the brilliance of the engineer and Warrior.

 His offspring looked up, interested in what came next. “Naffie, we will tell the fem the truth of the Sarran Psy legacy once they bond. However, we cannot afford to hand our enemies knowledge that we worked for millennia to conceal. People fear what they do not understand. The other council planets developed bio-machinery, genetic slicing, and genetic re-coding. After the initial incident that brought more than two thousand years of war, and the blessings of Triad from the Goddess Ulna, we vowed to use only natural methods to enhance our abilities. We kept that promise up until we lost our fem.

 ”By slightly modifying the Earthen fem to accept our seed they were able to absorb the antidote. Deliberate, yes, but also ethical. If we did not give them the modification with the antidote, the vaccine would fail. Their whole planet would have been as ours and two humanoid civilizations devoid of fem. Yet we cannot let them feel pushed.” Bron settled back into his seat pulling Nafer with him.

 Nafer bounced. “Zadda, that’s bullshit. Everything has changed.”

 “What is this bullshit, offspring?”

“Something Mommie says is shoveled at her by most of her male acquaintances.”

Bron then knew himself to be defeated in a debate with a child of six cycles. Maybe it was time to activate the signaler.
















Excerpt from Flowers and Chocolate

February 14

It was ten p.m. and Justin Carter was about to close Flowers and Chocolates after a very long and arduous Valentine’s Day when an executive type came in the door. “I need a dozen red roses for my wife.”

“I’m sorry, sir. We ran out of roses two hours ago.” Justin stood waiting to see what the customer would say.

“You had roses this afternoon, I know because I sent two dozen to a friend,” the man said, slightly annoyed.

“All I have left are some orchids and chrysanthemums with maybe six white roses. I can make an arrangement with those along with some greenery. Otherwise I can sell you a chocolate candy heart filled with homemade truffles.” Justin tried to be patient; but it was five minutes to closing on a holiday where flowers were an integral part of the ritual. “If you take the arrangement, I’ll charge you the same amount as I would have for the roses even though the orchids are more expensive.” The man stood, obviously considering his options.

“Can’t take the chocolate, the cow is always on a diet. What do white flowers symbolize?” he asked Justin. Justin’s heart went out to the poor woman who was married to this cheating bastard.

“Generally, purity, innocence and undying fidelity.” Justin knew that this bastard sent two dozen roses earlier to his mistress. He had the slightly disheveled look of a man who just got out of bed after getting laid.

“White’s perfect. Undying fidelity, she’ll like that. She’s dumb as a post.” His customer chuckled. Justin felt the urge to defend the absent wife. If only he could he’d make an arrangement that would tell her what a scum bucket she married; but he couldn’t alienate a customer, not if he wanted to buy this place from his boss.

He went into the back and took his time making a beautiful arrangement in a lovely square crystal block. He hated this holiday. It was a panacea for fools. A year ago today, on a beautiful February morning he’d received a dozen red roses from Nicky, by evening he found they meant a whole lot less than nothing and he’d been living with the pain of that betrayal ever since.

Valentine’s Day the previous year was the worst day of Justin’s life and although he managed a flower and upscale chocolate shop and the store did well on this day every year, he hated the day and would for the rest of his life.

He brought the arrangement out to the customer, who didn’t seem to care that Justin stayed after the scheduled closing to help him. He let the customer out the door and locked it behind him, turning the sign on the door to read closed.

He went in the back to clean up and started to cry and wasn’t able to stop until he locked up the shop at eleven. Justin had thought he could make a new start today. He’d even planned to hit a club, but it wasn’t meant to be. Even if he had gotten out on time, he wouldn’t have gone clubbing anyway; it was too soon.

Buy link:  http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=AKFLCHOC

I hate Valentines Day Stories from MLR Press

Flowers and Chocolates debuts tomorrow from MLR Press. It is one of fourteen Valentine’s Day releases from MLR, The theme of these stories is I hate Valentine’s Day.

My story is about Justin Carter, the manager of Flowers and Chocolate, a New York City store. Justin Carter is working overtime on Valentine’s Day. As manager of the shop he is the one who has to make sure all of the Valentine’s Day orders make it out for on-time delivery to the stores customers. He is very good at his job and will stay extra hours to make sure a customer is satisfied because he plans to buy the store someday soon.

flowers and chocolate coverAlthough Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for a florist, Justin hates the day and all it stands for because last year something terrible happened and remembering last year has Justin both angry and sad. Now Justin thinks the day is only for fools who believe in love.

On his way home Justin stops at a small bar that serves food two doors down from his shop. There he meets the owner, Rafe Santiago who looks at Justin like a dream come true. But Justin has refused all comers for a year and isn’t about to try to start a relationship with Rafe. However, Rafe is a patient man. Will Rafe preserver and finally break Justin out of his shell or will Justin stay frozen forever in the memory of last year’s horrible holiday.

Read Flowers and Chocolates and MLR’s thirteen other Valentine’s Day stories by going to MLRPress.com on February fourteenth.

Three titles in three weeks

 Bull’s Whip BullsWhip_432 (1)      

Bull Raleigh takes no prisoners. His approach to life is very basic, train other Doms and avoid twinks. Jamie O’Hara is a twink who has had a crush on Bull since he underwent training is a house sub. He is constantly in Bull’s way.

Then Jamie takes a job at Indiscreet as an accountant and is placed in the office next to his and Bull blows his cool. He tell anyone who will listen that twinks aren’t real subs and can’t follow orders or take pain. Jamie set out to prove him different.

Jamie goes to the Jersey Shore to  prove his point and walks into a white slavery ring and the FBI want him in witness protection. Jamie doesn’t want to lose his accounting job or his friends at Indiscreet so he refuses. But someone tries to break into his apartment and there is no where to go but Bull’s.

Bull has to take in Jamie and the twinkiest cat in catdom, a White Persian named Mischief. While living with Jamie he finds he may like twinks after all and with Jamie in danger Bull find’s himself drawn to Jamie and the cat, more than he wants to admit.

Bull’s Whip is published by MLR Press at http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=AKCBWHIP and available now.

Flowers and Chocolatesflowers and chocolate cover

Justin Carter hates Valentine’s Day. That was the day that his ex-boyfried and his brother broke his heart. He wanders in a bar in search of something to eat and finds Rafe Santiago who believe Justin is worth more than he know.

Justin Carter had the worst day one year ago today last Valentine’s Day and wants nothing to do with the holiday even though it’s the busiest for the flower shop he manages and hopes to own some day. Exhausted, he stops in to the bar two doors down where he finds Rafe Santiago, a man who wants to become more than a willing ear.

Justin’s ex show up with accusations and Justin turns to Rafe for comfort and support. Can Rafe cure the bad association that Justin has with Valentine’s Day and make Justin his own.

Flowers and Chocolate will be available for sale at MLR Press and Amazon.com on February thirteenth.


The Sarrans, Book Two, Living With Syn

Psychologist and former prostitute Syn (Cynthia) Sinclair, met TeZaron, one of the High Lords of Sarran the night before the triad tribunal and the Zyptz attack of the Brightstar. Little did they know that the Buzz each of them felt in their heads was a muted BondStir. Muted because of psychic blocks place on each other for mission security

The Brightstar lands and Syn finds herself the fem of High Lords, the heads of the Elder Council and ‘mommie’ to their offspring, Naffie. Syn falls in love with her WarriorPair TeZaron and TeBron and their young offspring, Naffie. However Zaron and Bron have to deal with their psychic separation and Syn has to deal with her past.

Living With Syn will be available on February twenty-third.


Flowers and Chocolates debuts February 13th from MLR Press

Here is a blurb for my Valentine’s Day short story.


flowers and chocolate coverJustin Carter had the worst day one year ago on Valentine’s Day and wants nothing to do with the holiday even though it’s the busiest for the flower shop he manages and hopes to own some day. Exhausted, he stops in to the bar two doors down where he finds Rafe  Santiago, a man who wants to become more than a willing ear. Justin’s ex show up with accusations and Justin turns to Rafe for comfort and support. Can Rafe cure the bad association that Justin has with Valentine’s Day and make Justin his own?

Flowers and chocolate will be available from MLR Press at mlrpress.com under AC Katt


Bull’s Whip Out Tomorrow – New Excerpt PG -17

BullsWhip_432 (1)Bull took out a thin cane. “Remember to always keep your wrist firm and not to let the cane wrap around your sub. You need to practice on the dummies we have upstairs until you get your stroke right and don’t take out anything vital. Your cane needs to strike exactly where you plan, not a half inch over or above. Seriously, using any instrument with which you are unfamiliar without practice is very foolish and could cost you your sub.”

Jamie stood looking straight ahead. Bull put down the microphone and picked up the cane. The room fell silent. Jamie adjusted his stance and loosened his shoulders. “Ready?” Bull asked.

“Yes,” Jamie replied.

“What are your safewords?”

“Red for stop, yellow for slow down and green for go,” Jamie answered. He shook his head. He listened to Bull move the cane in the air, testing the feel of it and Jamie readied himself for the first strike.

Bull again spoke to the audience, “I’m giving Jamie six strikes today and he will count and thank me for each strike.”

Jamie heard the whistle of the cane just before it struck his back. “One, thank you sir.” Bull went up to Jamie and examined the welt and spoke to the audience. “This is a good strike because it landed exactly where I planned.”

By the time the second strike settled on his back Jamie was in subspace. “Two, thank you sir.”

When the sixth strike came, Jamie bent his knees and adjusted his stance. Bull used the cane to caress his back. “See the pattern of strokes I’ve laid on his back? Each of these three welts is exactly two inches from the others. The last three overlaid the first to make a diamond pattern on his back. Jamie is a sub who can take pain. If he were mine, I’d gradually work up to ten strokes of the cane, but he’s not ready for that tonight. Your own sub may only be able to take one or two strokes before they safe word. Pay attention to your sub’s body clues, his stance, whether his shoulders are tensed up or relaxed. These are clues to tell you when your sub has had enough. Will everyone give Jamie a round of applause while I take care of his back?”

The audience applauded and Bull undid Jamie’s cuffs. Jamie unclenched his fingers from the ring and let Bull help him to the aftercare room located downstairs and used only for demonstrations. Bull laid Jamie down on the bed on his side. Jamie moved to rise. Bull pushed down on his shoulder.

“I’m all right,” Jamie mumbled.

“You’re in subspace and have to come down. Lay with me.” Bull turned Jamie on his stomach and applied cream to his back, then he turned him on his side and pulled him close, trailing kisses down his jaw. Bull didn’t want to give Jamie time to think; he was going to take him now. There were condoms and lube in the cabinet, he picked them up when he went for the cream. When he came back to the bed he stuck them under the pillow.

He kissed the welts on Jamie’s back. “Such a good boy taking the cane for me.” He kissed him on the mouth. Jamie’s mouth opened like a little bird, Bull thought.

He took Jamie’s mouth and explored his palate, his tongue and his lips. His arms snaked down Jamie’s stomach. Bull deftly removed Jamie’s jock and was rewarded by the sight of a beautiful cock. It was large for Jamie’s size, about seven inches. His own was nine. Jamie and he both carried substantial girth. Bull was going to enjoy fucking Jamie. Remember Bull, fucking, not making love. 

Buy link at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Bulls-Whip-C-Katt-ebook/dp/B00I5TU99K/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1391216152&sr=1-1&keywords=Bull%27s+Whip

Buy link at MLR Press: http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=AKCBWHIP

New: A Little Matter of a Murder & a Pimple on the Ass of Humanity

February is going to be a big month  for me. My short story from MLRPress.com in coming out on February 14. It’s an anti-Valentines Day story. Flowers and Chocolates. Here is a blurb:

Justin Carter had the worst day one year ago onflowers and chocolate cover
Valentine’s Day and wants nothing to do with the holiday
even though it’s the busiest for the flower shop he manages
and hopes to own some day. Exhausted, he stops in to the
bar two doors down where he finds Rafe Santiago, a man
who wants to become more than a willing ear.
Justin’s ex show up with accusations and Justin turns
to Rafe for comfort and support. Can Rafe cure the bad
association that Justin has with Valentine’s Day and make
Justin his own? Link to follow.

And on February 23rd from JMS Books that’s JMSBooks.com I Living_With_Syn_400x600have the second book in the Sarran series, Living With Syn that takes us to the day the Brightstar lands on Sarran with two-thousand six hundred American women and how the unlikeliest one becomes fem of the WarriorPair that heads the Elder Council.

Before Syn Sinclair got her education with a PhD in psychology, she was a prostitute and heroin addict living on the Philadelphia Streets. Now she’s the Ta of Sarran’s High Lords. Madeline Dixon Howard who traveled to Sarran in the Brightstar knows all about Syn’s past and is determined to tell everyone she sees. Can Syn be the Fem her Warriors need with her shady past? Will love triumph through the Triad and the Goddess Ulna. Read Living With Syn, the second in The Sarran Series that began with The Sarran Plague. Link to follow.


Bull hates Twinks — Jaime is a Twink–Jaime wants Bull, Oh My


BullsWhip_432 (1)Bull’s Whip, the fourth novel in the BDSM Series, Indiscreet will be available from MLR Books and Amazon on January thirty-first.

Bull Raleigh is looking for a submissive, but he doesn’t want a twink; Jamie O’Hara is a beautiful raven haired twink who wants no one but Bull as his Master, oh my.

Bull Raleigh hates twinks since one outed him to his Marine Special Operations Commander before the end of DADT and lost him his officer’s rank, his career and his pension. Now he spends his time as the Dungeon Master at Indiscreet where Jamie O’Hara, a beautiful raven haired twink works as a house sub. Jamie wants Bull, Bull wants no part of Jamie. Bull’s nasty attitude gets Jamie involved with White Slavers with Bull as his only protection. It remains to be seen if Jamie can break down Bull’s barriers and make him see Jamie as a man, not a type.

Here is an excerpt:

Jim and Brian had tea every weekday morning at precisely ten. When Jim didn’t have to work, they were at his and Reed’s cottage; other days they spent Jim’s break in the kitchen at Indiscreet. Jaime stood in front of both men looking sheepish. This wasn’t the first time the ebony-haired twink had bothered Bull, the Dungeon Master of the exclusive club. Bull trained all the Masters and the subs or they couldn’t get through the door.

Jaime had finished training two months ago and his crush on the Dungeon Master was on its way to becoming legendary. Bull was looking for a sub and Jaime was determined to fill that position. The trouble was, Bull didn’t do twinks and Jaime looked like the textbook definition of the word. Jamie was five foot four inches to Bull’s six foot three. Jaime, although buff, was slender with the build of a runner while Bull had played as a linebacker at Annapolis and kept his body in peak condition. Jaime had hair as black as midnight, pulled back in a pony tail that reached his waist. Bull didn’t style his blond hair; he wore a military buzz cut.

Jamie’s big blue eyes and fair skin along with his slight build made him look as if he would blow away with a strong wind and misrepresented his true age of twenty-two. He looked sixteen on a good day, and on a bad one, nowhere-near-legal. Bull was thirty and had been a captain in the Marines who was outed by his lover before Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed.  In that debacle, Bull lost his military career, his health care and his pension. Bull was a bitter man. This made him a very tough Master and few subs wanted to take him on, even the big, burly, ones that he favored.

When Jamie and the other new submissives were introduced to the club, there was another twink and two other men, Masato and Greg. Jamie knew that Bull made an offer for Greg. Luckily for Jamie, Greg wanted Cisco de Loria, and Bull didn’t offer for anyone else.

Despite that, Jaime O’Hara wanted Bull Raleigh as his Master with a ferocity that belied his looks and status as a service sub.

“Bull goes for a completely different type,” Brian tried to tell him as he helped Jim put the tea things away.

“You can’t make someone love you.”  Jim stood in front of Jamie, hands on his hip showing his exasperation.“More importantly, you can’t even make him like you. Bull doesn’t do twinks.” Brian put the cups and saucers in the rack to load into the dishwasher.

“But I’m not a twink…” Jamie claimed.

“Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has duck feet…just saying,” Jim took  a kitchen wipe to the counter.

“I may look like a twink, but I’m not one. I can take pain. I’m not a pain slut; but I can take it. I’m not looking for a sugar daddy. I have my own money, a legacy from my grandma. It doesn’t make me rich but it keeps me comfortable. Outside of the way I look, I meet none of the typical criteria for twinkdom.” Jamie said, getting in Jim’s face.

“All right, all right, but it’s not me you have to convince, it’s him and he can’t see past the way you look.” Jim sat down on his stool behind the counter.

“It’s not like I run after him, I just put myself in a position where he will notice me.”  Jamie’s eyes narrowed in annoyance. “He’s noticed and complained. Reed and Bear haven’t paid any attention to his protests, but the club can’t afford to lose its Dungeon Master.” Jim sighed. “You’ll have to tone it down. There must be another way of getting him to notice you other than pushing yourself into his face every time you see him.” Jim leaned on the counter and put his hand under his chin.

“It’s not like we don’t want Bull to find someone, we do. Plus, we like you and don’t want to lose you either. But if it comes to a choice between the Dungeon Master and a service sub…well you know the answer to that.” Brian patted Jamie on the back.

“What if I join the club as a paying member? Would that make a difference?” Jamie asked thinking out loud. “It would prove I can pay the freight.”

“It would, but it would also leave you unemployed and unless your legacy was very large, it won’t keep you very well in New Jersey and living off it is the surest way to lose it. You never touch the principal. You live off the interest and if there isn’t enough interest, you work. Unless you want to do something else for a living…” Brian’s voice trailed off.

“I have a degree in accounting. I can do something else for a living, but I wouldn’t be able to see Bull every day.” Jamie said cocking his head to the side.

Brian abruptly stood up and paced, “I have an idea. Wasn’t Reed complaining the club was doing so well he couldn’t keep up with the paperwork?”

“Yeah,” Jim sat up, waggled his eyebrows and drank his tea, “I’ve had to listen to him complain for over six months.”

“Stop that, just stop with the eyebrow. You know it annoys me because I can’t do it.” Brian plopped back down on the stool.

Jamie giggled. “Getting back to what you were saying about Reed…”

“Jim, why don’t we suggest to Reed that Jamie act as his assistant?  If Jamie can do the books and relieve Reed of the general paperwork, Reed could manage the club more efficiently.” Brian was excited.

“You’re right. Then if Bull complains, Reed and Bear would have an excuse not to listen. You’d get paid more money and on top of that have more time to work on Bull.” Jim tapped his fingers on the counter.

“This could really work; but you still have to get Bull to like you, never mind collaring you.” Brian observed with asperity. He got up and moved around the counter to start the dishwasher.

“Both Bear and Reed are upstairs. You stay with Brian, Jamie. I’ll go up and see what I can do about a new position for you.” Jim pushed open the swinging door of the kitchen and went upstairs.


Bear was drinking his Kona coffee and eating blueberry muffins from Greg’s recipe. Reed sat behind his desk with papers stacked all around him. “Bear, we have to get someone to handle the paperwork. I’ve got to deal with the new members and running the club, I don’t have the time to fill out the proper government forms, do payroll and taxes.”

Reed looked up to find Jim standing at the door. “Master, I think I have an answer for you.”

“…so we give Jamie the job as our accountant. He’ll still have access to Bull but won’t be able to bother him constantly. I talked to Jamie. Even though he looks like a twink, he’s not. If Bull could get over Jamie’s size and looks, they’d be a good fit.”

Bear scratched his chin. “Jim said the kid was going to quit and join as a paying member? He must have some money. Membership here is cheaper for subs but still costs a pretty penny. Does he have his own funds? Bull’s got a thing about his sub being a leech.”

“He has a legacy from his grandmother— that and working keeps him what he calls comfortable. He was willing to spend the legacy and risk unemployment to get Bull to pay attention and if we hire him as the accountant, membership would be included. May I sit, Master?”

“Go ahead, Jim. I’m interested. Bull is short with everyone since he lost his bid for Greg. It’s not like he was in love with the man, just that Greg was the type that Bull thought he wanted. Thank God that Bull knows enough to stay away from Greg now that Cisco has him. Cisco has turned out to be one jealous son of a bitch.” Bear said sipping his coffee.

“Yeah, who whoda thunk?” Jim remarked with sarcasm but ruined the effect by giggling.

“I figured he would be. He is proprietary about the hospital, what made you think he would be any different about someone he came to love? In fact, with a lover, it’s worse. I should know. Seeing you with that Caleb character set my teeth on edge.” Reed got up and started going through the papers.

“What do we pay him?” Reed asked Bear. “The club is doing well. I don’t want to cheap out but I don’t know the going rate.”

“I can find out from Mavis how much we currently pay junior accountants and we’ll add ten percent. Does that sound reasonable?” Bear finished his coffee and put the cup and saucer on the coffee table between the chairs.

“Call her, Bear. Now that Jim came up with the idea; I find myself anxious to get rid of all of this.” Reed swept his arm over the papers. “Although we have a problem; we only have one room to use as an office and it’s right next to Bull’s lair.”

Bear doubled over in laughter. “That’s perfect.”

I hope you enjoyed reading the excerpt pick up Bull’s Whip along with the rest of the Indiscreet Series, A Matter of Trust, Jack’s Back and Cisco’s Boy from MLR Books and Amazon.com.

BullsWhip_432 (1)

Bull’s Whip, Fourth in the Indiscreet Series out in January from MLR Books



Bull’s Whip the story of the Dungeon Master at Indiscreet is coming out in January of 2014 from MLR Books. Bull Raleigh doesn’t do twinks but Jamie likes Bull and begins to chase him. Jamie is stumped on how to get Bull to notice him and see past his Twinkie appearance. Enter the unholy trio, Brian, Jim and Greg. From then on Jamie and Bull are stuck together until a sex slaver goes to jail. Watch Jamie chase Bull all around Indiscreet until he gives up and Bull contemplates chasing Jamie.

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Cisco’s Boy is the third in the series about the BDSM club Indiscreet by AC Katt and is available for purchase at All RomanceBooks https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-cisco039sboy-1355584-147.html, MLR Books http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=AK_CISCO and Amazon http://tinyurl.com/ke65dn3

Jim and Brian plot another Dom’s Downfall

CiscosBoy_FbHere is another excerpt from Cisco’s Boy where Jim and Brian are plotting

Brian and Jim sat in Jim’s kitchen about to enjoy his blueberry scones. The Blue Hall teapot stood on the table between them as Brian spooned tea into the pot and poured the water.

“Papa Bear’s going to be upset because he didn’t get one,” Brian giggled.

“Don’t worry, hon, I put another batch in the oven before you arrived.”

“What’s new?” Brian took out two cups and made their tea.

“Dr. Harris released Reed. Yesterday was his last session.”

“That’s cool! It means Greg can finally join Indiscreet.” Brian blew on his tea to cool it.

“I know how much he helped both you and Irene.” Jim turned to the oven, and after grabbing a mitt, took out the second batch. “I don’t think Reed and I would be back together if it weren’t for Greg getting Reed’s head screwed on straight.”

“Greg’s been itching to join Indiscreet since Cisco became a member last year.” Brian took a sip of tea. “He was afraid Cisco would find a sub before he got to join.”

“You know both Reed and Bear offered him a free membership.” Jim took the tongs and put two sugar cubes in his tea.

“I knew he wouldn’t take it. He insisted on paying the fee himself. He told me it wouldn’t mean as much if he got it for nothing.” Washington, Jim’s grey ghost cat, appeared on the kitchen mat.

“Where did he come from?” Brian looked askance. “That cat moves like he’s got a built-in transporter.”

Laverne and Shirley started to yap. “Hold that thought, I have to let the dogs out.”

“You mean the furry rats…” Brian tried to keep a straight face.

“Just because Papa Bear thinks Laverne and Shirley are inappropriate dogs, doesn’t mean he can diss them.” Jim flounced toward the kitchen door.

“I’m sorry puppies,” Brian said giving each one an ear scratch. “Maltipoos!” Brian cracked up laughing.

With the dogs in the yard, Jim came in and sat down. “You know, Bull Raleigh is looking for a sub.” Brian told Jim.

“Don’t you dare change the subject. Bull Raleigh, please…How did you know about how Greg Harris feels about Cisco? I guessed, but apparently you knew,” Jim pouted, “and even worse, you didn’t share. Cub, I swear you’ll take everyone’s secrets to the grave.”

“Well, I’m sharing now. I couldn’t before. The night that Mrs. James’ boys beat me and knocked me out, Greg made me admit I loved Bear. To get me to talk; he told me about he felt about Cisco.” Brian thrust out his lower lip in imitation of Jim.

“Stop it. You can make fun of me all you like but now that you’ve spilled you’ve got to dish up the rest of the story. What’s Bear been up to? How come Cisco hasn’t found a sub? He’s been at Indiscreet for six months. Some twink should have glommed onto him by now. As a doctor, he’s a good catch.”

“Bear does nothing really blatant. He just points out each candidate’s obvious flaws and incompatibilities. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Brian turned his face away from Jim’s stifling a giggle.

“Unless, of course, you try to point out the obvious advantages of someone else.” Jim waggled his eyebrow.

“There was no one there that Bear thought would be compatible…”

“And now there will be.” Jim took a bite out of his scone. “When?”

“Tonight.” Brian’s eyes shone with mischief.

“Are you going to be there?” Brian rolled his eyes.

“You think I’d miss this? I want to see Cisco’s face when he sees Greg Harris putting himself up as a submissive.” Brian chortled with glee.

The two friends looked at each other, inordinately pleased with themselves and their Masters.


Bear Drummond and Reed Davis sat in two chairs in front of Dr. Francisco de Loria’s desk. Cisco to his friends. They were in his office at St. Mary’s Medical Center where he was Chief of Staff.

“…so the new oncology wing will open in six weeks. I can’t express to you how much it means to the hospital that you and Reed spearheaded the funding drive and oversaw the construction. Without your expertise, the job would have taken longer and we wouldn’t have stayed on budget.”

Reed took a sip of his coffee and grimaced. “How do you put up with this swill? I swear I’m going to get you a new coffee maker and supply you with coffee from the club.” Reed’s nose wrinkled in distaste.

“While you’re at it, you should ask Jim if he would mind supplying blueberry scones for these meetings. It would certainly make me more eager to face the endless bullshit that comes from our recalcitrant hospital board. Now that I’m chairman, there are a few board members getting their walking papers.” Bear grumbled.

“You know I’m all for that.” Cisco put down his cup shuffling his papers, taking out a brochure. “Here look.” He handed it over to Bear. “This is the brochure for the oncology wing. It will give our area excellent local treatment for even the worst cancers instead of forcing the patient to travel to Philadelphia, North Jersey or New York. If everything goes as planned, North Jersey and New York will come to us.”

“This looks good, lots of pictures and just enough information.” Bear passed the brochure to Reed.

“Not having to travel was a big selling point to the donors,” Reed said. “I remember when my mother had cancer; the trip to get treatment was as onerous as the treatment itself. Besides, as the state capitol, Trenton should have a top notch medical facility. Change of subject…are you going to the club tonight? Bear and Brian will be there as well as me and my boy.” Reed made a face as he took another sip of coffee. “Swill…” he muttered.

Cisco shrugged his shoulders. “I wasn’t planning on going to the club tonight.”

“We have two new service subs in addition to a couple of new submissive members. You might have some luck finding a boy of your own.” Bear pushed.

“I haven’t had any luck so far…” Cisco took the brochure back from Reed. “I’ll get copies made for distribution.”

“You never know what you might find at the club, you should definitely check out the new crop.” Bear persisted, giving Reed a sidelong look.

Cisco looked puzzled. “You said paid members. You really have subs that pay for membership?”

“Sure. The service subs are for general use by the membership and they play with all of the unattached Doms until they receive a contract offer. They’re hired by the club. The subs who buy membership are looking for a relationship not a sugar daddy. They are more discriminating and are not obliged to play with any Dom that asks.” Bear said.

Cisco, looking interested, tapped his pencil on the table.

Bear continued, “You’ll have better luck with a one who pays for membership. Although subs get a discounted rate because most clubs are Top heavy, you know a sub that pays for the privilege is really into the lifestyle and bound to be more into pleasing his Dom.”

Reed finished his coffee. “Bear’s right. A submissive that pays for membership isn’t a poser. These guys are legitimately into the lifestyle.”

“And the new subs are going to be there tonight?” Cisco’s ears turned red at the tips signaling to Bear his embarrassment at discussing such a personal topic at the hospital.

“I can guarantee that the new subs will be there tonight. We always introduce new members on the first Friday of the month. Bull Raleigh assures me that both the new members and the service subs have successfully finished their training. Bull always trains off-site so that the subs are ready to service Doms as soon as they arrive at the club.” Reed put his coffee cup in the trash and stood, ready to leave. “Of course our sub training is just on protocol, the individual Dom and sub discuss their particular needs when they draw up a contract. As you know the training to be a Dom is much more extensive.” Bear pushed in his chair.

“Do you know any of the new subs personally?” Cisco asked Reed.

“That’s not information Reed can release outside the confines of the club. If you want to find out, you’ll have to show up tonight.” Bear interrupted while putting one of his arms in the sleeve of his overcoat.

“Well, depending on how things go here, I might see you there.” Cisco picked up his appointment book.

“For Christ sake, Cisco, you don’t need to be here for every crisis. Th

An Excerpt from Cisco’s Boy

Here is another excerpt from Cisco’s Boy where Cisco explains to Bear that he doesn’t want to love.


“I gather you think I should offer for Greg,” Cisco said with a smile.

“If you wish to make an offer you should, my friend, but don’t be under the misapprehension that yours will be the only offer he receives.” Bear pushed his Courvoisier aside.

“Then take me to Reed’s office so I can construct an offer he will accept.”

“One thing I need to say, Greg is looking for a situation where both parties are committed to success. He won’t take a short contract. He will want at least six months to assess the situation. Giving a contract for six months is practical because it is long enough to detect fatal flaws in the relationship and short enough to be able to exit with dignity if the pairing doesn’t work.” Bear moved his stool out from under the bar. “Greg is more into service than pain, although he accepts the need for daily discipline and to be punished for disobedience.” Bear said replacing his stool.

“I will give out punishment and expect to enforce discipline. But love, love is a deal breaker. I already told him and I’m telling you that I don’t believe I’d ever be able to love another man. I’m not about to risk my heart again, for anyone.” Cisco stood.

“Love isn’t something you can dictate in a contract. You should know that. If he falls for you and you’ve warned him, then he decides in six months whether or not he can live with that caveat. You never know, you might be the one who falls for him. It’s not something I would discount.” Bear walked out of the bar and Cisco followed.

“I’d like to put that as a hard limit in any contract I offer. I don’t want to hear or speak about love. It won’t enter into any relationship where love is eventually expected, of that I’m sure.” Cisco was adamant in his dismissal of emotional attachment. The men climbed the stairs to the second floor office.

Bear shook his head. “It’s Greg’s decision as to whether or not he can accept that condition; but I wouldn’t completely discount the possibility on your side. Greg is intelligent, charismatic and well trained with skills that any of the Dominants out there would be happy to claim. If you insist on no emotion entering the relationship, you might as well take any one of the twinks we have as service subs. They would be more than happy to meet your conditions to get a sugar daddy.” Bear said, his voice laced with disapproval.

Cisco’s mouth took a stubborn line. “You know I have no interest in a twink. Please present my offer to Harris as I’ve stated. Put in any terms and conditions you think Greg would need to protect his interests. If he is amiable, I’m ready to sign.” Cisco took the chair in front of the desk. They went over the financials as Cisco laid out his terms to Bear.

On his way downstairs and out of the club; he glanced into the lounge and couldn’t help but notice the line of men eyeing Greg; for some strange reason that pissed him off.



Cisco’s Boy Out This Week


CiscosBoy (3)

Cisco’s Boy the third in the Indiscreet Series is coming out this week from MLR Press at mlrbooks.com.

Dr. Greg Harris finally has the money to buy a submissive membership at Indiscreet, a gay BDSM club in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The only thing he wants is to do is to have  Dr. Cisco de Loria as his Master. Cisco wants Greg too, but the one thing Greg most wants to give, Cisco refuses to take, Greg’s love. Cisco is so sure he doesn’t need love that he puts it in as a clause in their contract. If Greg ever mentions love, the contract is terminated. Cisco finds out the hard way that things somehow don’t always work out the way you plan


Marketing — A Conundrum Indeed.

ShatteredGlass_200I know that Marketing is a necessary evil. I feel that when I take the time to market, I’m not writing, but if I don’t market, nothing will sell. I have the social media, Yahoo Groups, covered on daily basis. I tweet and could manage my facebook page better but lack the technical expertise to do what is necessary to make that a vital gun in my marketing arsenal.

I also realize that I’ve been blogging without using keywords which help people to find my blog in a search. I used to be technically savvy when I worked in an office environment. My boss would throw a program on my desk and say, “Do this with that.” I would read the manual and do what he asked. Now they must be writing the manuals in Chinese because they are not easy to read and have no logical steps to follow, just an information dump. They put  tutorials on line to save money on manuals. It’s a pain to go back and forth between the tutorials and your work. Give me the manual sitting on my lap any day of the week.

What about these new phones and iPad type computers? There were made for my granddaughter’s fingers. Natural selection is going to prune those of us with fat fingers because we can’t use modern communication equipment. I still haven’t figured how to send a photo to my daughter with my phone.

But that’ okay because I can’t use the camera anyway. Both my Kindle Fire HD and my phone have cameras, plus I have a separate digital camera. I can’t use any of the outside because I can’t see through the lens–glare and I tend to cut off people’s heads. So I can’t take pictures to use in my marketing efforts and have to buy them  and since I feel a blog should both show and tell, it costs me in stock photos. I may have enough stock photos in my marketing folder that I beat out the Republicans with their fake people in print ads and TV commercials.

Marketing problems made it so that my best novel (according to both me and my fans) Shattered Glass, was not a commercial success. The book was released by a publisher who went under. Laura at MLR Press was nice enough to re-release the book, but it’s window of opportunity to market it well passed quickly and I was ill during the first weeks it was out.

Shattered Glass is still available at MLR Press and had mostly great reviews on Amazon. Who can tell what’s going to sell? I put my heart and soul into that book, but it didn’t move.

So, marketing is a big deal for me because I can’t seem to do it right. I’ve done Triberr and I hope that Triberr does for me what other venues haven’t and that is get me enough name recognition that someone will look for my books to see what they are all about.

By the way, I wasn’t the only one to think Shattered Glass was good. The New England Romance Writers of American gave it the first place Beanpot award with a perfect score and it won third place in the Beacon contest of the First Coast Romance Writers’ contest.

I hope that my marketing efforts are improving along with my health and my ambition. I think that this old dog can learn some new tricks if properly coached. So, I intend to try to sign up for marketing class the next time Marketing for Romance Writers has a class; no matter what it is about. By the way, what’s tumblr and pinterrest and how are they used to market books?

There are so many new venues it makes my head spin and no one (that I’ve come across) can give me a plan for marketing that doesn’t take all my time away from writing. But you can’t write if you don’t sell, a conundrum indeed.

In case you’re interested Shattered Glass is available on Amazon although you have to look for it among many other books of the same name and directly from MLR Books at http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=AK_SHGLS.

You can read my journal at www.ackattsjournal.com and see all of my books at my website, www.ackatt.com.

AC Katt : Author of Shattered Glass, and from the Indiscreet Series, A Matter of Trust and Jack’s Back with Cisco’s Boy coming soon from MLR Books and The Sarrans Series, The Sarran Plague and coming in February of 2014, Living With Syn.

Comments on this post are solicited and welcome.

Writer’s Block Cures in Time

CiscosBoy (3)Up until two months ago, I had a year’s worth of writer’s block. It was difficult even to write my once a month blog for flirtyauthorbitches.com which appears on the second Friday of every month.

So, if I couldn’t write once a month, how could I write another book –impossible. But the muses are fickle. Two months ago the log jam broke. In just eight weeks I wrote Living With Syn, a sequel to The Sarran Plague in The Sarrans Series. (51,880 words).

I started and finished two novels for the Indiscreet Sereis, Cisco’s Boy  (the proposed cover is on your left), (53,258 words) and Bull’s Whip (52,933 words). These two are sequels to A Matter of Trust and Jack’s Back and part of the Indiscreet Series.. I also finished a novella  called The Drowning (42,251 words) 

Sufficient to say, I was writing day and night and didn’t even want to stop for meals, I was so afraid that the muse would dessert me again. Well I’ve finally slowed down and the results are in:

Living with Syn is to be published by JMS Books in February of 2014.

Cisco’s Boy is under contract to MLR Press and The Drowning and Bull’s Whip have been submitted. I have even started another book tentatively titled A Four Letter Word and I’m 11,077 words in.

So in summation I wrote over two hundred and eleven thousand words in eight weeks. I don’t know if that is a lot for any one else, but it is for me.

Here’s a sample of my work from Bull’s Whip and as usual, Jim and Brian are plotting another poor Dom’s downfall.:

You’ve got to leave Bull Raleigh alone,” Jim Menetti said speaking to Jaime O’Hara, one of the service subs at Indiscreet, the Gentlemen’s BDSM club in Western Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Jim, a collared sub owned a percentage of Indiscreet, along with his Master, Reed Davis and their mostly silent partner, Donald (Bear) Drummond. Jim was sitting in the kitchen having tea with Brian Murphy, Bear’s collared submissive.

Jim and Brian had tea every weekday morning at precisely ten. When Jim didn’t have to work, they were at his and Reed’s cottage; other days they spent Jim’s break in the kitchen at Indiscreet. Jaime stood in front of both men looking sheepish. This wasn’t the first time the ebony haired twink bothered Bull, the Dungeon Master of the exclusive club. Bull trained all the Masters and the subs or they couldn’t get through the door.

Jaime finished training two months before and his crush on the Dungeon Master became legendary in record time. Bull was looking for a sub and Jaime was determined to fill that position. The trouble was Bull didn’t do twinks and Jaime looked like the textbook definition of the word. Jamie was five foot four inches to Bull’s six foot three. Jaime, although buff, was slender with the build of a runner while Bull played as a linebacker for Annapolis and kept his body in peak condition. Jaime had hair as black as midnight that was pulled back in a pony tail that reached his waist. Bull’s didn’t style his blonde hair, he wore a military buzz cut.

Jamie big blue eyes, fair skin along with his slight build made him look as if he would blow away with a strong wind and misrepresented his true age of twenty-two. He looked sixteen on a good day, and a on bad one, barely legal. Bull was thirty had been a captain in the marines who was outed by his lover before they repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  In that debacle Bull lost his military career, his health care and his pension. Bull was a bitter man. This made him a very tough Master and few subs wanted to take him on, even the big, burly, type that he favored.

When the new submissives were introduced to the club along with Jamie there was another twink, a blonde and two other men Masato and Greg. It was a close call because Jamie knew that Bull made an offer for Greg. Luckily, Greg wanted Cisco de Loria, and Bull didn’t offer for anyone else.

Despite all of that, Jaime O’Hara wanted Bull Raleigh as his Master with a ferocity that belied his looks and status as a service sub.

“Bull goes for a completely different type,” Brian tried to tell him as he helped Jim put the tea things away.

“You can’t make someone love you.” Jim added standing in front of Jamie hands on his hips showing his exasperation.

“More importantly, you can’t even make him like you. Bull doesn’t do twinks.” Brian put the cups and saucers in the rack to load into the dishwasher.

“But I’m not a twink…” Jamie claimed.

“Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has duck feet…just saying.,,” Jim said taking a kitchen wipe to the counter.

“I may look like a twink, but I’m not one.  I can take pain. I’m not a pain slut; but I can take it. I’m not looking for a sugar daddy. I have my own money, a legacy from my grandma. It doesn’t make me rich but it keeps me comfortable. Outside of the way I look, I meet none of the typical criteria for twinkdom.” Jamie said getting in Jim’s face.

“All right, all right, but it’s not me you have to convince, it’s him and he can’t see past the way you look.” Jim sat down on his stool behind the counter.

“It’s not like I run after him, I just put myself in a position where he will notice me.” Jamie said his eyes on ripe with annoyance.

“He’s noticed and complained. Reed and Bear haven’t paid any attention to his protests, but the club can’t afford to lose its Dungeon Master.” Jim sighed, “You’ll have to tone it down. There must be another way of getting him to notice you other than pushing yourself into his face every time you see him.” Jim leaned on the counter and put his hand under his chin.

“It’s not like we don’t want Bull to find someone, we do. Plus, we like you and don’t want to lose you either. But if it comes to a choice between the Dungeon Master and a service sub…well you know the answer to that.” Brian patted Jamie on the back.

“What if I join the club as a paying member? Would that make a difference?” Jamie asked thinking out loud. “It would prove I can pay the freight.”

“It would, but it would also leave you unemployed and unless your legacy was very large, it won’t keep you very well in New Jersey and living off it is the surest way to lose it. You never touch the principal. You live off the interest and if there isn’t enough interest, you work. Unless you want to do something else for a living…” Brian’s voice trailed off.

“I have a degree in accounting. I can do something else for a living, but I wouldn’t be able to see Bull every day.” Jamie said cocking his head to the side.

Brian abruptly sat up, “I have an idea. Wasn’t Reed complaining the club was doing so well he couldn’t keep up with the paperwork?”

“Yeah,” Jim sat up, waggled his eyebrows and drank his tea, “I’ve had to listen to him complain for over six months.”

“Stop that, just stop with the eyebrow. You know it annoys me because I can’t do it.” Brian plopped back down on the stool.

Jamie giggled. “Getting back to what you were saying about Reed…”

“Jim, why don’t we suggest to Reed that Jamie act as his assistant?  If Jamie can do the books and relieve Reed of the general paperwork, Reed could manage the club more efficiently.” Brian was excited.

“You’re right. Then if Bull complains, Reed and Bear would have an excuse not to listen. You’d get paid more money and on top of that have more time to work on Bull.” Jim tapped his fingers on the counter.

“This could really work; but you still have get Bull to like you, never mind collaring you.” Brian observed with asperity. He got up and moved around the counter to start the dishwasher.

“Both Bear and Reed are upstairs. You stay with Brian, Jamie. I’ll go up and see what I can do about a new position for you.” Jim pushed open the swinging door of the kitchen and went upstairs.

Cisco’s Boy

iStock_000012241500LargeI’ve written the third novel in the Indiscreet Series, Cisco’s Boy. This story follows the trials of Dr. Greg Harris and his pursuit of his Master and colleague Dr. Cisco de Loria.

Greg’s problem is that he is in love with Cisco and Cisco doesn’t believe in love.  Greg accepts a contract with Cisco knowing that Cisco neither trusts nor loves him. Greg get help from Brian and Jim who give him advice on baking, home decorating and keeping  his man.

Here is a brief unedited excerpt from Cisco’s Boy:

Brian and Jim sat in Jim’s kitchen about to enjoy his blueberry scones. The Blue Hall teapot stood on the table between them as Brian spooned tea into the pot and poured the water.

“Papa Bear’s going to be upset because he didn’t get one,” Brian giggled.

“Don’t worry, honey, I put another batch in the oven before you arrived.”

“What’s new?” Brian took out two cups and made their tea.

“Dr. Harris released Reed. Yesterday was his last session.”

“That’s cool! It means Greg can finally join Indiscreet.” Brian blew on his tea to cool it.

“I know how much he helped both you and Irene.” Jim turned to the oven, and after grabbing a mitt, took out the second batch. “I don’t think Reed and I would be back together if it weren’t for Greg getting Reed’s head screwed on straight.”

“Greg’s been itching to join Indiscreet since Cisco became a member last year.” Brian took a sip of tea. “He was afraid Cisco would find a sub before he got to join.”

“You know both Reed and Bear offered him a free membership.” Jim took the tongs and put two sugar cubes in his tea.

“I knew he wouldn’t take it. He insisted on paying the fee himself. He told me it wouldn’t mean as much if he got it for nothing.” Washington, Jim’s grey ghost cat, appeared on the kitchen mat.

“Where did he come from?” Brian looked askance. “That cat moves like he’s got a built in transporter.”

Laverne and Shirley started to yap. “Hold that thought, I have to let the dogs out.”

“You mean the furry rats…” Brian tried to keep a straight face.

“Just because Papa Bear thinks Laverne and Shirley are inappropriate dogs, doesn’t mean he can diss them.” Jim flounced toward the kitchen door.

“I’m sorry puppies,” Brian said giving each one an ear scratch. “Maltipoos!” Brian cracked up laughing.

With the dogs in the yard, Jim came in and sat down. “You know, Bull Raleigh is looking for a sub.” Brian told Jim.

“Don’t you dare change the subject. Bull Raleigh, please…How did you know about how Greg Harris feels about Cisco? I guessed but apparently you knew,” Jim pouted, “and even worse, you didn’t share. Cub, I swear you’ll take everyone’s secrets to the grave.”

“Well, I’m sharing now. I couldn’t before. The night that Mrs. James’ boys beat me and knocked me out, Greg made me admit I loved Bear. To get me to talk; he told me about he felt about Cisco.” Brian thrust out his lower lip in imitation of Jim.

“Stop it. You can make fun of me all you like but now that you’ve spilled you’ve got to dish up the rest of the story. What’s Bear been up to? How come Cisco hasn’t found a sub? He’s been at Indiscreet for six months. Some twink should have glommed onto him by now. As a doctor, he’s a good catch.”

“Bear does nothing really blatant. He just points out each candidate’s obvious flaws and incompatibilities. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Brian turned his face away from Jim’s stifling a giggle.

“Unless, of course, you try to point out the obvious advantages of someone else;” Jim waggled his eyebrow.

“There was no one there that Bear thought would be compatible…”

“And now there will be.” Jim took a bite out of his scone. “When?”

“Tonight.” Brian’s eyes shone with mischief.

The Indiscreet Series is: A Matter of Trust and Jack’s Back available now from MLR Press. Cisco’s Boy is coming soon from MLR,

The Other Hero – The Importance of Back stories


Dr. Mark Stern

Dr. Mark Stern

When I began to write The Sarran Plague, Dr. Mark Stern was a minor character. However, as I began to write Mark assumed more and more importance until he was in most scenes and became the most important secondary character.

Mark deserves a book of his own and since the sequel to The Sarran Plague comes out in February of two thousand fourteen, I better get cracking.

The character of Mark is so interesting because he has an interesting Back story. Mark was singled out on Earth as having highly developed psychic abilities. His parents literally sold him to the government and he spent his childhood working with government agents, especially General Robert M. Morgan. General Morgan was his handler while he was a child and, later on became the head of the Earth’s secret Pentagon program to use psychics as weapons.

When Mark’s parents and sister died in a fire, Morgan no longer had sway over his life and Mark escaped. With the insurance from his parents, he was able to go through college and medical school which he finished in five years.

After Medical School, Mark signed up to be a Doctor for the United Nations. Secretly he was also a covert agent for the CIA. Disgusted at the political maneuvering and outright corruption of both the United Nations and bureaucrats in his own government, Mark quit both the job at the UN and the CIA and became the Chief of Staff for Manhattan General Medical Center.

If Mark didn’t have such an interesting back story that only peeps through the pages of The Sarran Plague, he wouldn’t have been so tantalizing a character.

Meet Mark Stern, Jonal and Tonas, Tigger and Anya in The Sarran Plague available from JMS Books and Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/The-Sarran-Plague-ebook

Sequels to my books currently in the works:



The Sarran Plague has many secondary characters that will eventually get their own story. Cynthia Sinclair will meet her WarriorPair in February of 2014. Mark Stern and Juraens will find their fem sometime after.

A Matter of Trust, The Indiscreet Series already has one sequel, Jack’s Back. Expect to see Cisco’s story in Cisco’s Boy.


MLR Press: Shattered Glass, A Matter of Trust, Jack’s Back – JMS Books: The Sarran Plague, Living with Syn (Coming Feb, 2014)

The Sarran Plague

The_Sarran_Plague_400x600The Sarran Plague was re-released by JMS Book on July twenty first and will be at Amazon.com by the middle of August. It was my first book.

The story is of the world of Sarran where mating is done in Triad for life. According to the Codex, the Sarran Code of Law, all WarriorPairs live to serve their fems. To come home from war and find all of their fems dead or dying left the planet in despair, facing extinction as a people. The Sarrans had Psy power. In order to keep it they had to mate with humanoids whose DNA has not been altered. They needs fems for their dying planet. They found them, on Earth.

Buy at:  JMS Books at www.jmsbooks.com or at Amazon.com.

The New Sarran Plague

To all the fans of The Sarran Plague,  it was re-released on July twenty first with a brand new cover by JMS Books at http://tinyurl.com/loxah7y .The sequel is already written and will be out on February 14, 2014 and is entitled Living With Syn.

The Sarran Plague is the story about the planet Sarran that has experienced the loss of all of their fems. A planet wide deadly virus lost the Sarran any hope of survival. The Sarran found Earth and they began ti believe that there was a chance for their population to survive by importing Earthen fems.

The Sarrans are the Warrior and protectors of the Galaxy and mate in Triad. The Sarran WarriorPair, Admirals Jonal, Prince of Fire and Tonas, Prince of Light are sent to Earth, the only remaining humanoid planet where the original DNA seeded by the First Ones remains unaltered. The Sarrans need to mate with fems who have unaltered DNA because else their psychic powers would be lost. They plan to contact the government and recruit fems to Sarran where the fem is the center of their Warriors’ life and the WarriorPlan is obligated by their Codex; the Sarran laws that rule the planet to serve their fem in every way.

When the Sarran’s get to Earth; they find the Zyptz were there before them and all of the Earthen fems are ill. The Sarrans have a vaccine and an antidote and seek the strongest government on the planet to help distribute the vaccine in return for the right to recruit the fems. The government won’t let the Sarrans recruit the fems instead it gives the Sarrans the fems who have no Earthen ties. Two thousand four hundred and sixty two fems including Dr. Anya Forrest, who has already mated with Jonal and Tonas in their mind through a psychic connection. Jonal and Tonas hear about Anya’s cat, Tigger which they bring to please their fem. 

The story takes place aboard the Brightstar the command ship of the Sarran Fleet. In order to get home to Sarran Jonal and Tonas must fight a reluctant mate, a traitor, a rejected suitor of Tonas and the murderous Zyptz. This is a romance, science fiction and action adventure story and a very good, fast read for a summer beach book. Read how Anya’s Triad and her cat, Tigger save the galaxy. 

For more information and an excerpt; visit my website at ackatt.com. And don’t forget the sequel; Living With Syn coming soon in February of 2014. 


Jack’s Back

On February fifteenth I will have a new release from MLR Books. The title is Jack’s Back.  It is a sequel to my BDSM novel A Matter of Trust. Jack’s Back strikes a completely different tone from A Matter of Trust. It tells the story of the breakup and Jim “Boy” Menetti and Reed Davis and is the second novel in my series, Indiscreet. The action also revolves around the BDSM club, Indiscreet owned by Reed Davis and Bear Drummond. I modeled the plot after an idea I got from watching the movie, The Women,   from the great director, George Cukor’s. The women is about a group of soon to be divorcees who meet in the nineteen thirties is Reno, Nevada. The plot revolves around their relationships with their men. Yet, throughout the entire movies you never actually see one of their husbands or boyfriends on stage.
In Jack’s Back, the plot is drive by the character, Jack Leary, who never actually appears in a scene nor has a single word of dialogue. Jack acts as a catalyst for all of the book’s plot, yet never actually appears. Here is an excerpt from Jack’s Back.
Jim “Boy” Menetti’s perfect eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he piped the last of the cream cheese icing rosettes onto the three layered Carrot Spice Cake. Moving his dark brown hair from his eyes he looked at Brian.
“That’s perfect.” Brian Murphy examined the cake from all sides.
“I hope so, cub, tonight Reed and I will be together, officially, three years.” Jim bit his lush lower lip, and began chopping roasted pecans to decorate the sides. Brian watched him. Biting his lip was Jim’s tell. Something was very wrong in Jim’s world.
Jim threw a tray of pecans across the stainless steel counter.
“Here, make yourself useful and pick out three that are perfect for the top.” 
Brian sorted through the fresh, roasted pecans in a furious search for three unblemished nuts. “What’s with you lately, anyways?” Brian asked. “I’m the nerd with the nerves. For someone celebrating an anniversary, you look kind of bleak.”
Brian was genuinely concerned. He wasn’t a gossip. Brian proved that on the memorable night Jim gave Brian a tour of Indiscreet,  the Gay BDSM club to which both, he, Jim, and their partners Bear and Reed belonged. Something was afoot because Reed called Bear at the unheard of hour of seven a.m. on a Saturday. Reed knew that Bear liked to sleep in on Saturday mornings, and a Bear who had his sleep interrupted was one cranky Grizzly.
Brian cocked his head and waited for a response. He knew Jim needed to talk to someone and it looked as if that someone wasn’t going to be Reed. Brian watched his friend. If he didn’t talk to someone soon, there would be no lip left to bite.
“Spill!” Brian demanded.
Jim sighed. “It’s a long story.” He looked away from Brian and continued to chop the pecans.
“So, tell me already.  It’s not like I’m gonna tattle to Reed.”
“I know, it’s just…”
Brian saw the moisture gathering at the corners of Jim’s eyes.
“Okay, sit.” Brian grabbed Jim’s arm and pulled him over to the end of the long stainless steel countertop. They were in the club kitchen which Jim ran like an emphatic drill sergeant.
“Want some tea?” Jim asked.
Brian saw the offer as the delaying tactic it was.
“Not really, but I’ll brew you some if that will help put a smile back on your face.”
Brian picked up the white porcelain teapot kept on the shelf over the gas stove and took it over to the commercial urn. Brian warmed the inside with hot water as he’d been taught and retrieved Jim’s favorite Earl Grey from the shelf. Deftly, he spooned the tea into the strainer. He then poured the water over the tea and brought it back with some sugar packets and two mugs.
“It has to steep…now spill.” Brian put his elbows on the counter and held his face in his hands. It was Brian’s seriously attentive pose.
“It’s Reed. Jack’s back.” The threatened tears began to fall in earnest.
“Who the hell is Jack?”
Jack’s Back is more comedic than A Matter of Trust and although it takes place in and around Indiscreet had almost no BDSM in the book.  I’m working on the third novel in the series which will include more typical BDSM content. Jack’s Back is only thirty-seven thousand words, a quick read. I hope you will pick a copy up and see what happens when an off stage character’s actions dictate the direction of a novel.
Jack’s Back’s cover is by Winterheart Designs and designed by Lex Valentine.


NANOWRIMO and Bugs Bunny

NANOWRIMO is officially over and I finished about 51,000 pages.  I hate the book.  It needs major rehaul because I decided to follow numerous plot bunnies and got Bugs Bunny. I am going away on a cruise on December 9th and hope to be able to fix it up while I’m gone.

It seems that I don’t have enough time or creativity to write much these days. My muse is on vacation again and doesn’t want to come home.  I have another idea for a book and think maybe if I cant get this one in shape; I’ll put it in the to be done at a later date and start the new one.  Maybe after doing something else I’ll have a fresh perspective on my werewolf story.

I have a new computer and tried to move Schrivner to my new machine.  I didn’t have the registration number so I sent to Literature and Latte for it.  I got the number, however, I didn’t get the serial name. I wrote back and they said they sent me both.  I can’t figure if the number they sent is divided in two or what the problem is.  I’m going to need this to tear apart the werewolf story.  I hope I don’t have to purchase a new copy.

Have a great time shopping for the holidays, everyone. I might get a chance to post a holiday blog about the characters from A Matter of Trust, so I hope you look forward to it.

Setting the Mood Using Food and Ambiance in Novels

Using Location, Ambiance and Food in novels to set a particular mood is a very useful way to get a point across.  For example, in a Work in Progress I set the scene in Autumn in Greenwich Village in New York City as follows:

The low white clouds masked the new moon giving the night an eerie diffused glow.  Christopher Street’s sidewalks sparkled after the early evening rain.  The water washed the city streets clean of soot and put the distinct smell of autumn in the air.  Until this year, he always loved October. The leaves of the trees planted between the sidewalk and the curb began to change color from green to yellow, then red to brown.  Lights shown through the windows of the apartments; created by the Federal era brownstone houses that lined the street.  Sometimes he saw a fireplace lit from behind the French balconies.  In contrast to the aura of peaceful urban living above the sidewalks, outside, groups of five or six young gay men strolled up the pavement, soon to be followed by posses of ten or more. They shouted and jostled each other passed the famous Stonewall Inn where the first stirring of the Gay Liberation movement began, continued from Christopher, down to West Street and onto the Christopher Street Pier built on the Hudson River.
This description tells the reader what autumn looks like in that part of New York City.  
In my novel, A Matter of Trust, Bear Drummond’s office portrays the man.
Confident he would remain undisturbed; he set down his briefcase on the king-sized executive chair and walked the few steps from behind the desk to the floor-to-ceiling double hung windows, covered in cherry wood plantation shutters. His large strong hands, with their blunt manicured fingers, absently stroked the burgundy watered silk papering the upper non-brick, portion of the wall. The brick wall bisected from the rich paneling at the bottom by a highly polished, chair rail, carved from the same wood.

Donald caressed the smooth texture of the silk as it slid beneath the pads of his fingers. He loved the look, feel, and texture. 

 Setting the scene for Bear suggests that he is a man who likes fine things and may not have always had them.  It tells us something about his character.
In both novels the set decoration acts as a mechanism to convey details of the character of the area in which the book resides.  The passage on Greenwich Villiage portrays the feeling of autumn in New York City while the second passage suggests a certain traditional approach to life for a real estate mogul who deals in modern commercial properties.
In a work already submitted to a publisher, a character is decorating a cake for his lover.  He fusses over the details in a commercial kitchen.  The use of the cake and the fussy way he goes about its decoration suggest a state of nerves not necessarily related to the cake in the scene.  
So the scene, set and food described add to the character you describe as much as the background of a movie set add to the movie.  As the fabled words of a real estate agent describing a properties important qualities, remember Location, Location, Location.

Lawyers, Writing and Disease

The other day I had a lawyer in the house discussing an accident I had last year.  After talking about the business of depositions and interrogatories he asked me a question, how did I start to write?

Many people have asked me this question and I’m afraid I’ve given a less than forthcoming answer.  The truth is that writing a novel was on my bucket list.  When I started to write my first book I was in the recovery phase of an incident that caused my whole body to shout down.  My kidneys, my liver, my heart all failed and I was about as close to death as you can be without really dying.  My physician, Dr. Mark Zucker of Newark Beth Israel hospital in New Jersey, put me in a medically induced coma and told my husband that with the support of various machines I would either recover or I wouldn’t but the odds were not in my favor.  I didn’t wake up for three weeks and when I did, I was very weak. My brain was dull from the lack of oxygen and I couldn’t stay up for longer than one hour at a time.  This continued for about two months.

I was always a voracious reader and during this time I bought and read so many books that my husband was bitterly complaining about my book bill.  One day I read a really lousy book.  I complained about the plot, the characters and the execution. I impulsively said, “I could do better than that!”

He replied, “Why don’t you?”

In my teens I had journalistic ambitions that were sidelined by marriage and motherhood.  When it became apparent to me that I needed a job, I became an administrative assistant. In that position, I was required to write marketing material, newsletters and ad copy. I thought about what my husband said and determined, why not?

I began my first novel, The Sarran Plague with the idea that a menage should be a true menage.  At that time the  menage stories I read contained two men and a woman had the woman in the middle and the men basically straight and not touching each other sexually.  I decided to write a menage story that was truly a menage, in other words, sex occurred among all parties involved.  I wrote a science fiction because it seemed to be socially unacceptable to write a story where the men were involved with each other exclusively.  The only way I could see writing the men as a sexual unit was to involve a woman.

It took me a year to write my first novel and about two years to bring it to an acceptable level of competence. By that time, I began to look for and see many gay romances and publishers willing to take a chance and sell them.  From that moment on, I decided to write almost exclusively gay romance.

It was a decision in line with my convictions.  I believe in equality among citizens, whether the difference is race, religion, sex or sexuality.  I decided to speak up and write what I believed. I have no idea if one of my novels have changed anyone’s mind about GLBT rights, I can only hope that they did.

I took one of the most awful experiences of my life and pulled out an item from my bucket list, I wrote a book, then I wrote a few more. In doing so I found something in myself and tried to help others to find an open place in their beliefs.  That is really how I started to write.

As far as my health is concerned, I was eventually diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease with Lupus SLE.  It is nasty and it gets me down sometimes, but I don’t hate it as much as perhaps I should.  It brought me full circle, back to the writer I always wanted to be.

VOTE: The Non-Partisan Reasons Why You Should

It’s election season and there is nothing more important than your vote.  Your vote tells the government how you wish it to run.  On a local level it determines what businesses move into your town, the efficiency of your schools, the number of police and fireman that serve you neighborhood.

On a national level, your vote determines the fate of medicare for you and your children and grandchildren. It determines whether or note medicare will exist for future generations, whether the poor have access to medicaid and who pays taxes and what they pay.

Your vote determines foreign policy.  It tells the politicians whether you want peace or war. It helps the government to decide with whom to make alliances and who to fight.  It decides whether the fight is with sanctions or troops.  It decides the fate of the troops who come home, the quality of care from the VA, the ability of those troops to get retrained for jobs in the new economy.

Your vote decides who gets to appoint a least two new justices to the supreme court, whether Citizens United stands or falters, whether Roe vs Wade is overturned.  It decides whether GLBT people have rights like marriage, it decides the fate of DOMA (the defense of marriage act) which denies GLBT couples government benefits from their legal spouses.

This is the election, people.  This election decides the direction that this country pursues for some time to come.  It decides whether we go to the far right, or the center.  This is the election of the lifetime.  VOTE.

Second Excerpt – A Matter of Trust

Prologue – A Matter of Trust

In slow degrees, the tow-headed boy woke up on the hard floor. A faint moan, an eyelid twitch, a soft flutter of pale lashes, and then a blue eye opened face-to-antenna with a cockroach. The Sears Tough skin jeans he opened as his birthday gift two days ago felt wet around the crotch and smelled of both urine and feces. His new plaid shirt with the pearl cowboy buttons was torn and bloody. He swallowed hard, past the dry lump the size of a baseball stuck in the back of his throat. He opened his left eye, the one nearest to the bug. It looked as if his bone stuck out of his shirt, a handhold under his elbow; the right arm bent at an unnatural angle just below the tear.

It took a few additional seconds for the pain to hit, long enough for him to realize he did not know how he got here or why. Then, it struck, shock abated.

He hurt, bad. Even so, he knew enough not to cry out. He heard Mama pounding on the door of the bathroom and Aunt Mary in the distance, along with the whine of sirens. Then the pain took him away, and he rode it back to safety.


Sixteen years later, Brian Murphy awoke in his narrow bed, shivering despite the intense heat and humidity of a pre-dawn August morning in Trenton. Then he heard them, sirens in the streets. Tears streamed down his face, but his scream was silent.  He had had the nightmare. It was coming with greater frequency, sometimes with small snippets, sharp shards of memory. Despite attempts to consciously retain the images, he was unable to hold on to the details of his dream long enough to bring it into his conscious state. 
He looked at the small wind-up clock on the battered dresser. It was near enough to dawn for him to get up. He dressed quickly in a pair of beige Dockers and a blue shirt. Clipping his only tie, to the shirt, he opened the door. He carried a small kit bag to work and used it to shave in the lobby men’s room, thus avoiding the house’s bathroom and its attendant filth. Shaving in the bathroom at the house was just too dangerous; and it took too long in the morning to clean the porcelain sink thoroughly. Something as small as a shaving nick was an open invitation to the various and sundry fungal, viral and bacterial agents that grew in every corner of the room untreated by anything other this his own scrub brush, bleach and disinfectant.
He showered with rubber shoes and took forty-five minutes to disinfect the area before he took off so much as a sock. Even though minimal laundry service was included with the room, Brian carted his own laundry to the Laundromat every Saturday morning to make sure nothing crawled in and made a new home in his sheets or shorts. For his defiance of Miz James, the landlady, he was forced to pay an extra ten dollars a week. She explained to Brian, “After all, I’s expecting to get the forty from you tenants and if you too cheap to pay an ole lady, you just gonna pay for not taking the service.”
Brian was sure her tactics were illegal, but with the other seamy businesses-taking place right outside his door, this was nothing in comparison. Lacking the funds to move, Brian grit his teeth, smiled at the old witch and said something inane like, “My mother looks forward to doing my washing for me.” 
Miz James spit out, “Liar,” under her breath, but neither she nor he said anything aloud and thus, peace prevailed for another week.
Brian crept silently down the creaky stairs of the boarding house attempting to avoid Miz James’ undue attention while picking his way through empty syringes, broken beer and whiskey bottles and breathing through his nose to avoid the smell of vomit, stale cigarettes and urine. He kept a white-knuckled grip on his penlight and one eye on the stairs it lit. The other hand held onto the rickety railing. Brian did not want to fall and become accidently pierced by a dirty needle, a broken bottle or worse yet, stain his Dockers with human waste…he only had two pairs. He could not afford a conversation with his landlady this morning, not when he had a bit of extra time.
He was due at work in two hours at Drummond Real Estate, where he was employed as an Information Technology Specialist.
He decided to take the extra time his nightmare had occasioned by walking to work instead of taking the bus. It was only a few miles, however. by not taking the bus, he saved the bit of money he had for a cup of coffee and a day-old donut at the diner. This morning, he would not go hungry. Maybe it would be a good day.  

An Excerpt from Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass is a Rock and Roll romance which take place in New Jersey and New Mexico.  The book is a gritty and realistic portrayal of the world of young rockers and touring bands, sex, drugs and rock and roll.  The book isn’t for the faint hearted as the story of Milo and Liam is one of both tragedy and redemption.  The book is not only about the lovers but also about the triumph of friendship over all else.  Here is an excerpt:

Can love survive and be rekindled when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass?

Liam caressed Milo’s cheek and hair. “What if this is all I ever wanted? What if all I want is you?”

Milo wanted Liam so much, but he felt an obligation to make sure his baby knew exactly what he asked. “You know as of this morning you no longer have any obligation to me, the band, or even the record company. You could go to college, even to Julliard. You have a genius for music. You don’t have to tie yourself to me.”

Liam stared into his eyes. “I know what I want. You are my Pied Piper.” Liam reached up and traced Milo’s lips and ran his fingers through his hair. “I love you, Milo. Only you, for always. Screw the party—I only want you.”

Milo lost control. No one could say he hadn’t done his duty by Lily’s son. He had loved his baby for too long to refuse him now. Milo took Liam’s hand and turned it up to meet his lips. He kissed his palm and worked his mouth up to the sensitive pulse point in his wrist. There, where the vein traveled straight up to his baby’s heart, he sucked up a mark. Liam reacted, unlacing Milo’s costume in frantic pursuit of his naked skin.

Milo raised his hand to let Liam know they’d reached the hotel. The driver took them around to the back entrance. From there they took the elevator up to the suite.

As the doors closed, Milo pushed Liam against the mirrored walls. “I’ve had a hard-on for six years waiting for you, love,” he said as he ground their groins together. “Feel me.”

Liam placed wet kisses behind Milo’s ear and nipped at his earlobe. “I want you. I need you.”

Milo crushed Liam against him. “I need you too, baby.”

An Excerpt from A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust by AC Katt

Donald watched in his mind’s eye as his massive hands massaged the boy’s body with sweet scented almond oil, making love to his nipples and bare chest. His boy did not necessarily have a virgin ass, but it would be tight around his throbbing shaft. As Donald’s mind sunk into the whirlpool of his fantasy, his alternate persona, Master Bear of Indiscreet took hold.

Bear’s mouth would torment the balls bound with a cock ring and suck vigorously on his sub’s cock building pressure, so it leaked copious amounts of pre-cum, despite the tight fit of the leather harness surrounding the balls and base. Maybe, if the boy begged, he would add a weight or two to hang from the bindings. His boy had two nipples pierced. They had gone together to get it done.

Donald pictured a platinum chain connecting the piercings and smiled for the first time this morning. His cock rose rapidly as the familiar fantasy played. Throwing his head back, he pulled a long, hard stroke, dropping further into his daydream. He closed his eyes and pictured the scene. He grabbed at the bulbous head of his cock and stroked it to the script.

Bear honed his own skills in preparation for his boy by teaching Doms again. A picture-perfect Dominant in tight black silk and leathers highlighting what Antonio had called his kong-sized cock, Master Bear, the toughest Top in the state, hid a tender heart. He ratcheted up the heat as he pulled harder, while squeezing and rolling his balls in his other hand.

His fantasy played on in his mind standing in front of the sink. He and the boy attended a function at Indiscreet. He stood, speaking to Reed. Jim Boy, Reed’s sub, stood behind Reed in a Standing Attention mode.

His boy knelt, legs parted revealing his long, thin, perfectly formed cock, encased in a cock ring that Donald had secured a few hours before. His head remained bowed, but his eyes were alert beneath his long lashes to watch so he could anticipate Donald’s smallest desire. The boy kept his hands locked behind his neck, with his ass poised on the back of his heels, his spine straight and showing no strain after holding his position for over two hours.

Donald tapped his trousers with the index finger of his left hand, once. The boy rose with effortless grace from Kneeling Attention to his knees and, keeping his eyes lowered to the floor, crawled to a position which placed his face at the center of Donald’s belt. He opened his Master’s belt and undid the closure to his tailored pants.

The fantasy in his head was echoed by his now erect member. Abundant streaks of clear pre-cum leaked from Donald’s thick cock head. He took his manicured thumb and pressed it into the slit, rubbing the liquid around the head. His shaft felt as hard and heavy as polished concrete over steel, Donald let the fantasy to play out to its inevitable conclusion.

Donald closed his eyes and imagined the boy as he reached into Donald’s dark silk boxers with hesitancy, waiting for his Papa’s permission. Although his boy loved to suck his Master, he knew sucking his Master’s cock came as a privilege given or withheld at Master’s discretion. He caressed the sub’s wavy, platinum hair, pressing down on his head in encouragement. Those long slender fingers cupped and kneaded Donald’s balls as the boy’s hot tongue engulfed his cock and worked its way down to his sacs with cat-like licks.

His boy learned in detail what his Master craved. He followed the licks by flicking his tongue up, down, and across the prominent veins on the underside of his shaft. He would then adjust his mouth around and under the head of his Master’s huge cock, until Donald shivered with need. Donald pulled his boy’s head closer. This amazing boy gave him total control over every aspect of their lives. All he asked for in return was his Papa Bear’s attention and care for his health and happiness.

Bear thought he received immeasurably more. He tapped his boy’s neck and the perfect oval of a mouth with wet pink lips swallowed the whole nine inches of Bears fat cock until it hit the back of his throat. He relaxed his throat muscles and suppressed his gag reflex, and then he began to massage his Master’s cock with the muscles in his throat. To do this, he had to trust in his Master to pull back and let him breathe. The fantasy felt so real to him he could feel the boy sucking his cock.

Bear took pride in the fact the boy placed his hands in a locked position behind his back. He knew the Master he loved would never harm him. Therefore, the boy would neither gag nor attempt to pull back, giving Donald the power and trust to do as he would. Donald would go deep, fucking his boy’s mouth with hard, swift strokes. He would come in streams and his boy would swallow it all and keep Donald in his mouth, licking around the head and shaft until Donald became soft, drained dry and depleted.

When Donald ran a rifling touch through his hair, his boy straightened Donald’s clothes and resumed position, navy eyes shining up at his Master in adoration, love, and absolute trust.

Donald worked at his cock, and several strong pulls later, released. He came in long streaks all over the sink and countertop, leaving him shaken and holding onto the rim.

He knew his faults. Neither his face nor physique would win any competitions. He tried to even the playing field by the understated elegance of his surroundings and conservative panache of his wardrobe. Even if Bear would be more comfortable in jeans and leathers, he dressed like the Prince of Wales to convince himself of his own worth and prove to those who knew him back then, that now Donald Drummond was a man with whom to be reckoned. He finished cleaning the sink and vanity with a disposable wipe and whispered his request aloud.

“Give me a boy of my own. I need to be special to someone: A Papa Bear…” He had wasted enough time today on this foolishness, he really had to get…

A loud thump interrupted his thoughts, followed by the sound of a slight click. Seconds passed, then a muffled voice hissed, “Oh Shit…Fuck.” 

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New Short Story – A Permanent Arrangement

Comments on 1952 – Sean

Gramps said that the city smelt and felt different in 1952.  Sausage & Peppers, Mixed Pineapple & Papaya, Cigarette Smoke and Exhaust Fumes blended together with wet newspapers and garbage creating a unique order that said New York.  The end of the war brought about the beginning of the era of white flight. In the fifties, families fled Manhattan to the Jersey Shore unlike their pre-war counterparts who headed into Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island. It was a long commute, but the consensus was it was better “for the children.” Gramps lived in Chelsea on Sixteenth between Seventh and Eighth Avenues.  It was a four story double-sided walkup.  He and Grandma had a front facing apartment on the second floor and Great Grandma Molly lived with Dad’s sister Kate on the next floor up.

Gramps was one of the Left behind, who didn’t make it out to suburbia in the first wave, pre war.   Most of the families that stayed were the headed up by Union Men, AFL-CIO, teamsters, dockworkers, truckers, along with some firemen, policeman and sanitation workers.  They lived alongside the garment workers, department store clerks, and occasional artists, writers, musicians in Chelsea, along with the others who couldn’t afford the pricier Greenwich Village and didn’t want to live in the “so-called” East Village, which Gramps said, was a made up name for one of the nastier parts of the Lower East Side. 

For their wives, life was the kids, the church, Tommy the Butcher, the A&P and the Laundromat.  Occasionally, they headed down to the Chinese on Seventh between Fifteenth and Sixteenth and got take out.  Most of them stayed home with the kids and dreamed of a house at the Jersey Shore or somewhere on Staten Island. 

Life for the mostly Irish/German male population of Chelsea in ’52 revolved around their jobs, their families, and depending on the particular male, his church or his bar.  For Gramps, it was Burns Tavern.  The local Taverns were a man’s one escape from the female population of Chelsea.  No respectable woman would enter one; therefore, a man could relax, enjoy a cigarette or cigar and talk sports without someone nagging him to clean the windows or the carpet.


Colin, December 1952

He worked four to twelve both tonight and tomorrow, and the following day was Christmas Eve…  That meant Christmas would be on Sunday and he still hadn’t gotten Babs her Mucky Ducky.  He and Edna had argued again.  Momma came down to take Babs and his sister, Kate, came with her.  Kate, of course, took Edna’s side.  Momma wouldn’t interfere; but he’d be damned if he could understand why it would be such a sin for Kate to take one day off to go to his company’s Christmas party with Babs.  They would be giving out gifts to the kids and door prizes to the adults and he and Edna hadn’t danced together since the War was over. 

Momma said she’s watch the “little lambkin;” but Kate had a fit.  She told him in no uncertain terms that she lived in that apartment with Momma and had to put up with the brat five days a week and wasn’t going to do it for six.  Edna didn’t care if Babs missed the party and she absolutely refused to let Colin take her alone. 

He had his usual reaction.  He stomped out of the house like a stupid child and headed out for Burns.  Colin wasn’t a mean or a sloppy drunk, just a gregarious one.  He was a natural born storyteller, a raconteur.  This night, however, he had nothing to say.  He parked down on the last stool against the bar and asked for a Ballantine on tap with a Canadian Whiskey Chaser.  Putting a twenty on the bar, Colin instructed Dick, the bartender, to keep them coming.

He sat on the stool at the end of the bar and got lost in the dark forest of his memories.  He was only seventeen when he figured out that Edna was interested in him.  Encouraged by his sister Kate to ask Edna out, he was stunned when she accepted his invitation.  Colin never could figure out why Edna wanted date, much less to marry him.  Kate had done everything she could to keep her family away from Edna and all of a sudden; she started to push them together just eight weeks before he was going to ship out to boot camp.  He had just turned eighteen. Colin was flattered that Edna, a woman of twenty-eight would be interested in a just turned eighteen year old.  However, Colin worked at grown men’s jobs since his fourteenth birthday and always pulled his own weight.  He was proud of the fact she wanted him.  After all, she was educated, a Registered Nurse and he didn’t finish grammar school.  They married the day before he shipped out and had a one-night honeymoon.

Colin came home from the war in 1945 a lot wiser man than when he left.  They married in October and Edna wrote him in February that they had lost the baby she “conceived” on their one night honeymoon.  Soon after that, he spent two days holed up in an Italian Wine Cellar under German bombardment with nothing but Edna’s letter and vino.  He crawled out of that cellar with three things; claustrophobia that would plague him the rest of his life, an alcohol problem, and the surety that Edna St. Clare, with his sister Kate’s help, married him to provide a name for her bastard child. 

Since both Colin and Edna were Catholic and there would be no divorce, he would only demand one thing out of his sham of a marriage, a child, his child.  It took quite a while for Edna to conceive until Colin went to the library and figured out how she avoided pregnancy.  The next month he carefully watched his wife’s personal habits and kept track on a pocket calendar.  It took an additional six months; but by January of 1951, Babs was born.

Bill Teague came into Burns shaking the snow off his topcoat.  He found Colin at the end of the bar. 

“Hey, Col, didn’t you want one of these for Babs?  You didn’t come in so I grabbed the last one.”

“Jesus Christ thanks Bill, I was so busy drowning my sorrows, I forgot to pick it up.  Edna bought the kid all these fancy clothes and dollies she couldn’t touch, but all Babs asked for was Mucky Ducky.” Colin said.

Colin was not usually a maudlin drunk.  However, tonight he was a very lonely man.  Edna allowed him no close friends and the friends he had made before the war didn’t realize he was somehow different than he was then.  He liked Bill Teague.   The man was an artist who worked part time in retail to get money for his supplies.  They met during the Spring Art Exhibit held in and around Washington Square Park.

Colin took Babs for a walk faithfully every Saturday and Sunday so that Edna would have the time to “clean house and rest” before starting the workweek.  Colin didn’t find Babs to be much trouble.  She was a happy baby and went anywhere he brought her so long as he carried her when she got tired.  Babs feel asleep on Colin’s shoulder as they walked through the new exhibit.  Colin had even paid to have an artist do a profile of Babs in copper.  He would hide it from Edna because she’d call it clutter and throw it out.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to find a tall lanky man holding a ball of wool that looked suspiciously like it came from his favorite sweater, the one he had on. 

“What did you do, bud.”  Colin scowled at Teague.

“I didn’t do anything, Mister, I’m afraid it’s your wee one that’s making your sweater back into yarn.”

“She’s asleep,”  Colin replied.  “Has been for the last hour.”

“And for the last thirty minutes that I’ve been following you, she’s been twitching her little thumb and rubbing it under her nose with yarn.  I’m Bill Teague, an artist of sorts.  I’d like to sketch the little one doing that to your sweater.”

“I’m Colin Kelly.  If I let you sketch me, the guys on the platform won’t ever let me forget it, but I like the idea of you sketching Babs.  She’s cute as a button.  But I could never tell her mother.  She’d say I was making her vain.”  Colin faced reddened, as if he knew he said too much.

“Maybe I could just show your back and her head to the side.  But I don’t know why any mother wouldn’t be proud to show her off, she’s adorable.” 

Colin chuckled. “Yeah, she is that.  Tell you what, we walk the Village every Saturday and spend Sundays in the park.  I drink at Burns.  Now you know where to find me.  I’ll think on it.”


Bill knew that his Colin was in bad shape from the moment he walked into the bar.  From the looks of it, Colin didn’t make it in to work and sat at Burns for eight hours steadily downing shots and beers.  Bill eyed Dick and asked if Colin had eaten.  He couldn’t let him go home like this because Edna would have his guts for garters and not let him out with Babs for a few weeks.  That would kill his Colin.  Bill Teague was hopelessly in love with Colin Kelly and had been since he had seen the blond haired, blue-eyed man with wide shoulders at the Art Show.  Those shoulders wide enough to rest a baby’s body and arms strong enough to carry her for hours were enough to send his errant cock into instant attention. 

Bill went and did the unforgivable in his community; he fell for a straight man.  Although sometimes, like tonight, he wasn’t exactly sure how “straight” Colin really was.  In the past months, Bill spent many days walking along with Colin and Babs.  The better he got to know “his man and his baby” the more he loved them both.

Colin aced fatherhood.  He loved his Babs feverishly.  But he knew enough that she needed room to explore.  In the almost two years since Babs had arrived, the two of them had toured most of lower Manhattan. 

Growing up in the city, Colin new everyone.  Babs had sat on Lucky Luciano’s lap and danced to the quarters he put in the jukebox in a pastry shop in little Italy.  She ate Chinese in Chinatown and Colin found she loved Won Ton Soup.   A few weeks away from two, she spoke clearly, albeit in a squeaky voice.  She remembered the names of the people she liked…In other words, Babs Kelly was a lot like her Daddy and she loved him as fiercely as he loved her.  Bill came to Babs’ first birthday party. It was a memorable event. Babs took her first fumbling steps across the room because her beloved Daddy had another little girl on his lap.  As Bill read the situation, Babs already figured out that her mother was at best indifferent to her welfare and at her worse an active detractor. So Babs held on to Colin tightly, knowing he was all she had.

Dick got the kitchen to reheat the lamb stew they had on the menu for supper and Bill made Colin eat every spoonful.  Colin asked Bill if he could keep Mucky Ducky until tomorrow and said he’d pick him up just after the party at work.  Bill sighed but let Colin have his way.  Bill and Dick poured Colin into a taxi and sent him home.

Dick was old school Irish and blunt as a hammer.  “Teague, you’re not blatant about it, so I don’t mind you coming in to drink with Colin, but does he know you’re a faggot son?”

“No, Dick.  I’m just his friend and God knows, he needs one.”

“Yeah, between Edna and that bitch of a sister, Colin doesn’t have much of a life.  Don’t make it worse for him Teague, or we’ll all make it worse for you.”


When Colin didn’t show up the next day for Mucky Ducky, Bill knew something was wrong; Colin wouldn’t forget about the duck for Babs no matter how hung over he was.  Bill grabbed a cab (he never did acquire the talent of whistling for one) and he and Mucky Ducky rode over to Colin’s apartment.

He pushed the buzzer and got no answer.  Then, he saw a little head just over the window to the courtyard, her eyes lit up and the buzzer rang back.  Bill took the stairs two at a time and Babs was waiting with the apartment door open.  He little face was dirty with dust and tear tracks.  She took Bill’s hand and pulled him over to the couch. 

There was Colin; covered by debris from a collapsed plaster ceiling that was soaked with water.  Bill remembered Kate lived upstairs.  He pulled the plaster chunks off Colin and ascertained that he was still breathing.  He then took Babs into the bathroom and gave her a bath.  They made coffee in the kitchen and eventually Colin woke to the smell. 

Colin and Bill said nothing to each other, but both of them knew that Kate and Edna had planned this together.  If Babs had snuck up on the couch to curl up against her Daddy, the plaster chunks that barely left a lump on Colin’s hard head might have killed her.  Bill knew at that moment, what Dick had tried to tell him the night before.  His heart was breaking in two.  He wouldn’t be sharing time with Colin and Babs any longer.



Bill hesitated at the top of the steps.  He hadn’t been in the bar in a few years.  Burns Tavern had expanded. They now had a dining room that served Irish comfort food to the neighborhood.  There were more women in the establishment now.  They came with their husbands for a night out.  The actual bar served as a refuge for Dick’s long-term clientele.  Thick smoke hung in the air over the “bar” part of the establishment.  It was obvious that Dick wanted to rid himself of the “old” crowd and plug in to the new family dining out concept.  Dick flicked his thumb to the end of the bar.  There was a man slumped over the rail.  Uncontrollable sobs racked his body.  He looked disheveled, even dirty; although there seemed to be enough money on the bar to pay his tab. 

Dick motioned Bill over to the “hostess” stand.  “Get him out of here before I have to throw him out.  I’m sorry.  You are the only one I could call.”

“It’s okay, Dick, I know how much upset that poor sorry bastard must have cost you to reduce you to the low of calling in a queer to help out.”  Bill sneered.

“Get his ass out of here before I call a cop to do it.  It would kill him to have Babs know that and you know Edna would tell her, first thing.”

“You are just as much a hypocritical bastard as Edna is a hypocritical bitch, Dick; but I’ll take care of Colin for old times sake.”

“Colin…come on baby, it’s Bill.  I’m taking you home.”

“Missed you Bill.  Can’t go home, don’t have one.  The smaller man shrugged his shoulders.  Even Dick doesn’t want me anymore.  Why’d you leave me, Billy?  You just stopped being my friend.  You left, and my Babs were all I had….Jesus, Billy, Momma died and she sent Babs away to Catholic Boarding School.  Babs hates it.” Colin began to sob quietly.

“Come on Colin, let’s get out of here.  We’ll go to my place and get you clean and sober.  Then we’ll talk and see what we can do.”  Bill carefully supported Colin until he stood on his own and supported his arm allowing him to leave with dignity on his own two feet.

Bill Teague was a “name” in New York City’s Art Community.  He worked in all mediums, oils, pastels, stone and clay.  He played with casting bronze.  He didn’t need money.  His parents had passed leaving him a huge trust fund and collectors and museums alike sought after his work.  He wasn’t satisfied with the current intensity of his work and knew he never would be until he could be with the man he loved or fall in love with someone else. 

He hadn’t seen Colin since Christmas Eve in 1952 when he almost gave it all away.  Colin would have been horrified, so rather than have Colin look at him the way Dick did; he opted out of Colin’s life.  And now, again close to Christmas, he found himself propelled back into it.

Bill owned a double townhouse on the square with a huge loft on the fourth floor for his art projects.  The stoop was high as the original kitchen and servants’ area were in the lower levels. Admittedly, the house was worth much more than he paid for it.  The Powers that Be considered that the city was going downhill and spoke about White Flight, leaving architectural gems to be picked up by the “queers” at bargain basement prices.

He got Colin down the stairs to the back entrance by the kitchen.  He quickly put together the ingredients for an urn of coffee.  He made it the way he knew Colin liked it strong and thick.  He removed Colin’s Navy snorkel. Street salt and mud fell off in chunks on the kitchen floor. Underneath was a quilted vest with snaps, followed by a rough plaid shirt, a thermal shirt and a plain T-shirt.  Colin made no protest as Bill pulled off each layer. 

“Drink more of the coffee, Colin.”  Bill said, urging the mug into his hand.

“I don’t remember ever being here, Bill.  Why was I never here?  What did I do to you to make you hate me, never could figure it out.  And yet, now, when I’m completely on my ass, you came.  Why Bill?”

“Strip off your lower half, Colin.  I’ll run you a tub.  You get clean and into a robe and I’ll fix us something to eat.  Then, you can tell me what happened to you tonight and I’ll tell you what happened to me six years ago.  Deal?”  Bill asked.

“Deal.”  Colin answered.  “I missed you, Bill, more than you know; I missed you.”

“Towels in the bathroom, Col.  We’ll talk.”  Bill was glad Colin went into the bathroom quickly.  He almost lost it.  There had been men, many men in the last six years and endless stream of men; but none of them were Col.  He stood over the washer as he spot cleaned and Wisked Col’s clothes.  They were almost rags.  How long had he been on the streets?  Why hadn’t Dick called him sooner? 

He came out of the laundry room and back into the kitchen.  It was still set up in the old style white tiled walls trimmed with black with the black and white tiled floor.  He thought of Babs when he bought this place.  Hopscotch. 

Colin came out of the bath wearing Bill’s robe.  It hung about 7 inches too long on his much smaller frame.  Colin looked shamefaced but feisty.  Colon fought to catch his breath, his breathing labored.  Once Bill got him settled, he was calling the Doctor.  He was sure Colon had pneumonia.

“Dick called you?”  Colin asked.

“Yeah.”  Bill answered.

“Why, you’ve ignored me for six years?” 

“Because he knew I’d come,” Bill answered quietly.

Colin shook his head in disbelief, “Why would you come?  How did he know that?”

“He just did,” Bill said.  “Why don’t you tell me what happened to you.  I promise I’ll fill in the blanks when you finish.”

Colin began to sputter in protest.  Bill held up his hand.  “You have to go first, because when you hear what I have to stay; you may leave and I’ll never know about you, about Babs…”

“Do you have some cream for this sludge?”  Colin asked.

“That’s how you like it.” 

“Doesn’t mean I don’t want to dress it up. But, unlike the coffee, I can’t dress this one up.  I missed our friendship, hell; it was the only one I had not dictated by Edna.  Momma died last year.”  Col’s voice cracked a bit.  He started to cough, racking, hard coughs.  It sounded like his lungs were rattling.

“I’m so sorry, Col.”

“It was quick, a stroke.  You know she minded Babs during the day while Edna slept.  Edna got a twelve to eight shift that paid more at the hospital.  Momma was taking Babs to pre-school, and then kindergarten Edna would pick her up after school.  I would take her upstairs to Momma’s apartment just before I left for my twelve to eight and it would all begin again the next morning.  I was worried about Momma.” 

“Kate was also playing the hypochondriac.  She was in bed all of the time and had Momma waiting on her hand and foot.  Babs always watched Momma comb her hair.  Momma’s hair reached below her waist, at 73 there still was a lot of it.  All that Babs remembered was that Kate called, Momma told her to go and see what Kate wanted.  When Babs came back, Momma was on the floor.  Kate didn’t believe her and the poor poppet just started to scream and scream until I came home at 8:00.  Everything seemed to fall apart after that.”  Col chest began to spasm again.

“How long you had that cough, Col?”  Bill asked.

“Since I left the house, I haven’t been able to get warm.  I was home sick when it all started.”  Col said.  “Let me lay out the rest of it Bill, while I still have the strength to sit upright. Edna didn’t want to change shifts, so I did.  I got one of the Hennessey girls down the street to watch Babs from 3:00 when she came home from school until 4:30 when I arrived.  Edna had her enrolled in sleep away camp during the summer for six weeks and followed that up with another day camp.  My sister, who was unable (so she said) to support herself came to live with us despite my protests.  Edna gave her Babs’ room and Babs had to move to the couch.” 

“I strenuously objected to Babs being displaced by my sister but Edna ignored me.  By September, Edna again, over my objections, had Babs enrolled in a Catholic Boarding School up in Westchester County.  It takes an hour to get there by train.”

“She hates it, Bill.  They all have parents that contribute to their building fund. They know Edna is a poser; a wannabe.  When Babs did make some fancy friends, Edna wouldn’t let them come see her at the apartment because Edna was ashamed.  When she went back to school, they all knew that Edna’s mother was ashamed of where they lived.  The nuns started treating her like dirt. Babs called that night.  She was crying so hard she could barely speak.  She begged me to come home.  I promised her, Bill, I promised to see what I could do.  I gave Edna an ultimatum.  I said she had to bring Babs home or I would report her for sneaking all the drugs out of the hospital for my sister.  She just laughed at me and threw me out.

“All of the accounts, everything is in her name.  I only have what I earn and she is petitioning the court for separation and support.  I didn’t even have enough in my pocket for a furnished room.  She’d been laying the groundwork for years.  With Momma gone their were no more obstacles; I guess I managed to move up her timetable.”

“I got paid today.  I thought about getting that room and a hot meal, being clean and seeing the doc, then I thought, for what.  I didn’t have Babs; I had lost you long ago.”  The tears began pouring down his cheeks. 

“I never told you six years ago, Bill.  I should have, but I never did.  I’ve had feelings for you.  Feelings that aren’t right. Ever since that day we spent putting together Babs’ duck after the ceiling caved in, I realized I was never really attracted to women.  If I had been, I would have cheated on Edna years ago.  But you, you I would lie, cheat and steal for Bill; and not give a damn.  I’ll never get Babs’ back.  Edna’s got that locked up tight.  She hired some fancy assed lawyer.  They won’t let me on the grounds of the school to see her.  Edna has them convinced that I’m a drunken menace.  Six years ago, I had something to offer you Bill.  Now I’m a drunk in truth.”

“Oh Baby,” the bigger man pulled Colin off his chair and into his lap, “All I ever needed or wanted was you and Babs. We are a pair of gay men and even if we weren’t gay, the mother usually gets custody of the children.  But, Baby, I have enough money to throw around to get you visitation.  Especially if you’re willing to go and dry out.  It will be tough, but I know you can.  I love you, Colin Kelly, I always have.”

Bill stood, lifting them both out of the chair and walked up the stairs.  Another flight and they stood on a landing with three doors.  Bill said they were connecting suites with a powder room in the middle.  Bill stood for a moment to think, and then in a shaky voice said to Colin, “Where do you want to stay.  This suite connects to mine, but there are others upstairs.”

“I don’t want to stay upstairs; I don’t want to stay next to you, Bill I want to lie in your arms.  I want you to make love to me.  I want to be touched by someone who wants me, not someone else from years passed.  I want you so bad.  Please let me stay with you.”  Then, turning his head into Bill’s chest, Colin did something totally unexpected, he grabbed Bill’s cock and said, “Let’s go to bed, I want to taste this.”  

July 1969

Once Colin went through detox, Bill talked him into returning to school.  Colin didn’t want to take money from Bill, but Bill told him it was a loan.  Colin didn’t know that Bill made sure everything he owned would eventually pass to Colin and Babs.  It only took Colin two years to graduate from NYU with a Bachelor’s Degree in English.  Bill wanted Colin to continue on for his Masters Degree, but Colin had other ideas.  He picked up an old typewriter from the Salvation Army Store on Fourteenth Street and in less than two months; churned out a military potboiler. 

Now both Colin and Bill made a splash around the gay artsy crowd.   The Stonewall Riots politicized the neighborhood.  Colin joined the groups working quietly behind the scenes to improve the conditions of gay and lesbian life.  Until January of this year, he hadn’t had an “unsupervised” visit with Babs.  He knew the road he chose was rough, but his gut burned to make it better for those who followed. 

Since January, Babs made regular trips into Manhattan with her friends to “shop.”  They never saw the inside of Macy’s and always came straight to “Uncle Billy’s.”  Babs’ friends loved Colin.  She hung with a theater crowd and the fact that Billy was an artist and Colin a novelist gave his Babs some cache.  She never spoke about her life with Edna and Kate.  They had moved to New Jersey back in 1960 to thwart the court imposed visitation, but Billy’s lawyer didn’t let them get away with it. However, Babs had never been able to talk to him frankly about her life. 

He worried, but when Bill held him in his arms every night, he could make Colin forget the whole ugly world out there.  He remembered the first time they made love.  He had a virgin ass, hell, he had a virgin everything.  He only knew he wanted to touch Bill and run his mouth and tongue over his skin.  He wanted Bill to fill him, and although he was afraid of the pain, he wanted Bill to possess him completely.

Bill laid Colin out on the bed, removing his robe and then let his own drop to the floor.  He lay down beside Colin and began to worship his lips with his tongue.  It hadn’t taken Colin very long to pick up on the technique and soon he was kissing Bill with just as much enthusiasm.  Bill ran his long arms up and down Colin’s smaller body; stopping at his tight little ass.  Bill pulled Colin in closer and reached under his pillow for the lube.  He poured some oil into his hands and proceeded to slick up his cock and then Colin’s. 

Bill ground his pelvis against Colin’s.  Both cocks were shafts of steel with Bill’s being longer and thicker.  Colin’s cock was average in size, but what nature had not give in length and girth she compensated for with a very active mouth and golden hands.  Colin was shocked his hands could make Bill shiver with need.

Babs was due that weekend and was bringing a boyfriend.  Colin was concerned that they would disgust her Michael, but Bill told him that any man Babs loved would understand and the kind of man Babs needed would accept their relationship with little hesitation.   

Because they had guests coming for the weekend, Colin planned to seduce Bill tonight.  Bill had been in his studio all afternoon.  When he came down the stairs, Colin presented him with a tray of Oysters Rockefeller and caviar, egg and toast.  He had prepared Caesar Salad, and Duck in Plum Sauce stuffed with foie de Grasse.   He had actually attempted a trifle and although it looked a little messy, he was sure it would taste fine.  Colin always looked to please Bill.  Bill was his “Top.”  Although their relationship was much looser than the term implied.  Colin looked around with satisfaction.  This setup would buy him a blowjob, and a hard fuck up the ass if he weren’t mistaken, he rubbed his hands in anticipation.   


                It was after eleven and Bill had crawled out of bed to get a drink of water.  Colin had just about worn him out and he loved it.  Never, in the last ten years, did he believe he made a mistake in loving Colin Kelly.  They had had hard times and good times but they always managed to pull through together.  Even that old bastard of a homophobe Dick came to their home and grudgingly approved of their relationship.  Bill was a bit more cynical than Colin who believed that Dick had seen the light.  Bill knew the population of the area was turning liberal and young and that Burns Tavern couldn’t afford to antagonize the next generation of customers. Burns had a changed atmosphere.  The “old guard” would buy drinks and meals for the struggling artists, artisans and theater people.  They in turn would make sure the old guard got tickets to everything they appeared in, even after them “made it.” 

When the phone rang, Bill pounced to get it.  Colin stayed up all last night finishing his latest military novel.  He had moved on to the politics of the present war and he was bothered by what he saw, it was too similar to the last few abortions.  After finishing the novel, he stayed up all day planning Bill’s surprise.  Bill wanted him to get more sleep before Babs arrived with “the boyfriend” because he was beginning to become worried about Colin’s health. 

He picked up the phone and a chill ran down his spine, no good news ever came by phone after midnight. 

He and Colin sat side by side in the waiting room of Saint Vincent’s on Eleventh Street.  Bill had an impression of intuitional green walls with a lot of old wood paneling.  There were crosses everywhere and stained glassed windows.  The Doctor had already come out and pronounced Michael, Babs’ boyfriend, dead.  Babs was in critical condition.  Michael’s parents made their way over to Colin.  Colin didn’t let go of Bill’s hand.  The mother, a soft-spoken blonde with cow brown eyes took hold of Colin’s other hand. 

“I’m Marna, Michael Sr. and I loved her just as much as Junior did.  Please listen to me, Mr. Kelly.  There is something that needs to be done.  Bill sat up straighter and pinched Colin so he would pay attention to the quiet spoken women.  Babs’ mother was a mean selfish bitch.  Our Michael was six years older than she was and tried to watch out for her since they met.  He told us he fell in love with her when he first laid eyes on her.  When we met your daughter, we knew why.  Her mother threw her out of the house tonight, literally laid hands on her in violence.” 

“She’s was and I hope still is, pregnant.  They were coming to see you and planning to get married in Maryland.  They wanted you to accompany them and us to meet them there.  If something happens to Babs, Edna’s going to try to get custody so she and Kate will have another live-in maid.  Don’t let it happen, Mr. Kelly.”     

 “We are going to sign Michael’s rights over to you.  Michael Senior has an extremely bad heart and because of that, we can’t get custody.  We know about your lifestyle; but we are not judgmental.  We know Edna.  But Babs loved you.  Michael would have wanted it that way.  Please don’t let Edna get my Michael’s child.”

Colin looked at Bill in a state of disbelief.  “Bill…”

“I love her too, Baby.  We’ll do whatever needs to be done…”  with that Bill Teague kissed Colin Kelly right in front of God and Everyone; as if they had the right, the same right and privilege to love as the rest of humanity.

Babs was pale when they were finally let in to see her.  She only asked for one thing.  Please Daddy, Billy, make them keep me alive until Michael’s baby is born.  Bring me lawyer’s papers, I want to make sure that Edna never gets her filthy hands on my baby.  Babs fell back on the pillow her breathing shallow as if she exerted a major effort.

Bill called his lawyer the next day and papers were drawn and signed by the Domechis, in their son Michael’s stead, and by a very weak Babs.  The last signatures were Colin’s and Bill’s. 

Colin murmured to Bill, “Are you sure about this.  You’ve done so much for us already.”

“Don’t you get it yet, Colin Kelly?  I love you.  She’s as much my daughter as yours and I will do anything to put her mind at ease.  Including calling one of your friends from the old neighborhood to take care of Edna, if necessary.”


May 30, 2004

“Gramps, you better get your ass in gear, if you want to make it to the wedding on time.”  Shouted Sean.

“Who are you calling Gramps old man.  Between you and your twin sister you have six of your own with two more on the way.”  Grumbled Colin.  “I have no idea why you and Aileen decided to make such a big deal of this.”

“Never mind, old man, it is a big deal and you know it.”  Sean chocked up.  “Come on now, put on the tux.”

“Where is your sister?”  Asked Colin.

“She’s with Billy.”  Sean answered.

“What about Kevin and the Bride to Be?”  Colin asked.

“Don’t worry about that Gramps, Aileen and my Girls are taking care of that.” Sean answered.

“Gramps, did I ever tell you how much Aileen and I loved you and Billy.  How much we appreciated you taking us in and raising us.  From what I’ve heard from Dad’s mom, Aileen and I were blessed to have you.”

Aileen walked into the beautiful seaside suite.  The kids insisted that the wedding take place in Provincetown, why, Colin had no clue.  “He’s right, Gramps.  We were very, very lucky and we love you and Pop Pop more than we can say.”

“You look just like your mother, Aileen.  And you, the man your father would have grown into.”

“I know Mom loved both you and Pop Pop.  Grandma Marna always told us how she loved you, Billy and our Dad.  It’s time, Gramps.”

Aileen gave Gramps a kiss and left the room. 

“I’m to escort you downstairs, Gramps.”

“Where’s Aileen going and where is Billy?”

“Aileen is going to check up on Billy and help the girls with Kevin.  Come on now, we’ll be late.”


Kevin maneuvered Colin to one side of the small wedding chapel.  He stopped briefly to straighten Colin’s tie; gave Colin a little push and Colin found himself standing next to his Billy before a Justice of the Peace.  He turned, and all of his extended friends and family filled the chapel.  His friends from his GLBT group, stood side by side with Joe, Tony and Dick from Burns Tavern.  The editors, publishers and his agent were side by side with his former trucker friends. 

All of Billy’s Art Crowd were mingled among them.  Billy took his Colin’s chin between his fingers and said, “Maybe I should have asked before I set all this up, but, Colin…” Here 87 year old Billy tried to get down on his knees…”

“Get up you old fool and spare your knees.  I’ve loved you for over 50 years; would I be saying no to you now?  I love you Billy Teague.”

“I assume you’ve got the rings, Sean.”

“Yes, Gramps.”

“Then let’s make this a permanent arrangement.”

Summer 2008

”Aileen, do you think we did the right thing with the headstone?” Sean asked.

“Yeah, we did the right thing.  Both Gramps and Pop Pop swore they had never lived until they met each other.  This was the way they would have wanted it.  And they are resting right next to Mom and Dad.”

“I suppose you’re right. Mom missed so much by being tied to Edna.  At least she found Dad.”  Sean answered.

“God, I miss them already.  Do you think our kids and grandkids will miss us as much when we go?”  Aileen asked.

“Actually, I do.  We had two pretty great examples.”

William Teague


Colin Kelly

1952 to 2008

A Permanent Arrangement

Like Thunder, The Curse of the Sidthe Queen

His watch read one am. Although  the windows were open there wasn’t a hint of a breeze. A major power outage turned Asbury Park’s newest luxury high rise into ten, three-winged stacks of elegant ovens. The largest and hottest occupying the top two floors of the building – the penthouse suite. Both the bedroom and the great room had doors to the balcony which wrapped around the eastern corner, facing the ocean view. Barry and Jack tried sleeping on the balcony lounges yesterday but tonight they were wet from humidity and sticky from the salt fog that rolled in from the beach.

Tonight, they lay  naked, in  bed  touching fingertips. Barry, the artist, held his head up with his arm as he watched Jack’s face in repose. Jack slept fitfully for the last few weeks. Sweat poured off his brow and and drenched the pelt of thick raven hair on his head, making it curl. The dusting of hair across his pecs held beads of sweat which hung on the tips of his chest hair. Breathing sent rivulets down his chest bone to the dark thatch of hair surrounding his penis and covering his balls. Here the sweat glittered like tiny diamonds in the twilight.  Jack’s body shone as if Barry had rubbed him with scented oil. Tonight Jack was not at ease, his body was in constant motion as if he were afraid.  Awake, the man fear nothing but asleep, there was a hougan that haunted the cloud paths.  Barry was just enough of a Celt to believe in hougans, little people, the Sidthe and the brownies.  However, Barry was too much of an artist to miss capturing Jack with his tortured heart drawn across his body.

Thunder rumbled in the distance coupled with brief flash of light. The storm headed their way but he didn’t want to turn on their radio until it was necessary least the batteries run dry. Jack looked so wanton in the dark that Barry fumbled down the spiral staircase looking about the apartment to retrieve his sketch pad.. He found it and his charcoal pencil. He took the candelabra and a brace of candles from the sleekly modern dining table and raced back up the stairs. He had to finish the sketch before the storm.

Barry crept back into position, Jack was still asleep. He briskly sketched the outline of the beloved face, the strong square jaw, the high cheekbones and aristocratic nose. The eye sockets were deep yet the lashes of those eyes so long they hit his cheeks just above the lower lids when closed. One arm was flung across the broad chest. It was muscled and strong enough to make Barry feel safe in his embrace.. The other arm lay across his six pack, the hand reaching down and barely touching the beautifully shaped penis that was an impressive six inches, soft, but could harden at the sound of Barry’s voice to a full stiff nine inches that Barry could barely fist. The thunder rumbled closer. Barry’s pencil moved over the page with greater speed.

He only needed a few more minutes to finish and then, as he had done with all of the other forbidden sketches, of his lover, he would destroy his art. Jack had made no rules in their relationship. no demands. All he ever asked was that Barry never draw, paint or in any way render his image on paper. But, sometimes, like now, when Jack looked so erotic and enticing, Barry could not resist. He always destroyed his renderings so he felt no harm could come of these small sins. After all, Barry was an artist and when artist recognized beauty it compelled him to  interpret what he saw. It was a hard-wired instinct.

The storm crept up sooner than Barry sensed. There was a sudden loud boom and a strike of lightening so close he could smell the sulphur. Jack sat up in the bed and looked at the sketchbook in Barry’s hands. He smiled sadly at Barry.

“Oh, baby, I was so fucking happy here with you. Why did you have to deceive me. A few more hours and I would be rid of this curse and…”tears spilled down the cheeks already made wet by the rivulets of sweat.

Barry blue eyes blazed with astonishment. Barry’s hand ran through his blue-black hair and his navy eyes blazed, “What curse? Who laid it and have you looked into a method of removal?”

Barry was second generation Irish, a people close to the old ways.He didn’t  waste time telling Jack that such things do not exist or that he should go to see the local shrink.  Barry knew Jack told the truth!

Jack hung his head. “I once had the audacity to rebuff the Sidthe Queen when she wanted a kiss of greeting. I knew, even then, that I was a lover of men and refused. She cursed me and said, Even you, a lover of men should respect a woman enough to kiss her cheek or give her comfort. A woman gave you life. You let your vanity overcome your sanity.

Barry shouted now over the noise of the hail and the rain, “What was the out, there is always an out.”

“The out was that I would live with someone a year and a day and not once look at a rendering of my face or form. She said that this would remind me what was gold and what was dross.”

“Please Barry, you are the first person in the last seven hundred years that has loved me for myself. I know you have drawn pictures before; but you were always careful enough to burn them before I saw them. I won’t be able to help but reach for that sketch and then…and then I will be banished again to another place and another time right before your eyes.”

“Jack, I won’t let her take you.”

“You won’t have a choice.”

Barry pulled his weeping lover into his arms. “know that you are my soul mate. There will never be anyone else for me.” his voice held a solemn promise.

“As you are mine…but I have a hundred lifetimes to live without you. You will have just one, my love.

“Wait…wait,” yelled Barry as his lover began to pack. “Don’t you realize, you haven’t looked at the sketch. I can burn it like I did the others and it will be as if it has never been.”

Jack turned back and looked at Barry with blue eyes, “It doesn’t work that way. Once I know it exists, I am forced by honor to stay in the vicinity of the picture until the time limit specified by the curse is finished. I will be unable to resist looking at it no matter where you hide it.”

“How many hours, baby?” Barry asked.

“Two, maybe one and a half by now. Our first anniversary was yesterday. You brought me home from the Pony and I stayed. It was about 3:00 am. It’s 2:00 now., another hour, maybe two to be safe.”

“I can keep you from looking at that sketch for more than two hours. You are going to be otherwise occupied, prepare for the ride of your life.
Barry slid into the bed beside Jack. He traced his lips down the his sweat slicked chest, laving the dark nubs seated like coins on his pecs. He nipped them with his teeth, and worried them with his tongue. He traced the trail of hair down to his navel, with kisses, stopping along the way to place love bites on the places he knew drove Jack to distraction.
“Oh love, my love,” Jack shouted as his shaft filled standing up from it’s furry black nest.
Barry didn’t go for the prize, instead he moved his head to the place between Jack’s leg and groin, tasting, rubbing his nose in the musky scent of sweat and man.

Outside the sky still poured, the rain running in rivulets down the expanse of windows, obscuring the view of the ocean. 

Barry turned Jack over and began to run his hands and lips down his spine. Seating himself on Jack’s back, he began to massage his shoulders thus preventing Jack from movement by the sheer force of his will. He ground his hands into the tension of Jack’s shoulders forcing his to relax his muscles.  Jack groaned.

Barry continued the massage working his way down from the shoulders to the small of his back where he again worked his magic tongue.  Rubbing his hands over the cheeks of Jack’s ass; he pulled them apart, inserting his wicked tongue in between tracing the lines of his buttocks, where they met in a circle. 

His lips moved further down into the recesses of the opening right to the small rosette in the middle. Barry began to nip around the hole tongue flying over the surface after each bite.
By this time, Jack was groaning, thrashing around the bed completely oblivious to anything except the feel of Barry’s talented tongue.  Barry rolled his tongue and attacked the rosette, laving around the circle pushing further and further inside. He fucked Jack’s hole with his tongue making Jack scream, bringing him to the brink of orgasm. 

Barry moved his tongue and caressed Jack’s ass with the stubble of his cheeks abrading the soft skin with the hint of his whiskers.  As soon as he was sure Jack pulled back from the edge, he moved his mouth down to the perineum kisses the area underneath his balls.
“I want you to get a piercing right there for me so I can tug it when we make love.” Barry said through gritted teeth.  He turned Jack over to face him,, Jack’s eyes were shut tight in ecstasy. Barry took a second to glance at his watch. He had fifteen minutes.  

His tongue traced the oval of Jack’s navel and traveled down to the bottom of his shaft.  His mouth moved over Jack’s balls taking each into his mouth and sucking them tenderly. Moving his tongue over their tender surface, then tugging and rolling them in his hand. 
Barry moved his mouth to Jack’s cock.  He circled the head with his tongue, moving down the sensitive underside then back up to circle the top and drew back the foreskin to drink the precum from his slit. He mouthed the head and used his hand to move along the shaft taking his mouth and placing it down around the shaft. He sucked in Jack’s cock, lips creating a velvet glove around the circumference.  He moved his mouth up and down creating friction coupled with his hand moving up and down the entire nine inches. 
Opening his throat he took Jack down and caressed the cock with his throat muscles.  Jack began to thrust into his mouth.  Barry squeezed the bottom of his shaft to prevent an orgasm.  
He grabbed the lube from under the pillow.  There was no need for a condom because they had been exclusive from the night they met and tested twice since then.  If there was any night to dispense with latex, tonight was it. 

“Jack, I’m going to fuck you tonight for the first time. Tonight you’ll be the bottom.”
All Jack could do was groan, “Fuck me, please, let me come.”

Barry opened flipped open the slick and spread it on the area around Jack’s hole and on his fingers.  He breached Jack with his first finger, curling the finger and stretching the muscle.  “Can you take a second finger now?” Barry asked.

“Burns, burns so good.” Jack moaned. “Never bottomed before, you are the first. I love you so much. I don’t want to leave you.”

“Easy, babe, you’re not going anywhere.” Barry answered with a firm tone of voice he didn’t even realize he owned.

“I’m putting in the second finger. Bear down.”

Jack followed Barry’s instruction and bore down.  Barry inserted the second finger.  Jack hole grasped Barry’s fingers like a vise. Barry moved the fingers around deep in the hole curling them up and looking for the sweet spot.  Jack near jumped off the bed.

Barry removed his fingers and lined up with Jack’s hole.  Jack bore down and Barry pushed, moving past the guardian muscle with Jack gasping. “Are you okay?”

“I feel full and it burns but I want you so badly, please don’t stop.” Barry began to thrust with at a slow pace, in and out holding onto Jack’s thighs for purchase;. Barry thrust in earnest. Jack bucked up to meet each thrust.  Barry leaned down and grabbed the back of Jack’s neck pulling him into a hard kiss.

Jack cried, “I’m so close. I’ve never felt like this, take me, take me hard.”

Barry increased his pace and began to stoke Jack’s cock in rhythm with his stroke.  Barry concentrated.  This was for Jack, not him. “Come for me, baby. Come.”

Jack’s body began to shake the river of precum increased.  Barry gave it all he had, his balls flapping against Jack’s ass.  Jack shouted, “I’m comming.”

Streams of white jism shot up from his cock covering Barry’s chest and dripping down to coat his lover’s shaft.  
Barry thrust twice more and stiffened.  His cum coated the inside of his lover’s ass coating it with his mark.
Barry laid down on Jack’s chest. not moving leaving his now softening cock inside his lover. He glanced at his watch, 3:15 am. He did it.

A clash of thunder roared in the sky and the room was flooded with white light. A tall beautiful woman stood at the end of the bed. Barry pulled out from his lover’s arms ready to put his life between Jack and the Sidthe queen.

“Greet me properly, Jack Howard.” Jack left the bed and knelt before the queen.  You may kiss my cheek.  Jack stood and kissed both of the cheeks of the Sidthe queen in reverence.
Barry dropped down on his knees and pleaded, “Please, your majesty, don’t separate us. He fulfilled your orders, please.”

“Quiet young one.  He more than fulfilled my request. He didn’t look at his rendered portrait, and he finally let himself love someone enough to let him inside.”

With another clap of thunder, she disappeared. Jack clung to Barry.”I’m free.I’m yours for this lifetime and every life to come to the end of time. You broke the curse.”

“I didn’t do anything, Jack.  I just loved you.”

“As I love you.” Jack got off the floor and picked Barry up returning him to bed cradling him in his arms. “And so I will, forever.”