The Character and Culture of the Loup Garou

Google_WerewolvesManhattanIn the culture of the loup garou, rape of a Mate is the worst crime that can be perpetrated against an Alpha and according to loup garou law, if a human commits the crime, the Alpha is powerless because he can do nothing but wait for the human justice system to punish the rapist.

Gabriel Martin, Alpha of the Southeastern Territory of the United States and Chief Information and Technology Officer of Garou Industries is put into this situation when he finds his mate, Kane Brady in an alleyway after being gang raped by five students from McClennan High School’s basketball team.  Kane, the teacher of two of the star players, refuses to pass the students who did no schoolwork in his class all semester because their coach told them that they shouldn’t have to be taught by a fag.

My intention in writing this book was to highlight how unfair the justice system is to any victim of the crime of rape. The assailants get out of jail on bail, and the accuser has to live in fear until the justice system grinds along to its conclusion possibly taking a year or more to do so depending on the skill of the defendant’s lawyer.

Rape committed against a homosexual man is especially heinous because it ‘s harder to prove.  Essentially, the jury is made to believe that the victim should have been able to fight off his attackers or, that he somehow asked to be raped because he is gay and presumed to be promiscuous.

The victim is made to relive the incident all over again when badgered by the rapist’s defense attorney on the witness stand. He is forced to defend his morality and the validity of his sexual orientation when the lawyer finds a way to introduce his sexual history into the proceedings. If the jury has even one bigot, the result could be a hung jury, and unless the prosecutor decides to retry the case, justice is not served.

Gabriel knows this; his mother was brutally raped when he was a young pup, and the assailant, a human, was never captured. Now Gabriel must find a way to get his Mate to accept intimacy when this horrendous crime is the only sexual experience he has ever had.

If Gabriel tears the rapists apart, he loses his life for harming humans. If he doesn’t, he stands to lose both his Mate and his self-respect? How does Gabriel protect his Mate in the face of human law? How does his Mate recover and be able to embrace Gabriel joyfully at the mating?

When I started this book, I knew that any rape victim was victimized twice, one by their rapist and the second time by the system that is supposedly sworn to protect them.  In the culture I created for the loup garou, the Alpha is put in an impossible position, he has to seek justice for his Mate, yet both human and loup garou law forbid him to do so, even if justice isn’t served by the system.

How Gabriel, his fellow Alphas, and their Mates bring Kane through this tragedy shows the essence of the character of the loup garou, a culture who by circumstance must live under the laws of a system that is not their own.

I further explore this theme in the fifth novel of this series, Alexei’s Mouse telling the story of a Russsian Alpha forced to live under the Putin’s repressive regime that encourages violence against homosexuals.

I hope you enjoy Marking Kane, but I would also like my readers to consider the cause and effect of the crime of rape which has become part of a culture of violence on our college and university campuses.


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2 Responses to The Character and Culture of the Loup Garou

  1. Vanessa Bolourforosh says:

    I just finished reading Marking Kane, the fourth novel in the series the Wolves of Manhattan. I have long been a fan of any author of GLBT paranormal romances especially shifters and vampires. I am looking forward to your next novel in this series with great anticipation. Thanks for becoming one of my favorite authors.

    • AC Katt says:

      Thank you so much for liking my work. The next book in the shifter series is Alexei’s Mouse coming out in May.