Third Excerpt from Waiting for Mark

Here is the third excerpt from Waiting for Mark, the third in the Sunset Club Series which is available at MLR at at Amazon at and at All Romance at

WaitingForMark_432 (1)Reggie felt good talking to Mark somewhere other than the club. The club was always noisy, and the music was loud. That’s why he used to stop in as soon as the club was open and eat dinner. Even though Mark was working, he, at least, got to chat with him without so much distraction. However, at nine the DJ started, Mark got busy, and Reggie was the distraction. So he generally left at nine.

He was intrigued when Mark first refused to go out with him, so he kept asking. About six months into the chase, Reggie’s feelings morphed and he started to respect Mark and eventually, to love him. Now he needed Mark to believe in him and for that, he had to keep him safe.

The water was still running in the shower. Reggie took his phone out of his pocket and called Jack Romano. “Jack, Reggie. Did you do any poking around in the matter of Billy Cruz and Jay Conway?”

“Yeah, I did. Cruz is a nutcase. Conway’s is a want-to-be. Now that Jeremy’s a resident at Central Shore, I had him peek at Mark’s medical records. Mark almost died because of Billy, but didn’t press charges.”

“Oh my God, it was that bad? He didn’t tell me that,” Reggie said, upset for Mark.

“Well, at least we recognize the type of crazy we’re dealing with.” Reggie sighed.

“There is that. I caught a case. I’ll see you Sunday,” Jack told Reggie.

“I’m glad you’re coming. I thought we lost you when Beau left.” Jack went silent.

from the phone. Mark was ready. “I’ve got to go to. Mark and I have some errands to run.”

“Is that the way the wind is blowing?” Jack laughed.

“I hope so. Good luck with your case.”

“Goodbye, Reg, don’t worry so much. We’ll all help.”

“I know you will. See you Sunday.” Reggie looked up at Mark. “That was Jack Romano. He has the department keeping an eye out for Cruz. If Cruz is seen in Oakhurst, Wayside or any other part of Ocean Township, he’ll tell us.”

“Who’s Beau?”

“Beau is a lying, cheating son of a bitch bastard. He broke Jack’s heart. They were living together for two years, since their graduation from high school. One day Jack found him in their bed with a woman. Jack loved Beau so much even though he caught him cheating, he begged him to stay, but Beau left and married the girl.”

“Was he bi?”

“Never was that we knew about. It was always Jack and Beau. Jack was severely hurt. Especially when Beau came back after the wedding wanting to take up with Jack again.” Reggie got incensed just talking about Beau.

“What did Jack do?” Mark sounded like he cared about what happened to Jack, that made Reggie feel good..

“Jack was devastated that Beau thought so little of him to think he would help him cheat on his wife. He hasn’t looked at anyone else since.” Reggie shrugged his shoulders.

“It takes time,” Mark said. He patted Reggie on the back. “I’m ready. Let’s go before the stores get too crowded.”

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