Storming Love – Flood – Steven and Derrick due out April 24th

Storming Love – Flood – Steven and Derrick are my contributionsStevenDerrick_ACKatt_StormingFlood new) to MLR’s continuing Storming series.Steven is a school teacher from New York City, who gets a job at a receiving district in Copper’s Creek, Texas. After moving out to Texas to teach in Austin, Steven in informed that the school he was supposed to teach in is closed. He’s given a year’s salary in severance pay, but that leaves Steven in a bind. He’s come out as gay to his super religious family in New York and has no desire to go back to the hostility and derision they heaped upon him.

He leaves the Residence Inn and hits a local gay bar out of boredom. There he meets Derrick, an attractive man who knows of a job in Copper’s Creek, a little town that is a receiving school district for all the towns and ranches around it. Steven takes the job and Derrick.

After teaching in Copper’s Creek for a year Steven and Derrick are living together and engaged to be married. On the morning of their first fight, Derrick leaves the house without Steven saying goodbye. That day, a hundred year flood begins to rage in Copper’s Creek. The school is evacuated, but one of Steven’s students, Josie Barton hides because she is afraid of the storm. Steven stays behind to find her. Can Steven find Josie and will Derrick, the volunteer fire chief for Copper’s Creek, save both of them from the raging flood waters?

About AC Katt

Booklist Series The Sarrans The Sarran Plague Living With Syn The Sarrans Return The Sarran Senator Indiscreet A Matter of Trust Jack’s Back Cisco’s Boy Bull’s Whip Gary’s Choice Caden’s Dilemma Binding Robbie Jake’s Thief Werewolves of Manhattan His Omega Remy’s Painter Scarred Mate Marking Kane The Sunset Club You in My Arms Bobby’s Old Man Waiting for Mark New Mexico Stories Aden Stand Alone Novels Shattered Glass The Drowning Shorts Flowers and Chocolates Mama’s Boy Steven and Derrick Biography AC Katt was born in New York City’s Greenwich Village. She remembers sitting at the fountain in Washington Square Park listening to folk music while they passed the hat. At nine, her parents dragged her to New Jersey where she grew up, married and raised four children and became a voracious reader of romantic fiction. At one time she owned over two thousand novels, until she and her husband took themselves and the cat to New Mexico for their health and its great beauty. Now, most of AC’s books are electronic (although she still keeps six bookcases of hardcovers), so she never has to give away another book. AC is a late bloomer, however, she claims to have found her niche writing LGBT romance
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